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2811, 2017

Wed, Nov 29th

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Hell of a battle during that WOD at the 9:30am between Janelle A and Laura C.  They went back and forth for 8 rounds and both landed on 168 reps!  Those DB Power Cleans got nasty.  It is tough to grip that DB, remember use the hook!  It works with dumbells too with the clean.  Snatch form was on point this morning.  Those 2 touch N go Power Snatch were tough when heavy.  Did you ever think you would look forward to full snatch?  You definitely did in this complex the last two rounds.  WE have a fun chipper on the menu tomorrow.  Try to get back to that rower and rip that handle!

A) Coaches Choice

B) 9 min EMOM
1st-15 sec L Hold From Bar

2nd-30 Hollow rocks

3rd-45 sec plank

C) 6 Min EMOM

1st-30 sec Single Arm Dumbell Press with 4 sec tempo to bottom (Right)

2nd-30 sec Single Arm Dumbell Press with 4 sec tempo to bottom (Left)

D) “The Cool Ranch Dorito”

15 Min Amrap

60 Cal Row

50 Box Jump up and Over 24/20

40 Kettle Swings

30 Dumbell Front Squats 45/30

20 Handstand Push-ups (anything over 2 mats scale to strict dumbell press)

10 Ring Muscle Ups (scale to bar MU or 10 strict Pull+10 ring dips or 20 ring rows and 10 dips)

2711, 2017

Tues, Nov 28th

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Haven’t gotten an update on tonight but some great Pr’s today.  Stephanie W with the 173# Clean and Jerk!!!!  Urban 290, Justin P 225, Chris 205, and Leah 93.  Great lifts guys.  Remember we have that 38 North X Mas party coming up Dec 16th.  Get out and get loose with us, you won’t regret 76% of what you do that night!  See you guys tomorrow.  If you want this WOD to get spicy make sure you are moving the sec that 20 sec time allotment start and DO NOT stop for the full 20 sec.  Partner up with someone your height and make a POD with your own set of DB And Assault so transition times are quick!

A) Coaches Choice

B) Every 2 min x 8 sets

2 Touch N’ GO Power Snatch+2 Hang Full Snatches (start around 60% of 1RM Power Snatch and make small increases or stay at a weight you are comfortable at)

C) “The Thorne”

8 Rounds

20 Sec Wallball’s 20/14

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Dumbell Power Cleans 50/35

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Assault for Cal

10 Sec Rest

Running total

2611, 2017

Mon, Nov 27th

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Big energy at the 8:30am WOD Sat, fun to see everyone racing that workload.  We have our fourth and final 1 Rep for the month coming at you tomorrow.  We will also be revisiting an open movement in the WOD.  Stay narrow on that OHBWL grip.  Have fun!

A) 2 min Assault/Row

20 sec rotate for 3 min

Barbell Front Sqaut

Inch Worm

Lateral Box Step Up

1 min Job

B) 20 Min to Establish One Rep Clean(Full or power) and Jerk(split)

C) “The Grenade”

10 Min AMRAP

30 Double Unders

10 Overhead Barbell Walking Lunges (in place) 95/65

10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

2411, 2017

Sat, Nov 25th

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Two B Day shout out’s tonight.  First off is Robert G. This guy has been a great addition to our community over the last 2 years.  From the day Robert walked through our doors he has been on a consistent path of gains in strength and skill.  Robert is always focused on the right way to lift in here.  Robert takes his time and performs every move to standard.  Beyond these physical gains Robert is just a good dude.  Always at each social event to brighten the mood of all who surround him.  Happy B day Roberto!  Next is Brett K.  Brett has been with us for about four months now.  No matter what tries to derail this guy from getting in here, he always makes it in.  Brett has been dealing with some injuries as of late but always finds a way to get the work down regardless.  Brett is a renaissance man and has experience with everything from a professional photographer to his sons boy scout troop leader.  I am excited to see this guy keep progressing in here over the next year.  These 4 WOD’s are sprints, pick a weight you can touch n go, you want at least 1:30-2 min rest before the next round.  We can also scale run or row distance to achieve this.  See you tomorrow.  You rest with the extra time you have under the 5 min cap.  Push the run’s and rows!

