Thurs, Aug 21st

A lot of skilled movements in that WOD tonight and that 3rd run was a soul sucker.  Great work all around.  Shout out to my Elements class tonight that was 14 deep and took apart that WOD and skill session like champs.  A couple important things I wanted to mention.  I love the competitiveness of this box, it was one of my main goals when I envisioned 38 North.  Athletes coming in, getting after it, and building friendships.  With this competitive relationship comes a little shit talking which is the nature of the beast and in this box has always been in good fun.  There are two things that I do not want to see develop in this box.  First, count your own damn reps.  If you have the focus, energy, and time to count another athletes reps during a WOD, you are doing something wrong.  We have all under estimated and over estimated our reps on accident and sometimes we get slapped up in the face so hard by a WOD that there are small mistakes in keeping count.  Like I said focus on you.  We know how much integrity is a part of this sport and as humans we know when integrity is lacking.  Any competitive athlete knows where other athletes generally are in a WOD but leave the abacus at home.  Secondly, if you stay behind to cool down as another class is working hang in the opposite room as the class is working.  The last thing anyone wants, especially if they are new to the sport is a bunch of athletes watching them under a microscope.  If you are around when a class is WOD’ing support them, we all want to be pushed in a positive way by this community.  We know these things but need to be reminded every once in a while.  Always remembered how you felt your first day, week, month, year it will always keep you grounded and humble which is what our community and sport is all about.  Move fast under that bar for the strength.

Hi Hang Full Clean+Power Clean x 7

“The Mind Game”

3 Rounds

Unbroken Wallballs (the moment you drop ball or pause movement is done.  If you get under 20 reps continue on until one min has passed

30 Sec rest

Unbroken Push-ups  (If you pause on top or bottom movement is done.  If you are under 20 reps continue on until one min has passed

30 Sec Rest

Unbroken Barbell Thrusters (If you pause on top or bottom movement is done.  If you are under 20 reps continue on until one min has passed

rest 1 min

total each round and post separately on board.  Rotate movements each round.  SO each movement should be first middle and last at some point.  I am excited to see how hard you can push yourself on this, all mental.

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Wed, Aug 20th

The dream I have been working on for over a year now has finally been realized.  CrossFit 38 Degrees North will be moving to a new home in mid September.  The new location will be about 1 mile from our current one, located at 425B 1st street.  This move will be a massive increase of square footage.  Our community has grown steadily over these last 3 years and it is time our community had some more space to throw those barbells around.  I am very happy to make this leap with all of you and when you see the finished product inside there is no doubt we will have one very happy community.  I will let you know the exact date as it gets near and I would really appreciate the community coming together to help this move happen.  We have a lot of mats and weight to bring over and we will be putting up a massive rogue rig as well the more help the better.  Looking forward to having all of you in this new space.  I took the coaches this last weekend and the reaction was unanimous, we are getting a serious upgrade.  See you tomorrow

5 Min Handstand Walk Technique

10 Min ring Muscle Up Technique, don’t kill yourself for WOD

“The Renaissance”

3 Rounds


5 Handstand Push Ups

10 Pistols

15 Pull-ups

then directly into—->

2 Min to run a 400m (rest with time left under two then go right back into the next round after that 2 min is up.  If you are not able to complete run in 2 min shorten run to 3o0…200…ect)

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Tues, Aug 19th

B Day shout out to Bill A.  Bill is one determined dude.  Always pushing for more always striving to get better.  Bill is a young man trapped in a maturing mans body.  Bill had some serious mobility challenges when he first came to CrossFit.  Bill has worked hard to improve each of these issues and the results hard not to see.  Happy B Day Bill here is to another year of Pr’s.

Snatch Hi-pull+Power Snatch+Snatch Balance x 7 (re-grip for power snatch in bottom position)

“The Superman Punch”


Shoulder to Overhead 155/103

Toes 2 Bar

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Mon, Aug 18th

Lat week was a great one, from Death by Barbell on.  This box collectively worked its ass off.  Nothing changes this week, take some time to improve on your Oly lifts this week.  Go a bit lighter, find your hips, lock those arms, make a conscious effort at getting more technically sound.  If you can follow this path you will be repaid with massive Pr’s down the road.  See you tomorrow

Front Squat

2×3 @ 50% of 1RM

5×4 @ 80% of 1RM

“Jump N’ Jive”



