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Tues, Nov 21st


A big B Day shout out to Nick GP!  No better way to celebrate your B Day then hitting a 40# full snatch PR at 155!!!!!!!  This guy has been on fire the last 6 months in here.  It is without question the year of Pomo.  You couldn’t find a nicer guy then Nick.  THis guy is positive in every situation, whether things are up or down.  Nick works his ass off too.  There was a time, not to long ago, when Nick could not even Snatch an empty barbell.  Fast forward a little over a year and he is throwing around 155!  It has been very rewarding to sit back and watch this guy develop as an athlete.  Happy B Day Pomo! Damn we had some PR’s today.  To many to mention but I got to give some love to Troy M with a 30# Pr at 205 and Becky S chasing a PR for a long time and got it at 98#! We have a fun challenge coming at you tomorrow, you really have to game this thing!
A) Coaches Choice Warm Up
B) 8 Min to warm up Back Squat (no more then 5 reps at a time)
C) 60 sec to complete 20 reps Back Squat (you only get one shot.  You must stop at 60 sec.  If you do not get 20 reps post how many reps you got on board.  The goal is to finish 20 reps.  Move quick and get low.  Your partner will count reps and look at depth if it is not below parallel it does not count.
warm up shoulders 4 min
D) 8 Min EMOM
2 Touch N GO Push Press (no re-bend)
E) “The Black Widow”
12 Min AMRAP
36 Double Unders
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
6 Front Squat 165/113
3 Shoulder to Overhead 165/113
Post squat weight/reps, Highest Push Press weight, rounds