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Wed, Feb 22nd


I’m tapped out of Open talk….just do it.  I made a mistake on the Thursday hours for the open which was brought up to me today.  The last two years we have been having one WOD at 5pm on Thurs and then doing the Open WOD at 6pm.  We will continue with this.  So not 7pm Thursday, we will have it at 6pm the next 5 weeks.  We will be running the open WOD at 8:30am Sat too for any one not in the Open that wants to do the workout.
8 Min EMOM
1st-30 sec Kettlebell overhead Carry (right)
2nd-30 sec Kettlebell Overhead Carry (left)
“Oh, the places you’ll go”
25 Min EMOM
1st-40 sec Dumbell Burpee’s (50/35) stand up with DB in hand each rep
2nd- 40 sec Assault for Cal
3rd- 40 sec Toes 2 Bar
4th- 1 full minute-Sprint Street to River then max effort Air Squats
5th-Rest one full minute
Post running total of all reps