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Mon, Aug 21st


I am very excited to announce a new Endurance Workshop that will be offered to 38 North Members starting Sunday, Sept 10th.  Coach Danny will be coaching this four week endurance Workshop and it will be limited to 10 athletes.  If there is a desire for more space Danny will be opening up a second class on Sundays with another 10 athletes.  There will be a cap on space because Coach Danny wants to spend quality time to coach each athlete within the class.  Because of the limited space it is very important that any athlete’s that commits will commit for all 4 weeks.  Danny is putting a lot of time in prepping and programming this class and I wouldn’t want a space taken from someone else that isn’t being used consistently.   Here is the breakdown of the class.
Are you looking to increase your endurance in your workouts?
In these 4 week workshops, coach Danny will guide you through the fundamentals of endurance training.
The goal of these workshops is to become more efficient, improve your movement mechanics and build your endurance capacity.

Workshop 1- Running
Running is a skill, and like all other athletic skills, improving our mechanics is the difference between progressing and not.
Running is present in virtually every sport, however running mechanics are usually an after thought.
Coach – Danny Alvarado
Dates – Sept 10, 17, 24, Oct – 1
Time – 10:30 – 12:00 ( Sunday after open box )
Location – At the box, track or pre determined location
Cost – Nothing, it will be the same as attending a class
Capacity – 10

All levels are welcome.
This workshop will be scaled for all levels of fitness


We will deconstruct the skill of running into its component parts and learn piece by piece proper technique.
Dynamic warm up catered specifically for the upcoming workout
Interval style workout with prescribed pace ranges testing your strength, speed and endurance.
10-15 min dedicated to cool down

We will take a break in October, although we will try to meet up twice outside the box that month for runs/workouts around Sonoma and Marin Counties.  In November we will be coming back with a second workshop
Workshop 2 – Rowing / Assault Bike
These two machines never get easier, you just get better.
Looking for a better experience rowing on the Concept 2 and Assault Bike?

This 4 week workshop will give athletes the opportunity to improve there skill and efficiency with rowing on the Concept 2 indoor rower and Assault Bike.

Coach – Danny Alvarado
Dates – November 5, 12, 19, 26
Time – 10:30 – 12:00 ( Sunday after open box )
Location – The box
Cost – No cost
Capacity – 10

All levels are welcome.
This workshop will be scaled for all levels of fitness


Concept 2 indoor rower
We will deconstruct the skill of rowing into its component parts and learn piece by piece proper technique
How to improve rowing power and efficiency for better workout performance.
Concept 2 monitor  explained
Damper setting explained

Assault Bike
Assault Bike monitor explained

Short, medium, and long workouts with focus on pacing and quality of movement.

If you are interested in partaking in this 4 week workshop please contact Coach Danny directly at  Danny can also field any questions you might have about these classes.  This endurance class is based off of the work of Dr Nicholas Romanov and Danny will be going to a trainers only Cert in November around this methodology.  CrossFit actual as a cert around this methodology as well that is open to anyone if you have an interest.  If I can guarantee anything it is that Coach Danny always comes into coaching opportunities like this unbelievably prepared.  You will get a bunch out of this Workshop that will translate to results in and outside of the box.  I am looking forward to hearing about the experience.

I have been waiting to program this one for a while guys, have fun tomorrow and don’t drop that bar!

A) Row/Assault 2 min
3 Min
20 Sec Empty Barbell Thruster
20 Sec Ring Rows
20 Sec Sit-ups
1 Min Jog

B) “The Fran Mile”


Thrusters 95/65

directly into

1 Mile Run (4×400’s not mile loop)

rest 2 Min


(6 Min Cap)
C) 30 Handstand Push Ups for Time

Post Fran Time/mile time/HSPU times(or reps) Separate