Workout of the Day

1202, 2016

I programmed a mile run to start the day so people wouldn’t show up then Coach Danny calls me and says the 6pm is 24 deep!  Great work throughout the day on that run and on that chipper.  We have a few red tanks for ladies in the office first come first serve.  I will order more for anyone who didn’t have there size.  We also have more of our original Charcoal Grey Hoodie Sweatshirts in in all sizes.  Also Charcoal gray shirts for guys, and charcoal gray tanks for ladies.  We are making a new pull-over heather gray hoodie and taking pre-orders this week.  There is two choices.  The first is a unisex hoodie that has the same sizing and fell as the zip up red hoodie we have only softer.  We also have a heather gray option that is looser, more like our zip up Charcoal gray hoodies.  E-mail me at if you would like one of the new Hoodies and your size.  Here is the what they look like


Kind of a vintage feel but like I said already really comfortable.  The sweatshirts are 50 bucks shirts and tanks 25.  Please bring cash for apparel.  Thanks .  Thrusters are meant to be fast and unbroken for as long as you can go.  Be smart with how you break down T2B is you don’t hit a wall too early.  Push the row and Assault.  We have got a bunch of new athletes in, please introduce yourself to someone you don’t know when you see them and welcome them to the crew.



Every 1:30 x 8  Sets complete 2 Deadifts



Assault/Row cals

Thrusters 75/55

Toes 2 Bar

1102, 2016

Man it has been an intense week, another fun WOD to coach.  I know a lot of you who have hit the last 3 days are feeling it.  We have a great one tomorrow to push the lunges and break up some of that soreness.

One Mile Run for time

10 Min CAP for Run at min 15:00 complete

“Chips,Dips, and Dorks”

60 Double Unders

50 Kettle Swings 70/44

40 Box Jumps (step down) 24/20

30 Alt Dumbell Power Snatch 45/30

20 Dumbell Front Squats

10 Deficit Handstand Push-ups @ 6′-8′(2 45’s with ab mat add 25# plate for 2 more inch) scale to reg HSPU

1002, 2016

B Day shout out to Amy S today!  Amy has been with us for over 2 years and her path and progression has been great to watch.  Always energetic and ready to learn, Amy frequents the 7pm during the week.  Amy recently shared that when she first started with us her knees hurt all the time, even walking down the stairs.  The strength Amy has built in her legs and every other part of her body for that matter, has left these issues far behind her.  I always love coaching Amy because she has a balanced open view on a lot of subjects I am passionate about.  I can always have a great conversation with Amy about music, movies, and food.  Next time you see Amy ask about her Jewelry company which sells hand made pieces by Amy.  Happy B Day Amy it has been great having you on board the last couple of years.  If you pushed the row and Assault for 8 min, you got smoked by that WOD today.  Great efforts.  Got to give it up to EJ who hit 6+10 on the sucker, also Rob S hitting 5+7 in the morning.  Got another open WOD coming at you tomorrow.  Make sure you jump over the bar with both feet every rep that is the standard, do not lead with one at a time.  Have fun!

Every 3 Min x 6 sets complete 2 Back Squats


10 Min AMRAP

60 Bar-facing Burpee’s

30 Overhead Squats 120/88

10 Ring Muscle Ups (scale t0 Bar Muscle Ups or 15 C2B(or kip) Pulls/15 Ring Dips

902, 2016

Wow, it got dirty in here today.  A bunch of big performances.  Shout out to Kyle M for hitting this bad boy RX.  Also Tim G and Brad M both pushing themselves and hitting the 155 clean the whole 20 mins.  Great to have Deirdre W back in the house.  Props to Brian P fresh off his Super Bowl Square dominance to hit the clean at 135.  Laura C and Joanna M both off the plane from Mexico and the Ecuador strait into a 20 min AMRAP putting in great efforts.  And finally Casey C with the new rope ripping through DU’s.  Not necessarily a One rep max for the split but if you hit one good on you.  Try not to fail a rep the entire time, get low.  Pick a snatch weight that you are comfortable with, you should be able to touch N go 4 reps at what ever weight you pick although I would suggest dropping each rep from the get go.  Don;t pick a weight that makes you stare at the bar long this 8 min will go fast.  Don’t pace the row or Assault ripe through it.  See you guys tomorrow

16 Min to Build to a moderately heavy Split Jerk

“Smoke on the Water”

 8 Min AMRAP

10 Cal Row/Assault Bike/13 cal AD (run street—>river if machines are taken)

6 Power Snatch 135/85

802, 2016

What an ugly superbowl.  Congrats to Coach Trevor, Ariel, Dan Smith, and Brian P who took the squares.  Continuing our road to the Open tomorrow with a long Open AMRAP.  Get to the CrossFit Games website to sign up for the open it will be here before we know it.

Warm-up at 75% 9 Min EMOM

1st-30 sec Row

2nd-30 Sec DU

3rd-30 Sec Handstand Hold



5 Power Cleans 155/103

10 Toes 2 Bar

15 Wallballs

602, 2016

Big props to the two ladies taking the two best times for the day and only one second off of one another.  Natalie D with a 8:43 RX and Sereatha with a 8:44 Rx and going unbroken on her last 10 reps overhead!  Another shout out to Jessica F who hit her first pull-up today at the 9:30.  More to come for that young lady.  Got a partner WOD coming tomorrow bring some tall socks!

“The Cuba Libre”


P1-Run 400 with Sandbag 50/25 or Medball 20/14

P2- 2 Rope Climbs (scale to 3 ground to stand/6 Strict Pulls/10 Ring Rows

10 Overhead Squat 135/95

10 Toes 2 Bar

10 Burpee’s to Stand

Pick up where your partner left off