Tues, Sept 23rd

Happy Belated B Day to Naseem E!  Naseem has been with us a little over a month now.  Each night I coach Naseem she progresses.  Naseem listens and replicates each movement very naturally.  Naseem has been an absolute pleasure to be around and I am excited to see her progress this year.  Happy B Day Naseem.

EMOM x 10 Min

2 Power Snatch (drop from top each rep) you can increase weight once


2 Rounds

25 Thrusters 135/95

25 Toes 2 Bar

50 Double Unders

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Mon, Sept 22nd

B Day shout out to Kyle H!  I have seen Kyle transform himself physically and mentally within this last year.  Kyle has always been a naturally strong athlete,  but this year something switched.  Kyle has focused on his motor and technique and the results have been hard to ignore.  You can not help but dig being around Kyle he always adds something positive to any room he enters.   It has been a great year for you Kyle here is to another year of Pr’s.  Please ignore what I said last week about parking in the loading zones on G Street.  All of G is open to park in except the loading zones directly across from our roll up door.  I met the guy who runs the business in that spot today, he is a really good dude.  This man come sand goes a lot so lets keep those two spots open for him at all times.  Pick a path with big jumps to the PR tomorrow don’t kill yourself before you make a PR attempt it should be somewhere around 3-2-1-1-1-1 (1 bonus)

Back Squat

20 Min to find a 1 rep max Back Squat

“Jerking with Cindy”

4 Min APRAP Cindy

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

1 Min Rest

4 Min AMRAP Clean and Jerk 135/95

1 Min Rest

4 Min AMRAP Cindy

Post rounds for first and last AMRAP separately and post number of C & J’s.

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Sat, Sept 20th

Big B Day shout out to Tiana!  I have only known Tiana for a couple months but this young lady will be around for a long time.  Tiana is eager to learn and easily coached.  With a controlled demeanor and desire to get stronger this girl is going to have a rewarding CrossFit career.  It has been great having you in here Tiana happy B Day.  This week has been crushing to say the least.  We are ending with a long body weight WOD to loosen that body up for a rest day.  Shout out to Matt B for hitting a 165# snatch PR today!

“The Equalizer”

20 Min AMRAP

10 Body Length broad jumps

Run around the block (600 meters)

20 Jumping Barbell Squats 45/33

10 Games Push Ups


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Fri, Sept 19th

Insane amount of double unders in the box today.  Another great effort from a really grueling week.  I will be throwing a date out for a box warming/bbq/cornhole party coming in Oct.  Finish the week strong tomorrow.

Snatch High Pull+Power Snatch+Snatch Balance x 6 (drop high pull)

“The Uncle Jesse”

10 Min AMRAP

6 Strict Pull-ups

8 Plate Burpee’s 45/25

10 Front rack barbell lunges 115/75

every 3 min starting at 0:00 lock out front rack lunge weight overhead and hold for 20 sec.  Start up where you left off after 20 sec is up.

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Thurs, Sept 18th

You all killed that complex tonight.  Nasty WOD, got to give Jayson C some props on rowing 139 Cals in the second AMRAP of 6 min averaging over 23 cal a min.  Reminder to all classes (even 5:15am) please park on the river side of G Street.   There have been zero issues with parking which has been great.  5pm on can park anywhere on G even in loading zones.  Loving the flow of this new spot, the space is working well.  See you tomorrow

15 Min

6 Min Handstand Walk Warm-up then rope climb technique with remaining time


4 rounds

5 Min to

Run 400m

15 Toes 2 Bar

then amrap of Double Unders with remaining time

1 Min Rest

your score is the amount of Double Unders each round

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Wed, Sept 17th

Huge shout out to Mike K who completed his first Ironman on Sept 8th!  That is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, then finishing with a marathon.  Absolutely insane.  Great to have Mike back in the box tonight.  Great effort on the box jumps tonight that was a burner.  See you tomorrow

On The Min every Min x 10

Hang clean+Below knee hang clean+Power clean (all unbroken)

“Red Beans & Rice”


8 Shoulder to Overhead 155/113

8 pistols alt legs

2 min rest

 6 Min Row/Airdyne for Cal’s

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Tues, Sept 16th

Great first day at our new spot.  Tough one tonight, huge efforts across the board.  A couple things about the new location.  Please park anywhere along G Street after 5, even in the no loading zones.  It seems that the businesses are gone by 5.  9:30 please don’t park in non loading zones.  There will be no access to the parking lot side of the business.  Please hang out on G Street after the WOD.  There is a great high curb to sit on or benches and tires down on the river.  The noise funnels up to condo’s on parking lot side we will be closing that door to the fans and pulling air through to help alleviate this noise.  We do not want our neighbors loathing us before they get to know us.  One last thing.  I have one birthday wish, just one.  When you use chalk please do no over the bucket.  The .01 seconds you save with it not over the bucket will not translate to a sub 2 Fran time.  See you guys tomorrow

Front Squat

1×3 @ 50%

1×2 @ 75%

5×2 @ 90%

“The Poison Apple”


Box Jumps 24/20

Kettle Swings 53/35

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Mon, Sept 15th

I said it numerous times this weekend but I have to say it again on this blog.  We use the word “community” a bunch within the world of CrossFit.  Community, something so many people lack in their lives, is something alot of us our  blessed with through our sport and box.   This weekend brought community to the next level for me.  The selflessness that was displayed from 8:00am Sat when Jerre started taking wallballs out, to 2:30pm Sunday as Chad Proctor finished installing the last barbell rack was beyond anything I could have evert imagined.  All you athletes not mentioned above who literally gave up your weekend to get our new home at 425B 1st Street ready, I am forever grateful.  For those of you who didn’t get a chance to come down you are in for a treat.  Find one of these athletes and hug them.  We are ready for the first WOD tomorrow morning.  There will be small delay’s with our purified water service, and getting all rings up but 99% of what we need is there.  Here is to what is going to be a great year at the box.  See you tomorrow,

 Snatch High-pull+Full Snatch+Overhead Squat x6 (drop hi-pull)

“On the Origin of Species”

12 Min Ladder

3 Thruster 95/65

3 Pull-ups

3 Burpee’s





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Sat, Sept 13th

No WOD tomorrow or open box Sunday.  Come down if you can tomorrow to help in the move.  New address is 425B 1st street.  See you guys at 8:30am tomorrow.

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Fri, Sept 12th

What an amazing run we have had at 821 Petaluma Blvd.  I have seen a community born into this world, grow, develop, evolve, and most importantly strengthen with each passing day.  Within that first year I wrote about it being “just the beginning” in a lot of our blogs.  Even after almost 3 years we have just began to tap the potential of what 38 North can and will be.  821 was a perfect environment to foster the friendships and experiences we have had over this time.  Leaving the nest is often paired with risk, but with that risk there is reward and the reward is a more functional work space.  I am excited to share this next level within our lives with each of you.  I am excited that together we will start working on a new canvas and see what kind of masterpiece we have within each of us.  Thank you for making this community what it is.  Your loyalty, friendships, and commitment have made the decision of opening this box one of the best decisions of my life.  Here is to the future, Viva La 38!  425B 1st Street here we come.

Back Squat

1×3 @ 50%

1×2 @ 75%

5×2 @90%


8 Min Amrap

8 Box Jumps 30/24

2 Full Snatch 135/85

finish with a one mile run

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