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Wed, Sept 30th


Blog #2701. 2701 times I’ve sat down on this computer and posted the WOD for the next day. I missed one blog in 9 years when I was drunk in Mexico and there literally isn’t a month I don’t think about it. I have never looked at this blog as a chore. Instead it has always been an expression of what the community is doing and a creative outlet to program. I love the puzzle of a program. It has become an obsession over the years and I can’t tell you how many hours in the day and week I think about it. In the shower, driving, as I workout. It is always on my mind. I will miss that dearly. I will miss all of you even more. This place has been my sanctuary for nine years. No matter how challenging my days were, even when I was teaching, selling real estate, owned the restaurant, and ran this place at once when I was here I was always present. That’s what this community has done for me, its kept me present. I don’t think about anything else when I am within our walls, just the movements and the people that surround me. I hope you all felt the same. I hope this community was an escape for you. I know escape seems like a negative word but I don’t look at it as such. We all need an escape, we all need a break from our lives and reality. The goal and my vision was to provide an escape that welcomed everyone regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or personality. We have welcomed the whole spectrum to this box and I believe that is the reason why it had the effect it did on so many though the years.

Writing this tonight I realize that the one thing I am proudest about above all others, is I feel we let our athletes find potential they never knew they had. I watched a 60+ year old woman come in with zero experience and leave us with cancer squatting 187 pounds(as she had cancer in her body). We all have seen these gains, we have all realized we are stronger, faster, more coordinated, and we all have that strong resilient person inside of us. You all have taught me more about who I am then any corse or job I have ever held. For this I am forever grateful. I know I will see many of you for years to come. However, if there are any current or past athletes that I don’t get the opportunity to encounter in the future I want to you know that without all of you we would have been nothing. You all played a part, whether you know it or not. We all were meant to cross paths in this world for some reason, and crossing paths with all of you has forever shaped me as a man. Thank you athletes, and as I stated today on instagram, thank you Coaches. Stay healthy and stay moving! Still have shirts and protein grab one before you leave:)

A) 2 Rounds

1st-1 Mn Assault

2nd-30 sec Childs/30 sec sphinx

3rd-30 Sec Hollow Swings/30 sec Air Squats

B) 10 Min EMOM

1st-2 Thrusters off the rack

2nd-3 Strict Pulls (Weighted)

C) “The 38 Special”

38 Thrusters 38/26 75/55

38 Pull-ups

38/26 Assault Cal

38 Push-ups

38 Walking Lunge (no load)

38 Kettlebell Swings

38 Air Squats