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808, 2017

Wed, Aug 9th

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Hope you guys dug today’s WOD!  Did you know during your lifetime you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools….Fact!

A) Coaches Choice Warm Up

B) Rotate every 1:30 x 8 sets

1st-30 sec ME Pistols

2nd-30 Sec ME Handstand Push Ups

Post lowest total of pistols and hspu

C) “The Taxidermist”

4 Rounds Running Clock

1 Min Wallballs 20/14

1 Min Sit-ups

1 Min Dumbell Shoulder to overhead 45/30

1 Min Box Jump up and over (no hip ext needed) 24/20

1 Min Rest

 Post each Round

708, 2017

Tues, Aug 8th

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Hitting the road for a couple days so blogs will be short and to the point.  Sorry if I miss any B Day’s.  On that note happy b day to Amy MC!   One of our founding members at 38 north and a friend of mine since 1990!  Amy walked through our doors five and a half years ago.  Amy did not have a background in lifting and I think she had never even been a member of any gym.  Almost 6 years later this young woman is 10 pounds from a 300 pound deadlift!  Amy has been through several CrossFit open’s and a part of everything this community has done through the years.  Amy continues to get stronger and continues to walk through those doors, and as a owner and coach thats all I can ask for.  Happy B Day Amy MC!  Today crushed the legs, tomorrow will challenge the gripe and pull!  Have fun.  Snatch should be lighter for you and you should move quick and consistent with it.  So go lower in weight if that isn’t 115/75 for you.

A) Coaches Choice Warm Up

B) Every 2 min x 6 sets

Push Press+Push Press+Push Jerk

C) “Segrams & Seven”

7 Min to complete

Row 1000m

35 Kettle Swings

then AMRAP

Power Snatch 115/75

Rest 4 Min

7 Min To Complete

60/42 Cal Assault

35 Kettle Swings


Power Snatch 115/15

Score is Snatch Number each Round or # of Kettles if you don’t get to snatch

608, 2017

Mon, Aug 7th

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What a finish to the games on the Women’s side, lord that got me fired up.  Get under that bar and receive it low tomorrow!  Use a Full Clean weight you can move consistently in the first AMRAP!

A) 2 Min Assault/row


20 Sec one arm kettelbell front squat

20 Sec lateral box step up

20 sec ring row

1 Min Jog

B) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Halt Clean Dead+Clean Pull(to hip no arm bend/drop rep)+Full Clean

C) “Red Rover….Red Rover”


6 Full Clean 155/103

6 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

3 Min Rest


10 Front Squats 135/95

10 Burpee’s to 6′ target (touch with both hands)

408, 2017

Sat, Aug 5th

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11:30am we will start watching the Games tomorrow.  Thank you to Troy who came down to help set up the projector, it has a great picture!  I am looking forward to hanging you you guys tomorrow!

“The Escalator”

22 Min Cap

Teams of 2

200m Run

10 Wallwalks (split)

200 Meter Run

20 Plank Burpee’s

200 Meter Run

40 Power Snatch 135/85 (one for one face off)

200 Meter Run

60 Front Squats 135/85 (split how ever)

200 m Run

120 Double Unders (how ever you want to break down but opposite partner must be hanging from bar for DU reps to count)

200m Run

308, 2017

Fri, Aug 4th

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Come on down at 11:30(gives me 30 min to get the keg) to watch the games and hang for a bit.  Beers, cornhhole, spike ball, you name it.  Kids, family and friends welcome.  Beer provided if you would like to drink something else or bring something to snack on please do.  You guys should be walking dead after each 6 min.  Push the intensity on Row and Assault don’t have an easy pace.  See you guys tomorrow

A) Coaches Choice Warm

B) Every 2:30 x 6 sets

3 Tempo Romanian Deadlift with 4 sec to mid shin (don’t go to ground)

Forward to 10:45 for great example of RDL

C) “Route 66”

6 Min Running clock rotate movements every Min (3 min for each)

Assault Bike for Cal

Kettle Swings 53/35

*****Rest 4 Min*****

6 Min Running clock rotate movements every Min (3 min for each)

Row for cal

Burpee’s to Stand

Post two separate Running Totals,  Quick Transitions

208, 2017

Thurs, Aug 3rd

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Happy B Day to Matt F!  Matty has been with us for over 2 years now and has become an irreplaceable part of our community.  Matt came in with a trainers background and was no stranger to fitness when he walked through our doors. but the work he has put in over the last two years is impossible to ignore.  When I met Matt he struggled with a 45 pound bar when overhead squatting, now he reps 95 in high volume.  HSPU have also been a challenging movement for Matt, just Tuesday he hit an 11′ deficit HSPU for 3 reps!  Matt has truly blossomed as an athlete but that is just a small part of who Matt is to this community.  Matt’s support and enthusiasm for every one of our 38 north athletes far outweighs any physical accomplishments.  Matt is always there to offer support or words of advice to any who seek it.  That consistent energy is priceless.  Stoked to see what this year brings you Matt.  Remember we have the games viewing get together Sat.  We will be setting up after open box around 11.  I will have some beers, if you could bring down some food to share it would be great.  Get down to hang for 20 min or 3 hours.  Kids and family are welcome to join.

