Workout of the Day

2802, 2015

It was a slow day at the office with everybody resting up for the Open WOD tomorrow.  We will be having the 8:30am WOD as planned.  Open competitors please show up at 9:15 to start stretching.  We will be having 2-3 heats.  All coaches will be down judging and supporting.  Please stop by to support the athletes if you have an hour to spare.  Excited for you guys!  See you tomorrow



15 Toes 2 Bar

10 Deadlift 115/75

5 Snatch 115/75

then “15.1A”

6 Min to Find 1rm Clean and Jerk

2702, 2015

And so the journey begins, what a way to kick off the open.  We had 19 athletes get after it an hour after the announcement and the energy was insane.  Remember to log your scores, Sunday Night is the cutoff.  I would suggest getting them in right away.  I have to approve them on my end.   I can’t believe how many clean and jerk Pr’s we had tonight after that 9 min amrap.  Awesome effort, I can not wait to see the rest of you hit it Sat morning.  Thanks to all that came down to support tonight, we had a full box.  I said it before but I am really proud that 45 of you are competing in this CrossFit open.  I know there was some reservations in some of you, but after tonight I hope you see that you always do better then you expect you will.  We have trained for this stuff all year.  You would be hard pressed to find a week at our box that Toes 2 Bar, Snatch,  Clean, Jerk, ect was not programmed.  You guys are ready.  For those of you going Sat I would highly suggest taking tomorrow off to be fresh for the WOD.  See you tomorrow

 12 Min to find a Overhead Squat Double

“The Three Kings”

3 Min AMRAP of Dumbell Front Squats 45/30

3 Min AMRAP of Plate Burpee’s (extend plate overhead)

3 Min AMRAP Wallballs 20/14

Post running total

2602, 2015

The open is upon us guys.  We will be holding our normal WOD’s Thrusday at 9:30am and 5 pm.  The 6pm class time will be completing the open WOD.  The announcement for the WOD will happen at 5pm each day.  We will be adding a fun competitive format to the open this year.  We have created 5 balanced teams lead by five coaches.  Danny, Billy, Joe, Trevor and myself.  Each week there will be 3 different ways to earn points for your team.  By completing the Open WOD for that week each athlete earns one point.  Each coach will be taking the top 8 NorCal rankings from their team (including their own) adding them up and dividing them by 8.  The lowest average number will earn the most points down to the last team who will earn the least.  The points awarded to the winner each week is 5 the next best team is 4, 3, 2, then 1.   The lowest score each week will not be put in the average so do not worry about not performing for your team.   The last way to earn points is our weekly bonus.  Each week we will be choosing two teams that will earn a 2 point bonus for being “the most fired up.”  Ways of getting this bonus is supporting your team.  Cheering them on, dressing alike, creating team shirts, ect.  The more spirited you are the better shot you have at getting this bonus.  We will total each week and come up with one overall winner.  Stoked to get some team pride going.  The teams are as follows

Team Trevor-Dan C, Brian L, Amy MC, Tamara L, Ryan S, Chelsea S, EJ N, Gabbie D, Kyle H,

Team Joe-Omar R, Sereatha P, Forrest G, Joe Med, Nat P, Lindsay D, Anna-Maria, Jen C, Jason k,

Team Mike-Marcus M, Kristen S, Jay V, Jennifer P, Chad P, Andrew I, Casey C, Anna Campbell

Team Danny-Royce S, Tyler F, Magoo, Troy M, Joe Mot, Alexis C, Angela B, Dan K

Team Billy-Gregg H, Matt K, Leanne M, Natalie D, Tilopa, Bill A, Erica OB, Michele L

Write down your team.  Also athletes that are not competing please come down to support.  Support on Thursday night, Saturday morning.  Come pull for a team.  Let’s make this a entire box event not just a competitor event.  Also families and friends are welcome to come watch and support as well.  See you guys tomorrow


3-3-3-2-2-2 (pause on floor for 2 sec after each rep)


1000 Meter Row

50 Barbell Thrusters 45/33

30 Pull-ups

stagger row to start

2502, 2015

40 deep for the open thanks for taking the plunge and hitting our athlete goal again this year.  Some great work on the snatch in a fatigued state today.  As a reminder we will have two main options to complete the Open WOD.  We will be giving the community an opportunity to hit it one hour after the announcement, 6pm Thursday’s.  The regular programmed WOD for Thurs will be held at 9:30am and 5pm.  We will be having our main Open WOD at 9:30am Sat.   Make ups also possible at open box Sunday at 9:30.  Thursday please show up at 5:45 to stretch and we will be going around 6:15pm.  Sat please show up at 9:15am to start stretching.  Got a long one on the menu tomorrow to loosen up that body.

10 Min EMOM

1st-25 Sec Sit-ups

2nd-25 sec Hollow Rocks

Post total reps completed

“The Everlasting Gobstopper”

2 Rounds

800 Meter Run

50 Double Unders (no more then 2 min on these)

40 Step Ups 24/20 alt legs

30 Kettle Swings 53/35

20 Goblet Squats 53/35

10 Deficit Handstand Push Ups 4′ (45 and 25 Stacked with ab mat)

2402, 2015

Great coaching that WOD tonight.  Huge 5pm WOD so we split it into heats and had them judge one another.  This really brought out a open type energy.  Great having two new Coast Guard athletes, Brett and Steve, in the box.  These guys will be with us for the next 3 weeks so if you see someone you do not recognize please say hi.  This WOD is meant to test your snatch in a fatigued state.  See you guys tomorrow

12 Min to find a moderately heavy snatch Balance 80-85% (no failed reps)

“Snatching with Cindy”

4 Min Cindy

5 Pull-ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


Power Snatch 115/75

2 Min Rest

4 Min AMRAP Cindy

2 Min AMRAP Power Snatch 115/75

Post all AMRAPs separately (ex 4+3/20/3+4/15)

2302, 2015

We are at 34 for the open with a couple more coming on board.  Looks like 40 again this year.  I am very stoked you guys have taken the plunge again, this is one of my favorite times of the year.  The energy and experiences that are had within our box over the next 6 weeks are going to be life long memories.  We will be doing something new this year to make the Open experience even more fun.  Like hundred of other boxs across the country we will be organizing an intramural type in box contest.  We will be splitting the open  competitors into about 4-5 evenly balanced teams and those teams will be competing against each other in a friendly in box competition.  Categories to earn points for these teams will be completing the workout, avg of scores, most supportive, ect.  Just an extra push to have fun and support your team mates.  Full details on this will be coming out Wed night.  We will be throwing out the lowest score from each team each week so no one has to worry about “not doing well”.  There will also be awards given for the competitors this year.  Best Moment, dark horse, best teammate, ect.  I am very excited to have you all a part of this.  Even if you are not competing please come support your fellow athletes for an hour each weekend.  i know they would appreciate it.   I have a favor to ask of the PM classes.  I love that you guys hang out after class and I welcome you to hang as long as you want.  After your WOD is done however, please hang out at the opposite end of the box or VIP room.  It is really tough to coach teh next class with 15 people 15 feet away from the class.   I know you guys are not loud on purpose but it gets tough to scream over.  Thanks for understanding.

5 Min to warm up back squat then

3 Sets of 5 reps at 76% of 1RM (3 min between sets)

“Open 13.4″

7 Min Ladder

3 Clean and Jerk 135/95

3 Toes 2 Bar