1 Min Rest


6 Power Clean 165/113 (pick a weight you can go unbroken for 2-3 rounds)

9 Box Jumps

1 Min Rest



Post each round of Burpee’s and rounds from AMRAP in middle separately

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Sat, Aug 16th

Huge open box today, 16+ getting after it.  Love seeing this.  Also wanted to pass along some great feedback from a couple visiting from AZ the other day.  The couple came back for another WOD and we got a chance to talk for a while.  Both said how floored they were by how friendly and inviting our community was.  It seriously made my day, I am very proud of the community you have become and how accepting you are of everyone that walks through those doors.  U.S. Army Sergeant Jason A. Santora, of Farmingville, New York, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based out of Fort Benning, Georgia, died in Logar province, Afghanistan on April 23, 2010, from wounds sustained during a firefight with insurgents. He is survived by his parents Gary and Theresa, and sister Gina.  See you guys tomorrow


3 Rounds

1 Min Max effort for each Movement running clock

Full Clean 155/108

20′ Shuttle Run 20′ forward then 20′ backwards=1rep

Deadlift 155/108


Jerk 155/108

1 Min Rest

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Fri, Aug 15th

Saw some great numbers up on that board for todays wod.  Great work on the squat too, keep pushing it on those squats.  Keep tension at the bottom of those touch N’ go snatches, keep those hammies tight and that chest up.  See you guys tommorrow

Power Snatch (Touch N’ GO)


“And then there was One”

4 Min Max Effort Wallballs 20/14

3 Min Max Effort Toes 2 Bar

2 Min Max Effort Barbell Front Rack Step Ups to 20′ 115/75

1 Min Max Effort Chest Slapping Push Ups

post running total

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Thurs, Aug 14th

One more from the road hope you guys survived that thruster from today.  Remember on days like this Rx’ing the WOD isn’t the overall goal.  The goal is to come in and pick a weight that is heavy for you.  An athlete type you do not want to become is the athlete that doesn’t show up when they can’t Rx the WOD.  That athlete, one who can not push their ego aside, will have a tough time in this sport.  Come in and battle whatever weight challenges you.  Some days and movements you will dominate, other days you will get dominated that is what is amazing about this sport.  In my personal CrossFit life I have grown an affinity to getting beat up by a movement (though never in the moment).  It gives me a chance to get pissed off then come in an work to improve that weakness.  Embrace everything guys it will make for a long and rewarding CrossFit career.

Back Squat

2×3 at 50% of 1RM

5×4 reps at 80% of 1RM

“Under the Ladder”


Push Press 135/95

Chest 2 Bar Pull’s

Box Jumps 24/20

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Wed, Aug 13th

Blogging from he road so short, sweet, and early tonight guys.  Got a bunch of new athletes so if you see someone you do not recognize please walk up and introduce yourself.  Nothing better then having someone new welcome you in each day.

Power Clean+ Split Jerk+ Split Jerk x 6



5 Thrusters 155/108

35 Double Unders

2 Min rest

2 Min Max Effort Kettle Swings 53/35

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Tues, Aug 12th

A huge welcome to Mick, Corbett, Tiana, Val, and Holland.  They were all in tonight so I thought it would be a good time to start showcasing our new athletes with a picture.  Great to have some new blood in the box.  That WOD tonight is brutal for many reasons.  Saw a lot of people put up some great fights.  Big props to Frankie D, her hang clean was off the charts.  Also shout out to James B stepping out of the comfort zone and RX’ing that bad boy.  Some big air on the box jump with Magoo hitting 50.5 and Katie OB 37.5.   See you guys tomorrow

Pull-up Tech 10-15 min

Weighted Strict Pull 5×2 (2 sec on pull up and 2 sec hold over bar)

“The Rambin Man”

15 Min AMRAP

200 Meter Run/250 Row/.4 Airdyne (rotate)

10 Hand Stand Push Ups

15 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

20 Jumping air squats

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Mon, Aug 11th

Belated B Day shout out to Amy MC who I texted for her B Day yet somehow spaced giving her a shout out that night.  Amy has been a good friend for almost 25 years.  I was very happy when she came on at 38 North but I have been even happier watching her progression.  There has been a break though in Amy these last 5 months.  Amy has been pushing her limits as an athlete and the results have been amazing to see.  A couple big PR’s this month can attest to this new found tenacity.  To take it a step further Amy even signed up for her first Comp!!  Can’t wait to see this young lady keep getting stronger this year.  Happy B Day Amy!


Lindsey W is new to our box but has acclimated quite quickly.  Lindsay naturally moves very well and is a breeze to coach.  With the O Brian sisters constantly at her side pushing her the sky is the limit with this one.  Happy B Day Lindsey it has been great having you a part of this community.  We are binging one of my favorite things to coach and watch back for Monday……Max effort Box Jump for height!!!  See you tomorrow


15 Minutes to find your 1 rep max box jump for height

“Death By Barbell”

20 Min Cap

5 Rounds for time

15 Deadlift 135/95

12 Hang Clean 135/95

9 Front Squat 135/95

6 Push Jerk 135/95

it is a win just to beat the time cap on this one guys!

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