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Wed, March 29th


Did anyone get to those second round of Burpee’s?  The new protein has arrived, we have Choc/Strawberry Recovery 2:1 carb ratio with glutamine and Choc Protein.  All are grassfed options and all are 45 Bucks.  Pick a Snatch weight that you can move through consistently.  These are full snatches so just like the open keep to those standards.  Pick a weight you can catch in bottom position.  They do not have to be touch N Go, in fact I would suggest dropping each rep, but a weight you can keep moving.  The snatch will get tough with the C2B pulls.  Also with the double unders, if you can’t get 35 done in 45 sec or less pick a number you can and stick with that.  Whether that is 10/15/20 whatever, note on board after.  Don’t just automatically go to singles, that will never get you a good DU.  Pick a low number and stick with it!
A) 7 Min EMOM
2 Pressing Snatch Balance
B) 7 Min EMOM
2 Snatch Balance
C) “The Ox”
13 Min AMRAP
6 Full Snatch 115/75
12 Chest 2 bar Pull-ups (scale to pull-ups or ring rows)
Every 3 Min starting at 0:00 (3, 6, 9, 12) complete 35 Double Unders