Workout of the Day

2510, 2014

Great work on the Pull today both the HSPU and C2B pull is looking better with every week.  We have partner WOD coming at you tomorrow.  Make your switches fast, synch up don’t lose any seconds to rotations between movements and have fun.  For the runs all athletes exiting go out on the right side by the white board all athletes come in the opposite side.  Congrats to Tyler F who is now in the CrossFit Total 1000 club and the 400 Back Squat club.

“Laverne and Shirley”

Team of 2


rotate after each run

Partner 1-Kettle Swings

Partner 2-Run to street—>river

2 Min Rest


Partner One-Dumbell Thrusters 45/25

Partner 2-L-hold/Knees up (reps only count when knees/legs are up)

switch whenever you want

2 Min Rest


Partner 1-Plate Burpee’s 45/25 (plate must extend overhead with hips extended

Partner 2- Overhead Squat hold with barbell 45/33 (reps only count when partner 2 is in bottom position)

Put number of Kettle’s/Thrusters/Burpee’s on the board separately

2410, 2014

Big B Day shout out to Rosie G.  There is no disputing this community got a lot stronger the day this woman walked though our doors.  The thing that really stands out about Rosie to me is how selfless she is.  Rosie genuinely wants the best for everyone that surrounds her on a daily basis.  The strength and mobility gains that we have seen over the last 2+ years have been enormous.  A huge moment for me this year was when Rosie asked to compete in the CrossFit open.  It has been another great year for Rosie’s CrossFit career and I can’t wait to see what she does this year.   Happy B Day Rosie!

EMOM x 12 minutes

1st-4 Bar Muscle Ups/7 Chest 2 Bar Pulls (35 sec max work time)

2nd-5 Strict Handstand Push Ups scale to Kip (35 sec max)

“Smoke on the Water”


15 Power Clean 95/65 (elbows must come through bar in front rack position for a rep)

10 Box Jumps 24/20

2310, 2014

You guys handled your business today.  Karen is no joke, and there were some pretty crazy performances.  Two athletes went Sub 5 minutes 3 more went sub 6 min.  Big shout out to Jessica R who tackled 150 Wallballs in her 3rd week of CrossFit.  Big props to Chelsea S and Katie OB both Rx’ing the WOD and battling to the end and props to Joe Motto who went sub 7 in almost 4 min off his first RX time.  Keeping it rolling tomorrow.  Protein is on its way to me currently it should be in in the next couple days.

Push Press+Push Press+Jerk

“The Pickpocket”

3 Rounds

400 Meter Run

14 Front Rack Barbell Step Ups to 20′ 115/75

50 Double Unders (max time per round is 2 min for 50 reps if you get to 2 min stop at that rep)

2210, 2014

Excited to hit a benchmark WOD tomorrow.  All the Wallball targets are up and ready for use.  Please move the J-Hooks (squat rack hooks) to other side of rig so they are not directly under wallball targets is wallballs hit those hooks they will rip.  Work technique for the muscle snatch, find that hip.   There should be no failed reps in this session.  Keep those arms strait until the bar hits the hips.

12 Min to work to a single Muscle Snatch(do not exceed 90% there should be no failed reps)


150 Wallballs for time 20/14

If you finish Karen sub 10 min rest 3 min then complete


Burpee to standing position

Post Karen time and number of burpee’s

2110, 2014

Some legit performances tonight.  Desi F, Jessica R, Tiana, Naseem, Jason K, Daniel, Joe Mot, Erica and Kaite OB, and Andrew G all pushing themselves on every lift.  EJ with a 470 Deadlift, Danielle D’E with a 203# back squat PR, and big congrats to Casey C who is in the CrossFit Total 1000 club!  Also Marcus M going 3 for 3 with PR’s in the total.  I know this isn’t the traditional CF WOD but it is just as rewarding.  We have put up 8 more sets of rings on the rig please do not adjust these or flip them over the bar when you squat.  I tested out each rack and they will not impede any rack work.  Thanks they are a pain to adjust up and down.  We got 2 more ropes as well so we are looking at 8 total ropes.  Prepare to climb!

12 Min EMOM

1st-2 Rope Climbs no more then 40 sec of work(scale to weighted ring rows/ring rows)

2nd min-35 Double Unders (no more then 35 sec work)

5 Min Rest

“The Powdered Doughnut”

3 Rounds

10 Weighted strict Pull-ups 25/15 (dumbell between legs)

15 Ring Dips (scale to red band ring dips or box dips)

30 Box Jumps 24/20

2010, 2014

I love coaching this WOD because of the strategy involved inn reaching your 1RM for each movement.  You have exactly 15 min to take 3 1RM attempts at each movement.  You can take as many warm up sets as you want of multiple reps but only 3 attempts at a 1 rep.  I good progression would be 5-3-2-1-1-1 .  If you miss a rep you can not redo it it counts for 1 of the 3.  Give yourself 3 minutes between 1 rep sets, if you rush the 1 reps you will not get where you need to go.  Time will move fast at 15 min we will move on no matter where you are on your sets.  Excited to watch you guys get after it tomorrow.

“The CrossFit Total”

15 Min to perform 3 attempts at a 1RM Back Squat

15 Min to perform 3 attempts at a 1RM Press

15 Min to perform 3 attempts at a 1RM Deadlift

add up your highest rep from each movement to find you total

example backsquat 200+Press 150+Deadlift 300+ a 650 total

anyone going to break 1000?????