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2803, 2017

Wed, March 29th

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Did anyone get to those second round of Burpee’s?  The new protein has arrived, we have Choc/Strawberry Recovery 2:1 carb ratio with glutamine and Choc Protein.  All are grassfed options and all are 45 Bucks.  Pick a Snatch weight that you can move through consistently.  These are full snatches so just like the open keep to those standards.  Pick a weight you can catch in bottom position.  They do not have to be touch N Go, in fact I would suggest dropping each rep, but a weight you can keep moving.  The snatch will get tough with the C2B pulls.  Also with the double unders, if you can’t get 35 done in 45 sec or less pick a number you can and stick with that.  Whether that is 10/15/20 whatever, note on board after.  Don’t just automatically go to singles, that will never get you a good DU.  Pick a low number and stick with it!

A) 7 Min EMOM

2 Pressing Snatch Balance

B) 7 Min EMOM

2 Snatch Balance

C) “The Ox”

13 Min AMRAP

6 Full Snatch 115/75

12 Chest 2 bar Pull-ups (scale to pull-ups or ring rows)

Every 3 Min starting at 0:00 (3, 6, 9, 12) complete 35 Double Unders

2703, 2017

Tues, March 28th

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Official numbers coming out tomorrow for the last open WOD and over open rankings.  As the numbers stand tonight, I am blown away with the results of this open.  Got a fun chipper coming at you tomorrow, lets see who can get into that second round!  Or better yet who can get through the burpee box jumps in the second round!!  We just had open standards for the HSPU.  Although we won’t measure each WOD you can clearly remember what they are.  Start by flipping up high on the wall and get full extension on every rep.  If we do this all year those HSPU will come a lot easier by next year.

A) 7 Min Handstand Walk Technique

those with walks practice on opposite side of gym

B) 6 Min EMOM

6 Weighted Pistols (alt legs)

C) “Chips, Dips, & Dorks”

17 Min AMRAP

50 Sit-ups

200 Meter Run

40 Burpee Box Overs (no extention on top) 24/20

200 Meter Run

30 Toes 2 bar

200 Meter Run

20 Handstand Push-ups

200 Meter Run

10 Broad Jumps (6 ft/length of mat)/4 ft

200 Meter Run

2603, 2017

Mon, March 27th

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Thanks to all who made it down to hang on Saturday.  I always appreciate having the time to hang with all of you.  A big shout out to the MVP of the get together Matt OB.  This guy spent hours on the BBQ and shucking oysters for everyone, we all really appreciated it Matt!  See you guys tomorrow.  We will stagger in athletes for row to start

Every 2:30 x 5 sets

3 Front Squats with a 3 sec pause in bottom position each rep

“The Black Widow”

1000 Meter Row

50 Kettle Swings

30 Clean and Jerk 135/95

2403, 2017

Sat, March 25th

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Get down here to support and hang after the open WOD.  Try to make it a point to get here around 9:45 so those athletes can get that energy from ya, they will need it during this WOD.  We will start hanging right after.  Even if you can only stop by for a bit, get down here!  Weather is going to be nice, cornhole boards will be out, and beer will be flowing.  See you tomorrow


10 Rounds

9 Thrusters 95/65

35 Double Unders

2303, 2017

Fri, March 24th

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Two B Day shout outs tonight .  First is Brenda C, a young lady who is as strong as they come and has one of the most chill personalities you can find.  This girl is always in a good mood, she comes in to work but you can’t help buy be positively effected by her even keel attitude.  Brenda continues to can strength and skill in here.  I am excited to have her around for another year.  Happy B Day Brenda!  Next is Michaela.  This is another athlete that wants to learn and is always is smiling even mid WOD.  This young lady as an infectious laugh, she truly is a positive energy in this community.  Michaela has already experienced some serious gainz since she started with us this year and we will see many more in the months to come.  Happy B Day Michaela!

The results are official for open WOD 17.4!  Here are the top 3 from both sides

Women                          Men

Laura C 195                EJ N 240

Anna C 188                 Mike W 210

Ally D 186                   Urban A 203

Congrats to all the top finishers.  As a team we are sitting at 41 in Northern Cali with one WOD to go!  Two performances I would like to note for last week are from Jen C and Justin P.  Watching Jen C battle literally every deadlift rep was inspiring to say the least.  That girl had no quit in her facing off with a deadlift weight not very far from her max one rep.  Jen stayed the course, chipped away, and got through them.  It was awesome to see.  Justin P went beastmode on this WOD hitting all 17 HSPU essentially strict.  Justin has a natural strength and moves well, with a bit more tuning this young man is going to be something to watch.  Congrats to both athletes.  Get down here Sat to cheer on the athletes  and hang for a while.

