1711, 2019

Mon, Nov 18th

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Hope you guys enjoyed the weather this weekend. We are hitting one of my favorite classic CrossFit WOD’s tomorrow that we hit just over 5 months ago in. See you bright and early tomorrow. 

A ) 3 min Row/Assault

Every :20 sec for 3 min

Walfacing Handstand Hold

Light Dumbell Strict Press

Russian Kettle Swings

1 min Jog

B) 10 Min EMOM

1 Strict Press


1st-10 Dumbell Strict Press

2nd-35 Sec Row

C) “The Chief”

5 Rounds of


3 Power Clean 135/95 (Fitness Use DB)

6 Push-Up

9 Air Squats

1 Min Rest

Post each Round

1511, 2019

Sat, Nov 16th

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Writing this from my phone so it will be brief. Huge congrats to Coach Rosa and Coach Rene who brought a beautiful baby boy into the world today! 7 pounds 6oz, 20.5 inches, and momma is doing great! See you tomorrow

A) 38 North Warm and Stretch

B) “The Equalizer”

8 min AMRAP

21 Sit UPS

15/10 cal Assault

9 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

2 min Rest

800m Run

@ min 16 Complete


21 Kettlebell Swings

15 Air Squats

9 Pull ups

1411, 2019

Fri, Nov 15th

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Man this week went fast, I wish the work week was 4 days. See you guys tomorrow!

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min Russian Kettle/Bear Crawl/Tempo Ring Dips(4 sec)

B) 12 Min EMOM

1st-4 Touch N Go Power Clean (Fitness 8 DB Power Cleans)

2nd-12 Sec Hard Assault (90%)

C) “The Pick N’ Roll”


9 Wallball’s

7 Toes 2 bar

5 Dumbell Step up and over 20″ box (45/30)

Directly into 1 Min Double Under’s

4 Min Rest


9 Wallball’s

7 Toes 2 bar

5 Deadlift 185/135 (Fitness Kettlebell Deadlift-two KB’s

Directly into 1 Min Double Under’s

1311, 2019

Thurs, Nov 14th

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Functional mobility/yoga is back tomorrow night at 7pm! Great turnout for first class, get in, mobilize, and recover! Rolling though tomorrow with some sprints. get to that last movement! If you don’t have a min of :45 for the last movement cut down run/row. I would love to see 1+ min at that last movement.

A) 3 min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min Handstand Hold/Ring Rows/sit ups then 1 min jog

B) 10 Min EMOM

1st-20 sec fast Dumbell Bench Press

2nd-20 Sec Barbell Bent over Row

C) “The Double-Double”

2 Rounds

4 Min to complete

400m Run

13 Thrusters 95/65

AMRAP Pull-ups

2 Min Rest

4 Min to complete
450/385m Row

13 Overhead Squats 95/65

AMRAP Handstand Push-ups (scale to seated dumbell press)

1211, 2019

Wed, Nov 13th

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I always appreciate the way this community welcomes in a guest. A new athlete dropped into to open box today and I saw 8 different people come over to personally welcome him in. No matter how many times I see examples like this I am always fired up. It’s just a reminder how much good energy you all always bring in the box. Thank you. We slammed those legs tonight, think kindly of me on Thurs when that DOMS kicks in. We are going shoulder heavy tomorrow with a WOD that will squeeze those healthy lungs. Have fun.

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every then every :20 sec for 3 min Tempo Push Up/Light Kettle Swings/Hollow Swings then 1 min jog

B) Every 1:30 x 8 Sets

Power Clean+Push Jerk+Split Jerk

Fitness-10 Min EMOM

1st-25 Sec Kettlebell Thrusters

2nd-30 Sec Row

C) “Whiskey on the Rocks””

4 Rounds Running Clock

1 Min Hang Clean & Jerk 95/65

1 Min Burpee’s

1 Min Dumnbell Snatch 50/35

1 Min Assault for Cal

1 Min Rest

1111, 2019

Tues, Nov 12th

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A great end to the open on Friday. For many, it was their first CrossFit Open. There is nothing quite like the energy. It is more then a WOD, it is a stress test to determine capacity and find weakness. Finding those weaknesses was always priceless for me each open because I knew what to work on throughout the year. I am looking forward to all of you developing these weaknesses over the next year. I am excite to announce then in the early spring we will be brining back our 38 North Throwdown. This is an in house throwdown for all of our athletes to compete in. More to come about this in late winter. The first yoga night went great and we will be hosting another mobility session this Thursday at 7pm. Mark down Dec 14th for the 38N Xmas party. We went from ugly sweater two years ago to Aloha last year. This year will be “An 80’s Christmas” theme. See you tomorrow!

