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Wed, July 26th


Unfortunately I have some more challenging news to share.  Many of you know about this subject matter already but I would like to put it out to the entire community.  During the last month of the open our very own Jeffery Ann started to experience symptoms of what she believed was some type of pneumonia.  There was a cough that persisted each day.  After the open had finished Jeffrey Ann who had already visited the doctor multiple times about the issue went back in once more for some testing.  The news that Jeffery Ann got back was not good.  Jeffery Ann was diagnosed with lung cancer.  What still blows me away is that this 65 year old woman not only completed the open, but completed with lung cancer.  The tenacity and toughness of Jeffery Ann is unmatched.  In fact the week before JA’s diagnosis she had Pr’s here back squat at 183!  Throughout the last month JA was begun to lose energy and as you can imagine was been challenged both mentally and physically.  Jeffery Ann has told me that she does not want to discuss Cancer with anyone but would love all the support, energy, and love that our community can give.  JA has started chemotherapy and ordinary life has become more challenging.  Michele L was started a meal train for JA, who lives on her own right across from the box.  We have containers in the office for her meals and it would be awesome if we could come together as a community to help JA out over the next month+ as she goes through Chemo.  Here is JA’s meal train link

Thanks in advance for your support and for respecting JA’s privacy.  It has been a tough month for this community but one that will bring us together to help in the name of a couple of close friends in need.
A) Coaches Choice Warm Up
B) Every 2:30 x 5 sets
10 Front Rack Barbell Step Ups to 20′ (5 each Leg)
C) “Dr Feelgood”
3 Rounds
21 Wallballs 20/14
15 Power Snatch 115/75
9 Box Jumps(open Hip) 32/26 (guys add 2 45’s to 24/ladies 45 & 25 to 20)
directly into
Cash Out
90 Sec ME Sit-ups