Workout of the Day

2701, 2015

We have a one rep max full snatch coming at you tomorrow.  Excited to see some big PR’s.  I will repeat what I put on the crew page.  Hey guys we are fully restocked with Pure Pharma, SFH Protein, and Progenex protein. SFH Recovery is 64, Fortified is 48. Progenex More Muscle is 69(loco moco, Chocolate), Recovery is 59(Tropical Vanilla, loco moco, Chocolate), Peanut Butter Smash recovery is 64(Progenex charges 5 extra for this flavor). Pure Pharma Fish Oil 37, Magnesium 25, Vit D 17. We are also stocked up on single servings of Force (2 bucks), and Progenex Recovery (vanilla, Loco Moco, Strawberry (3 Bucks).  Had to include one of my favorite pics from the Comp Saturday which immediately brought me back to one of my favorite movies.  Here are four of our boys going to pick a fight.












20 Min to establish a one rep max Full Snatch

“The Vice Grip”

8 Min Ladder

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,ect Overhead Squat 115/75

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,ect Toes 2 Bar

2601, 2015

What a weekend for our community.  I had a chance to see our ten athletes at the Moxie Pairs Comp go at it all day Sat and our Masters competitors at the NorCal Maters get after one Sunday.  The energy and support at these events was second to none.  At Moxie for six of the 10 athletes it was their first comp.  There is nothing like watching an athletes first comp.  Pushing past fatigue, and putting up numbers they never dreamed were possible.  Every athlete I watched gave every ounce of effort they had  and left knowing they was nothing left to give which is one hell of a satisfying feeling.  This was the same impression I got from our athletes at the NorCal event on Sat although I was not there.  These guys pushed through 4 grueling WOD’s.  Max Clean and Jerk, 53# Pistols, and then 135# thrusters the next day….brutal.  The WOD I saw on Sunday they all crushed.  Those guys better get some ice and booze.  Awesome to see our community getting out of their comfort zone and taking these events on.  As nervous as all the athletes were, they all figured one thing out, they are competitors.  Congrats to all athletes.  Speaking of an opportunity of to compete, the Open Registration is up and running.  The open this year will be 5 weekends of WOD’s.  Everyone sign’s up the same way there is no RX and scaled divisions.  There will however be a scaled option for WOD’s if you do not feel comfortable with that WOD.  Even if you use this scaled option you will be able to complete RX the next week.  Lets get some big numbers.  See you guys tomorrow

12 Min to build to a heavy Halting Clean Deadlift(pause 3 sec)+Clean Hi-Pull

“The Nightmare on Elm Street”

12 Min to complete

50 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65

50 Double Unders

25 Pull-ups

50 Double Unders

50 Deadlifts 95/65

With remaining time you will complete an AMRAP of Burpee’s to stand

This is meant to be fast and furious.  If you do not complete WOD and get to burpee’s add total reps completed for score on board.  If you get to burpee’s post total number of burpee’s on board for your score.  DO not complete more then 3 minutes of burpee’s if you get to 3 min before 12 min is up you are a badass and are rewarded with stopping early.  WOD ends for everyone at 12 min.  Arms and legs must be locked for each S2o to count as a rep.

2401, 2015

Best of luck to our boys at Moxie tonight with the WOD one, a shit ton of cleans.  Best of luck to our masters competitors tomorrow.  Coach Gregg, Joe Motto, Omar, Troy M, and Royce S.  Can’t wait to see you guys get after it Sunday.  COme see coach Joe tomorrow who is covering for me as I go down to Santa Clara.  We got an Open WOD from 2011, this thing seems to go on forever, pace yourself in the first 5 minutes.


20 Min AMRAP

5 Cleans 145/100

10 Toes 2 Bar

15 Wallballs 20/14

2301, 2015

Best of luck to our ten competitors going to Moxie Pairs tomorrow.  Tyler F, Magoo, Forrest, Marcus M, Jerre, Kyle H, Ej N, Matt K, Joe Med, and Coach Danny!  I am looking forward to seeing you guys get after it Saturday.  Finishing the workweek with tough little number.  If you push it on this WOD it will floor you, literally.  See you tomorrow

15 Min to build to a max complex

Push Press+Jerk+Jerk

“Stairway to Heaven”

7 Min Ladder

3 Back Squat 135/95

3 Bar Facing Burpee’s






2201, 2015

SOme serious testosterone flowing in that box after hours tonight.  A majority of the competitors were in there testing there comp WOD’s out.  These guys are going to be a lot of fun to watch this weekend please do yourself a favor and get down to see one or both of the Comps.  There will be an Open box Sunday it is not cancelled.  Great effort on that WOD today that sucker has a tough one.  Push the Runs!  See you guys tomorrow.

12 Min EMOM

1st-5 strict Handstand Push Ups (scale to kip or 20 sec handstand hold)

2nd-6 weighted Pistols (scale to Pistol)

“Hide N’ Seek”

12 Min AMRAP

Run to Street—->River

6 Strict Pull-ups (Scale to kip, band)

8 Front Rack Barbell Step Ups 20′ 115/75

10 Kettle Swings 53/35

2101, 2015

I couldn’t be more stoked about how many athletes are representing our box this weekend in competitions.  We have 10 athletes that will be getting after it Friday and Saturday at the Moxie Madness Pairs Comp in Santa Clara.  Friday there will be one WOD and Saturday there will be 3.  Try to make it down there Sat.  The address of the Santa Clara Convention Center is 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054.  I believe these WOD’s Saturday start around 10:30 and go to 5.  Marcus M and Forrest, Tyler F and Magoo, Kyle H and Jerre H, EJ Nave and Matt K, and Coach Danny and Joe Med will be competing.  I will be heading down early and spending the night, Coach Joe will be coving the 8:30am Sat WOD.  We have 5 more athletes competing Sat and Sun at the NorCal Masters Comp in Richmond.  Coach Gregg, Royce S, Omar R, Troy M, and Joe Motto will be throwing down in Richmond at the Craneway Pavilion.  The address is 1414 Harbour Way South.  I will be coming back Sunday morning from Santa Clara strait to Richmond to support those guys.  The NorCal Masters comp is great comp in a beautiful setting on the water in Richmond.  Throw on that 38 North shirt and make your way down to cheer these guys on.  Like I mentioned Coach Joe will covering the 8:30am Sat.  The Competitors WOD and Sunday open box will be cancelled this weekend with myself and the coaches going to Richmond to support.  We are kicking off the Comp season right this weekend.  By the way shout out to Leah B who got her first kipping pull and Vanessa S who RX’d her first WOD post baby.  Congrats ladies!

Front Squat

3 Min to warm up squat

7 Min and 3 attempt to find 3 rep max

7 Min to complete 3 sets at 92% of 3RM from above

“Cruel Intensions”

3 Rounds

1 Min Max Effort Thrusters 95/65

30 Sec rest

1 Min ME Double Unders

30 Sec Rest

1 Min ME Row/AD for Cals

30 Sec rest

1 Min ME Overhead Walking Lunges

30 Sec Rest

Post total of Cals, Thrusters, OHWL together then DU total for each round your score should read