A) 7 Min EMOM

3 weighted strict pulls or weighted ring rows

B) 7 Min EMOM

2 Snatch Balance

C) “Snatch the Chief”

4 Rounds


3 Power Snatch 115/75

6 Push-up

9 Air Squats

1 Min Rest

Post each round separate

2203, 2017

Thurs, Mar 23rd

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Don’t forget we have a 6:30am WOD tomorrow with Coach Leanne!  A big congrats to two of our 38 North athletes Magoo and Gabbie D who over last weekend made it official!  Congrats you two.  Don’t forget to come down Sat to cheer on the community in its last open WOD of the year and stick around after to hang!  Stoked to be partnering with Thrive protein who will be down Sat to taste at the open WOD.  Here is the breakdown of their Grassfed Recovery blend which has a 2:1 carb to protein ratio.  We will also be carrying there regular Protein as well.  Both sold for 45 bucks.

CF38DEG – Recovery Promo Sheet


See you guys tomorrow

12 Min to work Split Jerk Technique(no fails stay light to moderate)

“Run Forrest, Run”

800 Meter Run

40 Overhead walking lunges 45/25 (plate)

40 Sit-ups

40 Double Unders

600 Meter Run


30 Sit-ups

30 DU

400m Run




200m Run




2103, 2017

Wed, Mar 22nd

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B Day shout out to Becky S!  It has been pretty awesome to watch this young lady’s journey in fitness.  Becky went from a newbie to the sport to woman fluid under a barbell really quickly.  Becky is a natural athlete that picks up anything you throw at her very quickly.  Becky is also part of one of my most nervous moments at the box, when she Pr’d her overhead squat about 3 days from giving birth to her second child, I think I closed my eyes as it was happening.  Becky bounced back quickly from the kid and today moves as well as ever.  It has been great having Becky a part of this community for so long.  Thanks fro continuing to come in a get after it week after week and happy B Day!  For those of you not on facebook don;t forget about our little get together Sat after the open WOD.  It would be great to have you guys down her during that WOD to cheer along your fellow athletes.  The more energy the better,  See you tomorrow.

A) 7 Min to work on Handstand Walk Technique for those with walks work on them on other side of box

B) Every 1:30 x 8 Sets

Halt Clean Deadlift(2 sec pause)+Clean Pull(find hip)+Clean Hi=Pull

C) “The Kamikaze”

7 Min Ladder

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ect Power Clean 155/103

2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18, ect Box Jump 24/20

2003, 2017

Tues, March 21st

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6:30am class tomorrow!!!!!!  Mark those calendars for Sat!  The keg has been acquired, Matty OB will be on the BBQ with oysters, I will be grabbing some steaks, corn hole sets have been locked down!  Kids and family are welcome to join.  Any appetizers and/or food is welcome and appreciated.   I am excited to announce I will be bringing a new protein into the box, and the rep will be down Sat at the open WOD to taste it for the community.  Thrive protein is a grass fed whey at the most competitive price point I have ever seen on the market.  There is a Recovery which is the exact breakdown as the Revive recovery we currently provide.  There is also a regular protein.  Both bags which are the same size as the Revive and Progenex will be sold for 45 bucks.  Grassfed and 45 dollars, you can’t beat it.  Come down Sat to taste.  We will have Choc and Strawberry bags to buy from that point on.  See you tomorrow

A) Every 1:30 x 8 sets (4 sets on each leg…alt legs)

1st-10 Single Leg Dumbell Romanian Deadlift (right)

2nd-10 Single Leg Dumbell Romanian Deadlift (left)

B) “The Walk of Shame”

22 Min AMRAP

500m Row or 30/21 Cal Assault (rotate)

21 Kettle Swings 70/44 (only swing kettle you can swing unbroken for 21 reps for at least one set)

15 Bupree’s to an out of reach target(touch with both hands)

9 Pistols (alt legs)

1903, 2017

Mon, March 20th

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Don’t forget to get those 17.4 scores in, still a lot of zero’s on the affiliate page.  Don’t forget to make it out Saturday for a beer.  We will be hanging for a bit after the last open workout.  Remember we will be starting our new 6:30am all levels class this week on Tues/Thurs!

Every 2:30 x 5 sets

3 Tempo Back Squats with 4 sec to bottom position

“The Fortune Tellers Wife”

12 Min AMRAP

35 Double Unders

12 Thrusters 95/65

4 Ring Muscle Up (scale to bar muscle up or 4 C2B Pull/4 Ring Dips


5 Min Esay Row or Assault cool down

1703, 2017

Sat, March 18th

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Stoked to get you guys down here for 17.4!  Congrats to all the Whole Lifer’s who complete their last day today.  I am looking forward to hearing the results of the retest on Helen.  Talked to Sydney today who two months later knocked off 3 full minutes from her original time and is 20 pounds down!!!!!!


13 Min AMRAP

55 Deadlifts 225/155

55 Wallballs 20/14

55 Cal Row

55 Handstand Pushups