Workout of the Day

2907, 2016

Quick one tonight.  Got some Assault sprints coming at you tomorrow.  These are all out every thing you have sprints with a 2:30 rest period between.  Don’t hold anything back!

“Snap, Crackle, Pop”

7 Min EMOM Skill goat of your choice

Pick a skill and rep scheme to complete a 7 min EMOM with.  Do not work over 30 sev each min.  So 5 HSPU, 3 MU, 7 Pull, 7 pistol, 25 DU, ect.  Stay with the same number all 7 min

3 Min Set for Thruster

9 Min EMOM

complete 2 continuous Thrusters (no pause on front rack increase in weight each set)

3 Min set up for Assault/AD

Every 3 min x 6 sets complete 30 sec all out Assault for Cal (your legs should feel like water ballon’s about to pop by 4th assault!

Post Skill/rep, Highest 2 thrusters, and lowest cal sprint

2807, 2016

Another great week of Deads.  I am stoked that this community is not shying away from that movement when we programs it for this cycle.  Keep that tension, two more weeks until we retest.  A huge congrats to two of our own Kyle and Rebecca M bringing a beautiful young lady into the world on Monday.  Welcome to the world Addison M!  See you guys tomorrow

Every 1:30 x 9 Sets complete Clean Pull+Power Clean

“The 3rd Party Candidate”

14 Min AMRAP

400 Meter Run

15 Power Clean 135/95

15 Toes 2 Bar


5  Min to complete 800 Meter Run

starting at 5:00 10 Min EMOM

1st-30 Sec Dumbell Push Press 45/30

2nd- 30 Sec Box Jumps

at 15:00 you will have 5 min to complete 800 Meter Run

at 20:00 10 min EMOM

1st-30 Sec Kettle Swings

2nd- 30 Sec Medball Cleans 20/14

2707, 2016

B Day shout out to Joanne M!  Joanna has been with us for over a year now and her movement just keeps getting better.  This is definitely a determined young lady and you can see the focus in Joanna every time that clock counts down.  I always look forward having Joanna in the late classes on Mon/Wed, she always brings a smile in that door with her each time she comes for a workout.  It has been a great year of strength and motor gains there last 12 months and I look forward to seeing Joanna continue to progress in here.  Happy B Day Joanna!  Deads are coming at you tomorrow, keep the form you guys have displayed the last 2 weeks.  Chest up and stay tight.  Rx is strict HSPU but if you struggle with this movement please kip or handstand hold, 5 min will go quick!

Every 3:30 for 5 sets complete 3 Deadlifts at 90% of 1RM

“The Lasso”

Running Clock between Amrap’s


5 Strict Handstand Push-ups(scale to kip or 20 sec Handstand Hold)

10 Mountain Climbers (fast and full range of motion)

15 Air Squats

2 Min AMRAP Double Under’s


5 Strict Pulls (scale to ring rows no kipping pulls)

10 Push-ups

15 Jumping Air Squats

Pick up on second 5 min AMRAP where you left off on first AMRAP so if you end on the 5th mountain climber you will start second 5 min amrap at 6th Push-up.  If you ended on 3 HSPU you would start on 4th Strict pull.  Score is total rounds of both AMRAP’s combined and # of double unders.

2607, 2016

Tough combo, you guys dug in and fought it the whole time.  Great work on the pause Push Press.  Keep on working on catching those Full Snatch low and punching those arms/shoulders.

12 Min Kipping/Butterfly Pull-up technique for those with pulls

12 Min EMOM

1st- 1-6 Bar Muscle Up Scale to 5-10 Pulls (no more then 35 sec work)

2nd-40 Sec Assault/AD at 60-70%

“Ramble On”

3 Rounds Running Clock

1 Min Kettle Swings 53/35

1 Min Box Jumps 24/20

1 Min Assault for cal

1 Min Sit-ups

1 Min Row for Cal

1 Min Rest

Post running total for three rounds separately


Same WOD

2507, 2016

Happy B Day to Coach Billy P!  This guy has been such a huge part of who we are and what we do from the first day we opened the door.  Billy was a gifted athlete from the start but also had the mindset to perfect movements.  This meant that no matter how skilled Billy was with a movement when he first learned it, he still took time to work on that movement to become better.  In terms of movement, I’d put Billy’s Wallball and Ring MU next to anyone’s.  Billy also has a motor as strong as they come.  It is always as a coach that I am most impressed with Billy.  Billy’s ability to manage a class, watch an athlete move and then be able to offer instant feedback, and be a positive energy in this community are attributes that are clear to see whenever you are in one of his classes.  It has been an honor to have this guy on our team these last 4+ years.  I am stoked that he will be around for many years to come.  Catch those Full Snatch low tomorrow, do not make that movement into a Power Snatch+OHS.  The full snatch weight is meant to be fast an unbroken.  If you cannot efficiently touch N Go 10 reps of full snatch for multiple rounds at the weight please go lighter.  No re-bend of the knees on the push presses.  I hope a bunch of you got to take in some of the CrossFit Games this weekend.  The volume these athletes can take is just silly.  Unbelievable weekend of workouts.  10 Min amrap of ring handstand push-ups anyone?

Every 2:00 Min x 7 sets complete 2 Paused Push Presses (pause at bottom of dip for 2 full seconds each rep

“Hot Pants”


10 Full Snatch 95/65

10 Burpee’s to Stand

3 Min Rest


10 Power Snatch 115/75

10 Lateral Barbell Burpee’s

2307, 2016

Lord almighty that row was insane today.  Everybody I saw had a huge effort.  Big props to to early birds whose numbers held the entire day.  Rob S with 178 low meter and Alexis with a 162 low meter, awesome work.  Also Leanne M with a 82 rep low DU and EJ hitting a 275 triple Power Clean TNG.  Fun day.  See you tomorrow to finish the week.  Check out our very own Jordan W who is playing some live music tomorrow night at the Corkscrew Wine Bar in downtown Petaluma from 7-10!

“Edward 40 Hands”

800 Meter Run


10 Min AMRAP

40 Wallballs 20/14

40 Burpee’s to out of reach bar

40 Overhead Walking lunges 45/25

40 Kettle Swings 53/35


800 Meter Run

Your score is total time and how many rounds or reps you got.  When you come in from run you will look at the clock and your amrap will start then you you run out after 10 min is up for the second 800.  See you soon.