A) 2 Min Assault/row

3 min AMRAP

20 Sec barbell good morning

20 sec inch worm

20 sec burpee’s

1 Min jog

B) 12 Min to work Split Jerk Technique (no failed reps)

C) “Nancy”

5 Rounds

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats 95/65


108, 2017

Wed, Aug 2nd

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Shout out to Jen s stringing 3 Rx HSPU together for the first time today!  Also Nick GP Pr’ing his full clean at Sunday open box by 20#!  260 FC for Pomo.  Ty to stay unbroken with snatch and wallball.

A) Coaches Choice

B) Rotate Every 1:30 x x 8 sets (4 each movement)

3 Weighted Strict Pull (scale to weighted ring row)

3 Weighted Ring Dip’s

C) “The Inferno”

20 Min EMOM

30 sec Work time per min

Dumbell Power Snatch 50/35 (alt arms) do not drop DB from overhead

Assault for Cal

Wallballs 20/14

Row for Cal

Post running total

3107, 2017

Tues, Aug 1st

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All lot of good work going on today.  Great snatch work, and people held on to those thrusters tight for 20 sec.  I want you to have a minimum of 1 min on the bar for cleans in the WOD so if you need to cut Box Jump and T2B reps cut to 15/10 and note on board.  See you guys tomorrow.

A) Coaches Choice Warm Up

B) 10 min to establish a 3 rep Max Deficit Handstand Push Up or HSPU Technique

C) “Jacked”

4 Rounds

3 Min to complete

21 Box Jump up and Over 24/20

15 Toes 2 Bar

AMRAP Power Clean 165/113

2 Min Rest

3007, 2017

Mon, July 31st

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A big shout out to Coach Urban A tonight.  It has been a huge last month for Urban.  After an unbelievably rigorous selection process that started with 80 applicants Urban was one of two applicants selected as the newest members of the Henry 1 helicopter rescue team.  The Henry 1 helicopter unit responds to an average of 900 missions annually and performs more rescues than any other program in the country. Because of its nationally recognized rescue skills, Henry-1 is occasionally requested for rescues and other emergencies outside of the county where no helicopter program with matching capabilities exists.  Urban also received his level one CrossFit coaching certificate this month and and you will be seeing him on Tuesday or Thurs night each week!  New athletes if you are not comfortable loading weight on full snatch, warm up with full then switch to power. Pick that thruster bar up right away and DO NOT drop it for 20 sec.

A) 2 Min Assault/row


20 sec

lateral box step up

walking lunge with twist in bottom position

Handstand hold

1 Min Jog

B) 2 Rounds

running clock

30 sec Hollow Rock

30 sec Sit-ups

30 sec Plank

C) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Halt Snatch Deadlift+Snatch Pull+Full Snatch

D) “The Squeeze”

8 Rounds

20 Sec Thruster 95/65

10 sec Rest

20 Sec lateral barbell burpee’s (open hip)

10 Sec rest

2807, 2017

Sat, Jul 29th

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Happy B Day Kendra H!  Kendra quickly became a fixture at the 5:15 over 2 years ago.  Kendra quickly took to the barbell, she was a natural under that steel.  Other movements quickly followed.  This young lady is tough.  This was proven 9.5 months pregnant when her water broke in the box and before she went home went to the wall and hit a one handed handstand, insane.  Crossfitter by morning and supportive, loving mother to her two girls by day and night.  It has been great to see this young lady get stronger over these last two years, happy B Day Kendra!  Ally D going sub 12 on that WOD today…..damn.  Fun to see people battle that workout.  Front squats are looking strong and controlled.  Got a good WOD to break up all that soreness from the week.  Remember next Sat we will be getting together for the CrossFit games.

“The Equalizer”

2 Rounds

800 Meter Run

52 Kettle Swings

26 Dumbell Lunges 45/30 alt legs

13 Clapping Push-ups