Workout of the Day

2508, 2016

We have four athletes competing at CrossFit Northgate in Santa Rosa this Saturday.  The comp will be 10-1, just 2 WOD’s and a final.  Come up to SR to cheer EJ/Coach Danny and Laura C/Ally D on they would love some support.  It is a great local opportunity to check out a competition and cheer on our community.  Dang, none of you were scared of that WOD today.  Almost 80 athletes coming through the box today and all attacked both strength and WOD.  Coach Danny throwing a 7+ on the board?!?!  Krista S hitting a 5 rep 153.  Also newcomer Jeff N hitting power cleans at 256 for 5 reps!  Jeff had 255 on there but I begged him to use the .5 fractional, I have to feel like it was money well spent.  EJ and Casey at 255 as well.  Laura C hitting it at the firehouse and getting a 6+10.  Newcomer Laura H hitting a 5 rep of 88 and Neal G hitting 150 for a 5 rep.  Another fun night of coaching watching all of you lift some serious weight.  I don;t want to see any PR’s on the Jerk tomorrow.  Please…please…please remain at 85% and work technique.  Get low, and punch those arms.  We lifted a lot of weight today I don’t want anyone going very heavy tomorrow.  We will stagger athletes in on the row to start.

15 Min to work on Split Jerk Technique not to exceed 85% of one rep max

“Weird Science”


500m Row

400 Meter Run

40 Kettle Swings 53/35

30 Wallballs 20/14

20 Push-ups

10 Ring Muscle Ups (scale to Bar MU or 10 Chest to bar/kip pulls/10 Ring Rows and 10 Ring Dips

If you do not complete chipper put total reps on board.  If you complete get back on the rower or if rowers are taken head out on a run.


16 Min EMOM

1st-30 Sec Overhead Kettle Carry Right

2nd-30 Sec Overhead Kettle Carry Left

3rd-40 Sec Sit ups

4th-40 Sec Plank

then Same WOD as above

2408, 2016

Always a lot of fun to coach the max height box jump.  Big props to our two top scores Nick M at 52.25 and Anna C and 40.25 just edging out Janelle A at 40.  Great long effort on the WOD too.  The test of any skilled movement is truest when fatigued.  HSPU and T2B are great examples of this.  Be smart in the way you attack your rep’s.  Come off that wall or let go of the bar before you have to to ensure consistent reps over a long period of time.  It is a simple effective WOD to test DU’s again.  Pick your feet up.  Don’t take more then a min for the DU’s.  If they are taking longer then that scale number to what works and note on board by your score.  See you guys tomorrow

7 Min Power Clean Warm Up

Every 3 min x 6 sets complete

5 Touch N Go Power Clean’s (you can rest on front rack but cannot drop bar or let go of bar on ground.  With each successful set increase load.  Start with a challenging load on first set.)

“The Hollow Point”


10 Front Squat 155/103

40 Double Unders

2308, 2016

Happy B Day to Urban!  This guy has quickly become a regular within our community.  Naturally gifted with strength and motor, Urban has quickly made huge jumps in weight with just a few tweaks in his movement.  A 20# PR on full clean and 10 pound jerk PR are just the first of many PR’s Urban has achieved within his first month.  What I am most stoked on with Urban is his enthusiasm and support of the athletes that surround him.  Urban is one of the first athletes to go up and give someone a pat on the back after a WOD.  I remember congratulating Urban on a PR a couple weeks ago and instead of focusing on his achievement he immediately brought up the PR’s of those that surrounded him in the lift.  This kind of ability and selflessness is a pretty amazing one-two punch and it is nothing something you see everyday.  I am stoked to have this guy in our community and it is clear that the future is as bright as it gets for this guy within the sport of CrossFit.  Happy B Day Urban!   Get ready to Jump!

Same WOD for CrossCamp and CrossFit Classes

12 Min to Establish a one rep max height Box Jump (measure with Tape)

“Voodoo Child”

18 Min AMRAP

250m Row or 200 Meter Run (rotate jump on Assault for 10 Cal if rowers are taken)

10 Burpee Box Jump up  & over 24/20

12 Toes 2 Bar

10 Handstand Push-ups

2208, 2016

Happy B Day to Jaimee M!  It has been an honor to have a close friend like Jaimee M be a part of this community from day one!  Jaimee was one of our founding members at 38 North and almost 5 years later she is still walking through those doors.  Other then having absolutely shredded arms and picture perfect form, two qualities we all long for, Jaimee might be one of the smiliest mid WOD athletes we have.  You can’t put this girl in a negative place when she is working out.  I always appreciate an athlete like Jaimee who consistently brings such a positive energy into the box there is no doubt it rubs off on everybody.  With Jaimee’s mobility and movement she was a natural with Oly movements, this young lady has one of the prettiest overhead squats in the box.  It has been awesome having you at 38 North these last 5 years Jaimee and I look for to another year of you getting after it in here.  Fun to throw a different stay of WOD at you this last Sat with a bunch of time under tension.  As always you guys crushed it.  You will start to see some consistent programming of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  I look forward to seeing all of you improve in these movements of the next couple of months.  Pick an overhead squat weight you do not have to put down for 20 sec.  Even if 115/75 feels light go fast and unbroken this WOD is more about barbell endurance then strength.

Every 1:30 x 10 sets complete

Snatch Pull+Hanging Snatch Hi Pull+Hang Full Snatch (unbroken)

“The Salted Wound”

8 Rounds

20 Sec Max Effort Overhead Squat 115/75

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec ME Chest to Bar Pull-ups (scale to kip or ring rows no banded pulls for this WOD)

10 Sec Rest

Cash Out

30 Sec After Last pull-up complete 2 Min ME Sit-ups

Post total reps from WOD and Total from Sit-ups Separately

2008, 2016

Fun WOD to coach all day.  Great energy surrounding those row heats.  Finishing it off with a a partner WOD tomorrow

“Route 66”


P1-Overhead Barbell Hold 115/75

P2-Dumbell Front Squats 45/30 (reps only count if P1 has bar overhead)

3 Min Rest


P1-Deadlift Hold @ hip crease 225/155

p2- Box Jumps 24/20

3 Min Rest


p1-Pull-up hold chin above bar (scale to ring row hold)(please don’t hook chin on bar)

p2-Games Style Push-ups

Cash out

800M Partner Run

Total reps from each AMRAP posted separate as well as 800 Time

Fast transitions between holds and movements and communicate!

1908, 2016

Another great day in here.  I honestly programmed a heavy Power Clean just to set the WOD percentage and we had 19 PR’s!  Big props to Leah B who after a little technique help from Coach Danny at the 5pm ended up PR’ing her clean by 25#!  Stay consistent with your lift.  Don’t change the pull when it gets heavy.  The athletes I watched controlling that pull off the ground and pushing those knees back for that vertical shin really did well.  Great WOD as well, the 9:30 got after it and I am sure the night classes followed suit.  Big effort at CrossCamp as well with an extra run and 2 min on that WOD.  Get low on the snatch tomorrow and crush that row!  We have been bringing this Row and Assault Sprint in the last month and a half now every couple weeks.  Finish hard on that row.

“Cement Shoes”

6 Min EMOM

each min complete 30 Sec Max effort Double Under’s

5 Min Warm Up for Full Snatch

9 Min EMOM

Full Snatch+Overhead Squat

4 Min Rest

Every 2:30 x 6 sets complete a 30 sec all out max effort row for distance

Score is-Lowest Double Under min, Heaviest complex, and lowest distance for row