Who We Are

CrossFit 38 Degrees North is an affiliate in Petaluma, Ca that was founded in 2011. From day one 38º North had two goals in mind. Our first goal is to improve your overall health. I know this is general so here is what we mean by this. From our coaching, philosophy, and programming style each athlete will experience an increase in strength, work capacity, and skill level that can be brought into every aspect of your life. Whether it is picking up your kid, walking up 5 flights of stairs, moving a large bag of groceries, or back squatting 300 pounds you will see a dramatic improvement in all of these areas. I did not say you might see, from the testing and tracking our athletes over the last 3 years I can say that 100% of our population has experienced strength and motor gains that have had a positive effect on their day to day life.

The second goal was to create a supportive nurturing community where every athlete that chooses to enter in would immediately feel as if they had been a part of what we started from our first day. With experienced friendly coaches, social events outside the box, and a inviting and accepting community there have been countless friendships formed at 38 North that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is that this hour of your day is the hour that lets you escape from life when you need that escape the most. That escape can be just as much mental as physical. Finally CrossFit 38º North is here to support you as an athlete/person. That support can come through a workout, a talk, or a smile. We look forward to having you in so you can see first hand what so many of our athletes experience each time they walk through our doors.