A) Stretch and warm-up

B) 10 Min EMOM

Halt Snatch Deadlift+Snatch Pull+Snatch Hi-pull

C) “The Flat Tire”

Every 5 min x 2 rounds

400m Run

12 Power Snatch 95/65

6 Burpee Box Jump Over’s 24/20

3 Bar Muscle Ups

Every 5 Min x 2 Rounds

500m Row

12 Power Cleans 115/75

6 Burpee Box Jump Over’s 24/20

3 Wallwalks

2311, 2017

Fri, Nov 24th

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I hope you all had a great day with family and friends, there is always a lot to be thankful for.  Great to get a big crew down for the Thanksgiving WOD again.  We have an adjusted schedule tomorrow.  We will be having our normal class time at 9:30am, then a 4:30 Open box.  Hope to see you down here tomorrow!

A) 2 Min Assault/row

3 min rotate-:20 sec each movement

PVC Overhead Squat

Bear Crawl


1 min jog

B) 6 Min to work to a moderate Pressing Snatch Balance

C) 6 min to work to a moderate snatch balance

D) “The Trap Door”

3 Rounds Running CLock

1 Min Push Press 75/55 (no rebend!)

1 Min Row for Cal

1 Min Ring Push-ups

1 Min Dumbell Box Step Up to 20″ 45/30

1 Min Assault for Cal

1 Min rest

Post each round separate

2211, 2017

Thurs, Nov 23rd

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One WOD tomorrow at 9:30am.  It has been a year to be thankful in my life.  But no matter what I have going on in my personal life it never shadows how thankful I am for all of you in this community.  Almost 6 years later and I still feel the same way about coaching all of you.  The daily conversations I share you, the feeling I get when I see you one of you guys PR, and the energy in that box when that clock counts down and the music goes up.  I never take any of it for granted.  A big thank you to my second family on this day to give thanks.  Hpee to see a bunch of you tomorrow to get after one before the caloric debauchery occurs. Sorry for the back to back long WOD’s but we have to get a long one in with all that pie that is going to be ingested.  Be sure to pick groups with same strength there will only be one bar per group.  Also pick partner to run with that has same pace.  Happy Thanksgiving!

A) Pick Teams of 4 and complete

1 min Row

1 min assault

30 sec handstand hold/30 sec jumping air squats

1 min jog around rig

B) Same Teams of 4

12 min to build to a moderate Clean and Jerk

C) “The Wishbone”

22 Min AMRAP

P1 & P2

Run 400m (leave same time come back in same time)

P3 & P4

20 Partner Wallballs 20/14 (throw to one another off target)

10 Synchronized Partner Lateral Barbell Burpee’s(start on opposite side of barbell)

5 Power Cleans (each) group chooses weight but no heavier then 185/135 (face off and go one for one.  Pick a challenging weight but one you can set up and pull without failing.

Running total of rounds

2111, 2017

Wed, Nov 22nd

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Adjusted schedule this week with one 9:3oam WOD Thursday, and 9:30am and 4:30pm open box Friday.  Two B Day shout out’s tonight.  First is Morgan DJ.  When this guy is not working with Ranch Adobe or Petaluma fire dept, which is a lot, it sure is great having him in class.  Morgan is a hard worker and a great listener.  Morgan is an athlete that immediately implements the feedback and cues you give as a coach.  One of the best qualities this young man has is that he has no ego.  Morgan has never cared about what weight is on his bar, he cares about learning something correctly. I have always admired that about Morgan.  It is great having you a part of this community Morgan, happy b Day!  Next up is a new athlete, Rafael C.  This guy is determined to be good at whatever he does, and this is immediately apparent when you talk to him.  Rafa gave me some of his history the other night, and the obstacles this man has overcome are unreal.  I apologize if I get some of these details wrong Rafa.  Rafa served in the US Army in Afghanistan  around a decade ago.  Rafa’s job was to create a highway in the most dangerous region in the country.  There is a documentary about it called Hyena Road.  In 2009 the vehicle Rafa was in was hit with a roadside bomb.  When Rafa woke up he was in a hospital in Germany and the doctors told him he would struggle walking for the rest of his life, his back was destroyed.  Rafa never gave up on his dream to walk normally or exercise again and little by little started to regain strength.  3 years later without telling his doctor  he started to ride a rode bike.  About 3 years after that he was hitting the Iron Man in Santa Rosa!  With that determination and grit this guy is going to dive head in to this sport and see some crazy results.  Happy B Day Rafa!  Beast of a WOD today, fun to watch that 20 rep squat!  Got a long one tomorrow to loosen up those bodies before Thanksgiving.  Keep you shoulder back and chest up on DB Dead, if you collapse your shoulders your low back will feel it.

