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  1. Go to app and the “Home” Page
  2. click on “profile” in bottom right corner
  3. click on settings icon (looks like a gear) at top left corner
  4. First option on the next page ids “resend account confirmation email” click this and verify email when it is sent to you.

This should fix the issue if it isn’t fixed read this article

Don’t forget to order those chalk balls. Please don’t use liquid chalk, that stuff doesn’t come out of the mats. You can order a chalk ball from amazon here for 8.90.

A) 2 Rounds

30 Sec Thread the needle Shoulder stretch Right

30 sec Tempo Push Ups

30 Sec Thread the needle Shoulder stretch Left

30 Sec Push Up Plank Hold (At Top)

30 Sec Light Assault

30 Sec Ring Row

B) 12 Min EMOM

1st-2 Push Press (Pause 2 sec between reps)

2nd-30 Sec Dumbell Bent over row

or Fitness

3 Rounds

10 DB Arnold Press

10 10 (Each Side) 1-arm Warrior Row

rest 1 min

2 Rounds

30 Sec Band lat pulldown

30 Sec 5-10 sec Front to lateral raise

Rest 30 Sec

C) “The Haze”

16 min

15/11 Cal Assault

10 T2B

5 Burpee Box Jump

At 0:00/4/8/12 Complete 4 Devils Press 50/35