Workout of the Day

3110, 2014

Happy Halloween 38 North!!  Make sure to get in and hit one before the abuse of sugar begins and lasts until about next Tuesday or whenever your kids stash runs out.  Props to big Bill A who has been working hard to improve his OHS and had a big PR today in the complex that we did.  Results always feel more rewarding when they come after working on a goat.  Have a great day with the kiddo’s tomorrow!  Push those knees back and keep your chest up and shoulders over that par for the full 2 seconds on the halting snatch deadlift

Halting Snatch Deadlift 5×2 hold bar for a full two seconds at mid thigh

“The Haunting”


7 Deadlift 225/155

7 Handstand Push-ups

2 Min Rest


Burpee Broad Jump (4 feet width of mat)

2 Min Rest

4 Min Row/Airdyne for Distance


3010, 2014

What a night, and as always torture until the last out.  I don’t know if I have ever seen a collective performance like Bumgarner showed us over the post season, our kids kids will be talking about it many years from now.  I know our schedules have been off because the world series so lets get the numbers up to finish the week.


Snatch Balance+Overhead Squat x 8 (2 sec on bottom position of each movement)

“The Dynasty”

7 Min to Run 800M then Max Effort Dumbell Push Press 45/30 with remaining time

2 MIn Rest

7 Min to Run 800m then Max Effort Box Jumps 24/20 with remaining time

Post number of DB PP and Box Jumps separately

2810, 2014

Early blog tonight.  Big B Day shout out to Erin G!  EG is one of those people who has a calming effect on everybody who crosses her path.  Erin’s demeanor and composure make her unbelievably easy to coach and I can only imagine how many people have had positive experiences with this demeanor as she works her 9211 dispatcher job.  As an athlete EG’s progression has been trending upward since the moment she came to our box.  OVer two years later EG is lifting things she never thought she could lift.  Many of us know EG’s background and the health complications she has overcame which makes those PR’s even more meaningful then they already are.  Happy B Day EG!!


Hang Clean


“The Broken Mirror”

5 Rounds

3 Hang Clean @ 80% of 1RM

10 Pistols (alt legs)

12 Toes 2 Bar

3 Hang Clean @ 80% of 1RM

10 jumping Air Squats

2810, 2014

Happy B Day to Jennifer D!  Jennifer has been with us a little over a month so I am still getting to know her but this young lady is not afraid of anything in here.  If it is on the board, Jennifer wants to give it a try.  Jennifer is very driven and it is only a matter of time until she is crushing this sport.  Happy B Day Jennifer.  Great work on the pull-up tonight, practice that body control and hip pop.   Please run out on  right and stay on right to street come back on (your right next to outside wall) and enter back in on right

Warm up

1 Min Row for cal

1 Min Plank

1 Min Air Squat

1 Min L-hold

10 Min EMOM do not work more then 35 sec per min

1st-10 Ring Dips

2nd- 8 Kipping Handstand Push-ups

rest 5 min

“Edward Kettle hands”

12 min AMRAP

Run to Street—->river

15 Kettle Swings 53/35

10 Kettle Step-Ups to 20′ 53/35

5 Kettle Goblet Squats 53/35

Post completed rounds

2710, 2014

Congrats to Royce S who takes a first in the Masters division at CrossFit Vacaville over the weekend.  Royce won the final which was Karen which we happened to program on Wed.  Two Karen’s in 4 days, no thanks.  Way to represent Royce.  Two B Day shout outs.


Coach Trevor is one of the building blocks that 38 North has developed around over the last 3 years that our doors have been open.  Always eager to greet and coach every 5:15’er that chooses to start their day with a WOD Trevor’s passion and willingness to keep getting better as a coach and athlete is always present.  We often chat after these WOD’s and Trevor’s excitement for each athletes accomplishments has not dwindled a bit in the 3 years that we have held these conversations.  I feel extremely fortunate as an owner and friend to have Coach trevor a part of our 38 North Team.  I look forward to many, many more B Day shout out’s to coach Trevor  in the future.  Hope you enjoyed your day bro.


Ryan S has been with us for just over two year now.  I still remembered when he came off the street to check out our spot and ask some questions.  Ryan signed up that day and the rest is history.  This guy is always cool as a cucumber, you never see Ryan flustered.  Always positive and smiling Ryan rubs off on all that surround him on a daily basis.  Ryan’s form is on point and don’t know is anyone gets to the bottom position of a snatch faster at our box.  It has been great seeing you develop as an athlete over these last 2 years Ryan happy b Day.  See you guys tomorrow





Kipping Technique 15 Min

If you have pulls complete 5 x 2 of weighted Strict pulls with a 2 sec hold with your chin over the bar


8 Reps Front Squats 185/135

8 Lateral Barbell Burpee (come to standing position before jump)

10 Reps Front Squats 185/135

10 Lateral Burpee’s

12 Front Squats 135/95

12 Lateral Burpee’s

14 Front Squats 135/95

14 Lateral Burpee’s

Cash Out-90 sec Max Effort Sit ups make sure shoulders hit ground and wrists get to ankles

Post WOD score and number of sit ups

2510, 2014

Great work on the Pull today both the HSPU and C2B pull is looking better with every week.  We have partner WOD coming at you tomorrow.  Make your switches fast, synch up don’t lose any seconds to rotations between movements and have fun.  For the runs all athletes exiting go out on the right side by the white board all athletes come in the opposite side.  Congrats to Tyler F who is now in the CrossFit Total 1000 club and the 400 Back Squat club.

“Laverne and Shirley”

Team of 2


rotate after each run

Partner 1-Kettle Swings

Partner 2-Run to street—>river

2 Min Rest


Partner One-Dumbell Thrusters 45/25

Partner 2-L-hold/Knees up (reps only count when knees/legs are up)

switch whenever you want

2 Min Rest


Partner 1-Plate Burpee’s 45/25 (plate must extend overhead with hips extended

Partner 2- Overhead Squat hold with barbell 45/33 (reps only count when partner 2 is in bottom position)

Put number of Kettle’s/Thrusters/Burpee’s on the board separately