Workout of the Day

3107, 2015

The WOD should have been called the walking dead, I saw some empty eyes after it was done.  Great efforts by all at my 9:30 an Danny said some great efforts tonight as well.  It is a great test coming off a AD or hard run right into a movement like a wallball or pull.  This was a great opportunity to focus on breathing and regain your wind will continuing to notch reps.  I remind you a bunch but Chili Cookoff is Aug 22nd.  Start searching for the prize winning recipe.  Mary Calo will be aggressively defending her title I hear.  Toppings will be allowed in this years comp although beans will not for the sake of the community.  We will be setting up Cornhole as well.  Make sure to get that day on the calendar.

15 Min to work Snatch Balance Technique no heavy weight just speed under bar and catching low and locked.

“The Voodoo Donut”

16 Min EMON

1st-Full Clean+Front Squat

2nd-5 Strict Handstand Push-ups (go to deficit if not challenged)

Must complete last 3 rounds of both movements at same height/style/weight

3007, 2015

Holy shit there was a lot of weight lifted in the box today.  42 Deadlift Pr’s throughout the day.  Erica OB getting into the 300 club!!!!  Peter H bumping up his PR 100 pounds to 405….NBD.  Massive PR’s everywhere and small significant PR’s as well.  It is an amazing feeling to see the community as a whole getting stronger together.  We will have two more PR opportunities in the next couple weeks so get ready.  Please add your PR’s to the PR board and put your numbers up on the back numbers board at the far end of the gym.  Everybody’s numbers should be up there.  Be proud of the effort you put in.  See you tomorrow.  Mark your calendars the 3rd annual 38 North Chili cookoff is Sat Aug 22nd!

“The Hat Trick”

3 Rounds

3:30 to Run 400M the ME Muscle Ups/Bar MU/Strict Pulls/Kip Pulls/Box Pulls with leftover time(no ring dips with pulls)

1:30 rest

3:30 to  complete .4 Airdyne/500 Row then ME Wallballs

1:30 Rest

Score is total MU/Pulls and total Wallballs separately if the row or run takes more then 2:30 shorten distance.  If you completely fatigue on MU switch to pulls instead of staring at rings.  Switch between AD and ROW try to complete to 2 AD if possible

2907, 2015

B Day shout out for Kendra H tonight.  Kendra came to us through Kyle M about 3 months ago.  It didn’t take long to figure out this is a strong young lady.  Kendra listens and implements what you coach her on immediately and her numbers show it.  123# power clean for 3 tonight with only 3 months under her belt is legit Kendra.  Kendra has got a great personality to match and a competitive streak in her as well.  I am excited to see what this girl is lifting a year from now.  Happy B Day Kendra!  A special shout out to Anna Campbell tonight.  Anna made a commitment to get stronger a few months ago.  We casually spoke about it one day and just a few months later the results have been staggering.  Anna is as consistent as anyone in this box, she puts in the time and work.  Anna has always had a crazy motor as we saw tonight crushing the WOD in 10 min, but tonight for the first time Anna also took #1 in the strength for the ladies cleaning 158# 3 times in the complex.  There is nothing more rewarding to me to see commitment, hard work, and consistency pay off.  Keep it up Anna!  It is time to PR boys and girls.

20 Min to build to a one rep max Deadlift take your time between your last 4 reps you should be resting 2-3 min between these reps.

rest between strength and WOD

“Point Blank”

7 Min Ladder

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95 (taken from ground)

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Broad Jump Length of Mat or across two short mat’s

Choose a S2O weight you can go go unbroken with 8+ times with this movement is meant to go fast

2807, 2015

Tough combo tonight, snatch was on point.  Overhead squats are stronger then I have ever seen them here.  You guys are going to kill the one rep when it comes at you in a couple weeks.  Great to see so many new faces coming through our community.  The 38 North Chili Cook Off will be held next month at Michele L’s home.  Thank you so much for offering up your house for the get together Michele.  The date will be on the blog tomorrow.  Start thinking of those recipes.  See you tomorrow.

15 Min to Build to a tough complex of the following

Power Clean (drop from top and rest 10 sec from when bar was dropped) x 3

“The 21st Amendment”

3 Rounds

21 Toes 2 Bar

21 Burpee’s to Stand

21 Kettle Swings 53/35

2707, 2015

Oh man that final mens double WOD gave me anxiety.  Big congrats to Ben Smith, seven games appearances and he is only 25.  The guy deserved that after the last 7 years of work.   There is no doubt Frazier will be on top of the podium soon.  I am very bummed for Team NorCal who deserved the chance to fight the last day.  I don’t know why an alternate is not allowed to sub in when an injury occurs, pretty lame.  They should have at least gave them the shot to compete with 5.  Another great Sat WOD, awesome to see the energy and numbers so strong over the weekend.  If you can go unbroken for at least 2-3 sets of snatch at 135/95 bump up to that weight.  See you guys tomorrow

Overhead Squat 5 sec to bottom position


“The Fault Line”

15 Min EMOM

1st- 30 Sec  Hang Power Snatch 115/75

2nd- 30 Sec DU

3rd- 30 Sec Air Squats (open hips on top)

Running total of HPS and AS and total of DU posted seperatly

2507, 2015

Big B Day shout out to Coach Billy P!  This young man is so tied into what 38 North stands for and has been about since day one it is hard to imagine this community without Billy in the middle of it.  Billy, from day one, has been a major part of the foundation that we built this community on top of.  A strong Coach, strong athlete, and as loyal as they come Billy has been there for every step along our box’s evolution.  It has been pretty rad to watch the development of Billy as a coach and athlete from day one.  Watching the successes and failures of any athlete over a four year period builds a bond that will always be present.  This is going to be a great year for this young man and I am excited to see what it brings him.  Happy B Day BP!

“Chariots of Fire”

800 Meter Run

30 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

800 Meter Run

30 Deadlift 185/135

800 Meter Run

30 Box Jump 30/24