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min inch worms/lateral box step up/sit up 1 min jog

B) Every 2:30 x 6 sets complete

Deadlift Cluster which is 1 rep every 10 sec x 3 rep’s


1st-10 Kettelbell Deadlifts

2nd-20 sec Dumbell Lunge

3rd-30 Sec Assault

C) “The Six Shooter”


24 Double Unders

12 Toes 2 bar

6 Front Squats 155/113 (Goblet Squats)

3 Min Rest


24 Double Under’s

12 Jumping Alt Lunges

6 Front Squats 135/95

1011, 2019

Mon, Nov 11th

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We will be holding one WOD in observance of Veteran’s Day tomorrow at 9:30am.  This will be the Hero WOD “21 Guns”. This “21 Guns” WOD, created to honor our Nation’s’ Warriors, past, present and future. The 21-minute workout and 21 repetitions signify a 21-gun salute, with an exercise for each of the five Branches of the Military. A 21 Gun Salute is the US’ highest display of honor. I want to personally say thank you to every veteran that has served this Country, continues to serve this Country, or gave their lives serving this Country.  I have no comprehension of the devotion and complete selflessness it takes to to put your life on the line to protect the lives of people you have not even met.  All I can say to each and everyone of these men and women who have taken this oath is thank you.  I love this Country and the freedoms that we share living in it, I know these freedoms would not be what they are today without the commitment all of our veterans have made to protect them.  Also a big happy 244th B Day to the Marine Corp!  See you guys tomorrow. 

A) 38 North Warm and Stretch

B) 9 Min EMOM

1st-25 Sec Hollow Rocks

2nd-30 Sec Sit-ups

3rd-35 Sec Plank

C) “21 Guns”

21 Min AMRAP

21 Push-ups

21 Box Jumps or Step Ups 24/20

15 Burpee’s

9 Pull-ups

811, 2019

Sat, Nov 9th

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Unreal night of 20.5, thanks to all who made it down to cheer on and go out for a drink. I’ll talk more about the WOD Sun eve. One class this Monday at 9:30am.

A) 38 North Warm and stretch

B) “The Jalapeno Popper”

2 Rounds

3 Min to Run 400 then

AMRAP Hang Clean and Jerk 115/75

2 Min Rest

3 Min to Assault 26/18 then

AMRAP Toes 2 Bar

2 Min Rest


9 Kettlebell Swings

9 Burpee’s to 6″

711, 2019

Friday, Nov 8th

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I love this WOD, scaled or Rx this thing will hurt. I love that this WOD, for the first time, lets you choose when and how you complete your reps. A lot of strategy in this one. Ten sets of 4/8/12? 20 Sets of 2/4/6? Go big on MU? Most athletes cannot do ring mu, which is why I am stoked they scaled this with pulls. Even if you don’t have a MU but are close you can try of a bit, hit row/WB, then try again at end. Anything you want to do. Have fun, this is it! I hope to see a bunch of you hitting it or watching tomorrow night. Josiah got us a big table at Brewsters if we end up needing it. Hope to see you after for a drink even if you don’t workout. One class Monday at 9:30am.

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min Hollow Swings/Lunge/Ring Row then 1 Min Jog

B) “20.5”

20 Min to Complete

40 Ring Muscle Ups (Scale to Chin over bar pull-ups) also RIng Rows

80 Cal Row

120 Wallballs 20/14

**Complete the work as desired

611, 2019

Thurs, Nov 7th

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We will b e hosting one Hero WOD this Monday at 9:30am in honor of Veterans day. Come down and get it in early and enjoy the day off! So Brewster’s it is. Come down to the box this Friday to cheer on some athletes, have a beer, then head down to Brewsters for a drink. We will get a crew strait from the 6pm WOD to Brewster’s so please come join. Staying a little lighter on legs tomorrow because I think a squats coming. Back off to 70-75% on this programming if you are finishing the open Friday.

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min ring rows/Russian Kettle/jumping air squats then 1 min jog

B) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Power Snatch+Hang Full Snatch


12 Min EMOM

1st-25 Sec DB Snatch

2nd-25 Sec Goblet Squat

3rd-25 Sec Toes Through Rings

C) “The Sand Dial”

8 Min to Complete

800m Run

30 Hang Power Snatch 75/55

AMRAP Burpee Dumbell Step Ups to 20″ 45/30 (Burpee Chest to DB then stand, lift DB’s off ground, then step up to top of box

4 Min Rest

8 Min to Assault 60/48

30 Medball Cleans 20/14

AMRAP Ketetlebell Swings