A) 1:30 Assault at 50%

1 Min SLOW burpee’s

1:30 Row at 50%

Jog around rig 1 min

B)  7 Min Handstand Walk Technique or Practice

C) 6 Min EMOM
1st-30 sec Single Arm Tempo(4 sec) Dumbell Romanian Deadlift (hold DB in opposite arm then leg you are using)   (right leg)

2nd-30 sec Left leg

D) “The Road Rash”

20 Min AMRAP

25/17 cal Assault cal (if assault is taken Row 29/25 Cal)

20 Box Jump Up & Over 24/20

15 Toes 2 Bar

******at 0:00, 5:00, 10:00, and 15:00 complete 25 Kettle Swings

2011, 2017

Tues, Nov 21st

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A big B Day shout out to Nick GP!  No better way to celebrate your B Day then hitting a 40# full snatch PR at 155!!!!!!!  This guy has been on fire the last 6 months in here.  It is without question the year of Pomo.  You couldn’t find a nicer guy then Nick.  THis guy is positive in every situation, whether things are up or down.  Nick works his ass off too.  There was a time, not to long ago, when Nick could not even Snatch an empty barbell.  Fast forward a little over a year and he is throwing around 155!  It has been very rewarding to sit back and watch this guy develop as an athlete.  Happy B Day Pomo! Damn we had some PR’s today.  To many to mention but I got to give some love to Troy M with a 30# Pr at 205 and Becky S chasing a PR for a long time and got it at 98#! We have a fun challenge coming at you tomorrow, you really have to game this thing!

A) Coaches Choice Warm Up

B) 8 Min to warm up Back Squat (no more then 5 reps at a time)

C) 60 sec to complete 20 reps Back Squat (you only get one shot.  You must stop at 60 sec.  If you do not get 20 reps post how many reps you got on board.  The goal is to finish 20 reps.  Move quick and get low.  Your partner will count reps and look at depth if it is not below parallel it does not count.

warm up shoulders 4 min

D) 8 Min EMOM

2 Touch N GO Push Press (no re-bend)

E) “The Black Widow”

12 Min AMRAP

36 Double Unders

12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

6 Front Squat 165/113

3 Shoulder to Overhead 165/113

Post squat weight/reps, Highest Push Press weight, rounds

1911, 2017

Mon, Nov 20th

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So we will have a slightly adjusted schedule for this week.  We will be open Thanksgiving for one WOD at 9:30am.  Friday will be adjusted to have two opportunities to get in the box.  We will have a 9:30am class Friday mornings and a 4:30pm open box.  All else will be the same.  The 38 North X Mas bonanza will be held at Coach Urban, Nick, Hannah, and Marco’s home in West Petaluma on Dec 16th.  We will be repeating last years theme of Ugly Christmas Sweater/outfit.  I will be grabbing a keg and a number of handles of booze from Costco.  Please bring some food to share and any booze/drinks you want to add to the mix.  The goal is to get back to the Buckhorn for karaoke that night.  Lets make it fun, lets make it memorable, and let’s make it weird.  You guys never fail to make this night a great one.  Looking forward to seeing ALL of you there.  More details to come.  A big shout out to one of our athletes Natalie D, who has started her own business!  Natalie has been Microblading for some time now and felt it was the right time to start her own thing.  For those of you who don’t know, and I didn’t, Microblading is a form of permanent makeup for eyebrows done with featherlike strokes that mimic hair. Natalie tells me it is innovative and exciting and she would love to tell you more about it if you’re interested. You can find me on Instagram at BladedTattsbyNat or call text 707.364.2552.  Give that girl a call!  You guys have been crushing these PR’s all month so I might as well give you another opportunity.  Christmas came early!  Have fun and if you are feeling it push that weight, if not get a good Snatch session in!

A) 2 Min Assault/row

3 min rotate every 20 sec

PVC Overhead Squat

Ring Rows

Wallfacing Handstand hold

jog 1 min

B) 20 minutes to Establish a One Rep Max Full Snatch

C) “The Pick 6”

9 Min Ladder

2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 ect

Burpee’s to 6′

Hanging Dumbell Snatch 50/35 (alt arms)

1711, 2017

Sat, Nov 18th

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Short and sweet, see you all tomorrow!

A) 38 North Stretch

B) Core Session

C) “The Zippo”

2 Rounds

4 Min to Run 200 then AMRAP of

24 Double Unders

12 Kettle Swings

6 Burpee to 6′

2 Min Rest

4 min to Run 200 then AMRAP of

12 Wallballs 20/14

9 Front Squats 95/65

6 Ring Dips

2 Min Rest