Fri, July 25th

38 North Chili cook off countdown t-minus 2 days.  To repeat rules.   There are no rules in the Chili Cook off……except no beans.  Toppings are allowed.  Winner becomes instant legend, and has almost too much street cred inside our walls.  Starting at 12:30pm at the Azure which is located at 2620 Lakeville Hwy.  We will be in the guest room next to the pool.  It will last until around 5pm so stop by anytime.  I will bring a couple tables, utensils, waters, ect.  Happy B Day to Coach Billy.  This community as we know it would not even resemble itself without the presence and dedication of Coach Billy.  Always there to help, eager to learn, an amazing athlete, and a Coach that influences each of our athletes almost everyday.  I have had the honor of Coaching Billy from his first day in CrossFit onward and the evolution of this young man as an athlete and coach has been extraordinary.   Billy has been driven to become better with each WOD and this drive is still burning strong today.  As a coach his class management, research, and ability to throw cue’s at the perfect moments have had a positive effect on all of us.   It has been an amazing ride so far and it has only begun for this young man.  Happy B Day Bro.

Strict Press

3-2-1-1-1-1 (get that head through)

“Tabata your face”

Tabata Row for Cal

1 Min Rest

Tabata Sit Up’s

1 Min Rest

Tabata Air Squats

1 Min Rest

Tabata Push Ups

running total of every rep for each movement to be posted to board separately

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Thurs, July 24th

A lot of sore athletes in there today, I hope todays WOD helped break up that lactic acid.  Remember we have the Chili Cook-off starting at 12:30pm Sat.  Looking like we got 8 Chili’s if you are not bringing a Chili it would be great if you could bring an Appetizer and whatever you are going to drink.  See you tomorrow

Clean Hi Pull (find that hip!) re-grip on bottom


“The Swisher Sweet”

10 Min AMRAP

10 Power Clean 135/95

10 Handstand Push-ups

25 Du’s

Every time you drop bar during Power Cleans is 5 burpee penalty

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Wed, July 23rd

Happy B Day Jane G!  Everyone that knows Jane G knows there isn’t a more determined athlete in this box.   As I think of hitting a wall in a WOD, and being pissed about for a day after, I am quickly brought back to reality watching Jane WOD.  Maybe it is the fact that with MS when Jane overheats she literally can barley move her legs.  I first watched this as Jane got after her first WOD with Wallballs and had to move and reposition each leg with her arms and hands when her feet got out of position.  After this WOD there were no complaints, no whining, just a determined pissed of athlete that thought she could have done better.  Jane’s path has been well documented and will continue to be an inspiration to us all for years to come.  I feel truly blessed that Jane choose to take this sport head on and choose our community for her journey.  Happy B day Jane!

Muscle up/ring Dip technique 10 Min

“Jackie Joyner’s Kersee”

800 Meter Run

25 Wallballs 20/14

25 Toes 2 bar

25 Kettle Swings 53/35

400 Meter Run

15 Wallball

15 Toes

15 Kettle swings

200 Meter Run

10 Wallballs

10 Toes 2 Bar

10 Kettle


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Tues, July 22nd

Massive squat numbers across the board today.  High front squats were Tyler F at 365# and Gabbie D at 203#.  PR’s are too numerous to name here but get them on that PR board.  We will be kicking off the festivities Saturday at 12:30pm.  It will be going to around 5pm.  There is not parking there so please park on street.  Kids are welcome but there won’t be that much space to run around in.  If you can get someone to watch them it might not be a bad idea but if not don’t let it prevent you from coming bye.  The pool is for tenants only and it is just a parking lot that surrounds.  But we got the party room and we will be streaming the games.  The Azure is located at 2620 Lakeville Hwy.  I am starting a thread on the crew page tonight.  Mike B is claiming 3 racks of the ribs he brought last year so we got that to look forward to.  See you tomorrow

Snatch Balance

5×2 with 2 sec pause on bottom



Dumbell Push Press 45/30


6 wall walks after set of 30 and set of 20.

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Mon, July 21st

Happy B Day Chelsea S!  It has been a pretty amazing evolution within CrossFit for Chelsea over this last year.  The first year for Chelsea at our box was filled with great WOD’s.  This last year however something changed within Chelsea.  Chelsea flipped a switch and started to take her commitment to the next level.  Chelsea started coming 4-5 days a week.  Soon thereafter there were “Rx’s” next to her name on the board and huge Pr’s gains.  Now Chelsea is Rx’ing pull-up WOD’s and challenges herself on each and every WOD she takes on.  It has been very rewarding as a coach to watch this evolution over the past two years.  Here is to a year of hard work Chelsea and here is to another year of blood, sweat, and tears ahead of you.  Happy B Day!  IT is time to PR!!!! I want to hear that bell ringing up on Cherry Street.  We have the Chili Cook off/crossfit games this Saturday.  There is no rules for the Chili this year except for no beans so that everyone within the indoor venue can be spared.  You can bring toppings and make the CHili however you would like.  I will be putting a sign up sheet int he box this week.  We hope to get 10+ CHili’s this year.  If you do not bring Chili please bring something you would like to share and your beverage of choice.  I will release time and address tomorrow.

