Workout of the Day

405, 2016

Please keep Leah Peterson and their family in your thoughts and prayers.  Leah, who is close friends with the Proctors and was part of the 38 North community for a couple months, tragically lost her husband Steve Peterson last weekend.  Leah and Steve are expecting their first child.  A fund has been started to help the Peterson family get through this challenging time.  WOD is going to be a burner, keep moving.  See you guys tomorrow

9 Min EMOM

1st-15 Sec L-Hold

2nd-30 Sec Hollow Rock

3rd- 45 Sec Sit-ups

“The Tetanus Shot”

16 Min EMOM

1st-45 sec ME Assault/AD for Cal

2nd- 45 sec Wallballs 20/14

3rd-45 Sec Box Jumps 24/20

4th-45 sec Ring Dips

Running Total

305, 2016

A lot more Pr’s then I thought would happen, great work guys.  Remember to write down your squat weights so we can use them in our squat cycle which is starting next week.  Bog effort on that AMRAP.  We had some new athletes crush that thing.  Natalie C at 5+24 RX and Kevin and Nicole T who are only two weeks into Crossfit crushing as with with a 5+7 RX and 6 Rounds RX!


1st-5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups (scale to strict, light band,ring row)

2nd-6-8 Pistols

“The Switchblade”

9 Min Ladder

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Full Clean 165/113

2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18, ect Toes 2 Bar

205, 2016

I have just started reviewing some of the numbers from the strength days I missed.  Amazing to see some of the Full Snatch gains that the box made.  Although we have not ran a Oly cycle lately we hit Snatch accessory work almost weekly for the two months leading into this one rep.  Snatch Pressing Balance, Snatch Balance, snatch pull, snatch hi-pull, halt snatch dead, hand and power snatch.  It is pretty cool to see this work translate to some big numbers.  It will be fun to run another Oly Cycle this year and see the results.  A Big Belated B Day shout out to Krista S.  It feels like yesterday that a bright eyed 22 year old walked into our box on our opening day.  Neither of us knew that day just how intertwined our lives would be.  5 years later Krista has been a valuable Coach and Athlete in this community, holds a 911 dispatch career for Sonoma County, and was sitting about 20 feet away as I was getting married last weekend.  It has been an honor to call Krista a Coach and friend over these last 5 years and an even bigger honor to watch her evolve into the woman she is today.  Krista was one of the most naturally gifted athletes we have ever had and has always made me very proud as she represented our community in a number of competitions and events.  5 Years later I am happy to still see Krista each week and excited to see what the future holds for her.  Happy B Day KS!

20 Min to Establish a 1RM Back Squat

“The Quinceanera”

12 Min AMRAP

15 Kettle Swings 53/35 (grab a 70 if it is open)

15 Burpee’s to Stand

3004, 2016

What a great way to end the week with 16 athletes getting after it at the 6pm tonight.  Great work on the Dead’s and everyone pushed the pace on the row’s and burpee’s.  We have gotten some great new athletes the last 2 weeks if you don’t recognize someone please introduce yourself and welcome them.  Welcome back to Sarah P who is back from her horse training stint in Florida.  Great to have her back in the box!  Pick a Power Clean weight you can Touch N Go for at least 3 rounds.  See you guys tomorrow.


Teams of 2

10 Min AMRAP

P1-Run 200

P2- 12 Dumbell Push Press 45/30

14 Jumping Air Squats

3 Min Rest

10 Min AMRAP

P1-15 Cal Assault/20 AD

P2-12 Wallball 20/15

12 Power Clean 115/75

2904, 2016

Alright guys finishing off the week with some Dead’s.  Remember what I have said the last 4 months about this movement, back off weight and stay perfect.  If those extra 15 pounds lead to a sore back they are not worth it.  This is a movement we have to get better at as a box.  This movement leads to gains in almost every barbell movement.  See you tomorrow

Every 2 min x 7 sets complete 2 Touch N Go Deadlifts

“The Countdown”

4 Min Assault/AD or Row for Cal

3 Min Burpee’s to Stand

2 Min Sit Ups

1 Min Double Unders

Total Cal’s/Burpee’s/Sit-ups and DU separately for two scores

2804, 2016

Two B Day’s today.  First one is Dan C.  Dan came to us and made an immediate impact in this community.  With a constant stream of positive energy, Dan is always there to support other athletes.  Dan also makes it a point to support this community in each and all of our events.  I  can always count on this guy to show up.  Dan’s evolution as an athlete has been very cool to see as well.  Dan has put massive numbers up this year, especially in the squat dept hitting a 300# back squat I believe.  It has been a fun ride Danny, I look forward to another great year out of you.  The second B Day is Coach Jordan.  What a great balance this young lady brings to this community.  A knowledgable Coach, Jordan’s calming demeanor and watchful eye is a blessing for every one of our athletes.  It is very easy to see the amount passion and care Jordan has for all of us in this community.  Nurse by day, mother/wive by day/night, yet Jordan always find time to come in every Monday to add her energy to 38 North.  I am so appreciative of Jordan’s continued commitment to our box, I know none of us take it for granted.  Happy B Day Jordan.   Sounds like more then one of you got Tangled up in blue today.  Nasty little sucker.  Keep your form on the Cleans I would drop every rep to conserve energy this thing is going to last a while.

Every 2 min x 6 sets Complete 4 Weighted Ring Dips (scale to ring dips)

“Stop, Collaborate, and Listen”

18 Min AMRAP

400 Meter Run

12 Power Clean 165/113

10 Handstand Push Ups

8 Mat Length Broad Jumps