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Mon, Dec 11th


I am just going to copy and paste this every night this week.

Dec 16th at 7pm join the crew at 407 Marty Lane in Petaluma for Drinks, food, awkward outfits, and good company.  Betsy the beer bing has been found and will make an appearance.  I am praying the shotski from last year will show up, it has not been seen since.  I will be grabbing four handles of booze and a keg, please bring some food to share and any booze you want to add to the mix.  It is always fun to hang with the crew outside the box so please make it a point to stop by.  This will be an adult only event so please reserve those sitters.  Pick a clean weight in WOD that can be completed fast and unbroken the entire WOD.

We have a fast and fin one coming at you tomorrow.  Sprint each AMRAP, really push the pace on this one.
A) 2 Min Assault/row
3 min rotating every :20 sec
Slow Barbell Thruster
Inch Worm
Supinated Bar Hang
B) Every 2:30 x 6 sets
Full Clean & Jerk Cluster
***A Cluster is 3 reps with one rep being completed every 10 sec.  Essentially you drop the bar, take a breath, reset then complete the next rep.  Should take between 20-30 sec to complete cluster.  Increase in weight each set
C) “Pushing Daisies”
4 Rounds
6 Goblet Squat 53/35
5 Burpee Box Jump up & Over’s 24/20
4 Hang Power Clean 135/95
1 Min Rest