Front Squat


“The Way”

30 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

30 Front Squats at 70% of your 1RM from strength session

30 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

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Sat, July 19th

What a week!  40+ new athletes through the door for friends and family with one more WOD to go.  I have met some pretty amazing people this week which comes to no surprise with the community we have under our roof.  Thanks to all who shared this experience with there friends and family.  We got one more coming at you tomorrow.  Big congrats to Tracey B and Jaime G who both Rx’d there first WOD today!!

“Tenacious D”

Teams of Two

20 Minutes

Partner One-400 Meter Run

Partner 2- complete’s and AMRAP of

21 Wallball’s

15 Burpee’s

9 Thruster’s 135/95

When partner one comes in from the run you pick up exactly where partner two leaves off.  Post total rounds as a team.

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Fri, July 18th

Two B Day’s today at the Box.  First is Forrest G.  Look out for this guy, Forrest is getting good really fast.  Forrest has a motor that won’t quit and his strength is starting to catch up.  Forrest is a silent assassin he comes in, does not say to much, then absolutely kills the WOD.  It has been a pleasure to get to know Forrest better over the last couple months and the sky is the limit for this guy in here.  It is going to be a great year of PR’s for Forrest G, Happy B Day.  Anna C is one of those athletes that does not know her own strength.  Anna will come in going for a double then after her 5th set come by me and say “I think I just doubled 10 pounds over my last PR for that movement.”  Anna is an athlete.  Anna runs hard, learns quick, and push’s herself.  Anna really has no clue just how gifted she is at this sport and as she continues to learn her true potential will be impossible to ignore.   Happy B Day Anna hope you enjoyed your day.   It has been a phenomenal share the pain week lets finish the week strong.   PR attempt coming next week for the strict press.  Get those PR’s up on the board I have seen a bunch and only 3 are up for July.  You work hard for those moments and should be recognized for them!   Pick a weight you can go unbroken for the first couple of rounds in the back squats.

Strict Press 5×2

“The Rabbit Hole”

10 Min AMRAP

every 2:30 starting at 0:00 complete a 20 sec handstand hold

18 Back Squats 95/65

15 Kettle Swings 53/35

12 Games Push Ups

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Thurs, July 17th

Big happy B Day shout out to Ari Z.  Ari is always eager to learn when it comes to this sport and he applies what he learns almost immediately.  Ari always has a calm and collected look on his face even mid WOD.  I also think the guy was born with the perfect 5 O Clock shadow because it never varies in length, always on point.  I have seen a huge increase in motor and strength out of Ari this year.  Happy B Day Ari hppe you are enjoying your week away in Hawaii.  Use those hips for the Snatch if you pull with all shoulder you will fatigue very fast after those OHWL.

Deadlift 5×2 (do not drop reps but pause at on floor for 1 full second)

“The Machine Gun”

4 Rounds

Running Clock

1 Min Max Effort Overhead Walking Lunges 45/25

1 Min Max Effort Hanging Dumbell Snatch 45/30 (alt arms when needed)

1 Min Max Effort Box Jumps 24/20

1 Min Rest

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Wed, July 16th

Another day filled with new faces.  Fun to watch people get after that WOD tonight, saw some pretty mentally strong athletes refusing to drop that kettle bell.  See you guys tomorrow.  Goal is unbroken and fast on wallballs and toes 2 bar.

Weighted strict pulls/ring rows 5 sets of 3 reps with 2 sec pause at top

“The Purge”

14 Min AMRAP

400 Meter Run

2 Rounds

12 Wallball’s

8 Toes to Bar/knees to elbow

then back to the run again

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Tues, July 15th

Great day today at 38 North with 70 athletes rolling through those doors.  A lot of new faces, thank you for making every one of those new faces feel comfortable.  Sneaky WOD for a lot of you, those jumping squats got tough.  I will be seeing you all tomorrow please think of someone to bring in and share what we have here.  Big welcome back to Tavis who has been traveling the last month.  Also a last shout out to Angela B and Chelsea S who both did their first Rx pull-up WOD a couple weeks ago, I have been meaning to talk about it.  The goal of this WOD is to go unbroken for as long as possible for all movements for the entire 90 sec.  It will very challenging to go unbroken the entire time but not impossible.  Give it your best shot the first round(kettle swings will be very challenging at end), second round you will have to break but extend it as long as possible.  Don’t rush the movement stay at a pace that you will not fatigue as fast.  Going to be stoked to see you try to get through it.

Front Squat 2 seconds to bottom position


“Over The Edge”

2 Rounds

1:30 max effort Thrusters 95/65

30 sec rest

1:30 max effort Burpee’s

30 Sec rest

1:30 max effort Kettle Swings 53/35

1 min rest then repeat

post total reps for each round

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