Workout of the Day

2803, 2015

Alright guys we are nearing the end of another great open season.  Don’t forget we will be hanging after the Open WOD tomorrow 11am on please come by for a bit.  I will be providing what I think is good beer(Coors, Tecate, Coors Light) but the general public might disagree.  If you are beer snob you might want to bring some other stuff.  We have some people bringing some snacks, the more the merrier so we don’t have 30 wasted athletes within the first 20 min of our after party.  This is a tough one, dig in and hold on.  Pace the row, you all will get through it.  We won’t be having traditional heats because of the 6 rower’s.  First heat will start together then we will be filling in rowers as they finish.  See you tomorrow




Row for Cal

Thrusters 95/65

2703, 2015

Crazy effort on 15.5 tonight.  This last open WOD is a one and done WOD, a leg killer.  Plan to put everything into your opportunity because those legs are going to be smoked.  Athletes for Sat this is a WOD for time so we will start with one hear then be filling in rowers as athletes finish.  We will be having that get together after the WOD so please bring a little something to snack on if you can.  I will buy a bunch of beers and waters.  It will be nice to hang for a bit after the last 5 weeks are behind us.  Please rest those legs tomorrow and do not come in if you are hitting that open WOD Sat.  See you guys tomorrow

15 Min to build to a Hang Power Snatch+Hand Full Snatch do not exceed 80% of 1RM Snatch

“The Stubbed Toe”


10 Overhead Squat 95/65

10 Toes 2 Bar

3 Min Rest


12 Box Jumps 24/20

3 Wall Walks

post both totals separately

2603, 2015

What’s it going to be for 15.5!!!!  Who knows, I am hoping for something totally random and out of left field.  1 Mile swim in the Petaluma River?  10 Min max effort bear crawl?  12 Pack of Coors original for time?  It has been a fun ride these last 4 weeks and I am stoked to see you guys close it out strong in week 5.  Here are the team points for last week and overall rankings going into the last week.  Week 4

Team Trevor 5

Team Billy 4

Team Mike 3

Team Danny 2

Team Joe 1 + 2 for fire bonus


Team Trevor 23

Team Billy 20

Team Mike 17

Team Danny 17

Team Sloppy Joe 7

2 Point bonus will be bigger then ever this week.  Who is going to finish strongest?  See you guys tomorrow, push the runs

12 Min to establish 2 rep weighted ring Dip/Kipping Ring Dip Technique

“The Gaucho”

20 Min AMRAP

400 Meter Run

21 Double Unders

15 Wallballs

9 Burpee’s over your wallball

2503, 2015

Those bear crawls were nasty at the end of that chipper.  Great job today by Jeffery Anne chipping away at those things.  Pretty cool to see Jennifer P next to her the whole time encouraging her to the finish.  Working that Jerk tomorrow I want to see some fast feet.  Don’t forget to stop by on Sat to cheer on the open athletes and hang a bit after.

15 Min to build to a moderately heavy Push Jerk+Push Jerk+Split Jerk

“Run, Sit, and Jerk”

15 Min EMOM

1st-30 Sec 10 Meter Shuttle Run

2nd-3o Sec Sit-ups

3rd- 30 Sec Push Jerk 135/95

Score it in 5 rounds running total for all three movements.  Runs are one for one

2403, 2015

Great test today, you guys were on point with those snatch’s.  Remember we have a little get together after the last open WOD for a couple hours Sat.  Please come grab a beer and hang for a bit.  See you guys tomorrow

12 Min EMOM

1st-3 Weighted Strict Pull w/ dumbell

2nd- 35 Double Unders

“Keep on Chipping”

50 Cal Row/Airdyne

40 Kettle Swings 53/35

30 Toes 2 Bar

20 Pistols Alt leg

10 Bear Crawls Rig end to rig end each way is one

2303, 2015

Two B Day shout out’s tonight.  First a belated one to Katie OB.  It has been a great journey with Katie OB in our community.  Katie is a tough competitor and gifted athlete.  Although she has had some bad luck with a couple softball injuries she quickly regains her strength and always impresses me each time she in in one of my classes.  I am going to come out and say it, no one will beat her 38 North throwdown record of a 8:30 dumbell farmers walk.  The girl only stopped because the sun was going down.  It has been a fun ride Katie sorry this took a week to get up.  Next up is Becky S.  Becky has been with us almost two years with a hiatus for her second child.  Come to think of it I think Becky CrossFitted up until the week before she had the kid, at least it felt that way.  I think Becky has a PR OHS about two weeks out.  Becky is great with a barbell and alsways has a smile on her face.  I am excited to see Becky develop this year as an athlete and really push herself.  Happy B Day Becky!  Great to get out with a group today and hit a coastal hike.  Always fun hanging outside the box and getting around the kids for an afternoon.  We will be having these casual coaches days every 6 weeks please try to make it to the next one.  It is a great non serious, no pressure way to hand for a couple hours with athletes within our community.   Awesome performances again during 15.4.  Some crazy efforts to get those HSPU, and some PR cleans as well.  One more week guys.  We will be having a little post Open potluck this Sat following the WOD around 11.  This is not just for open athletes it is for our entire community.  Please come by to cheer on your fellow athletes and stay for a beer.  See you tomorrow

10 Min to work on Full Snatch Technique/warm-up



15 Thrusters 95/65

15 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

Immediately following the amrap you will have 6 Min to establish a 1 Rep Max Snatch please clear box’s by putting them under rig (15 sec to do this before 6 min start)

Post AMRAP results and Snatch.  Please share the smaller weights (5’s and 2.5’s)