Workout of the Day

2811, 2014

Great to see so many faces at the Thanksgiving WOD this morning, I hope you all had a great day of food, drink, and family.  We have a 9:30am WOD tomorrow and a 4:30pm open Box so come work off what you ingested today.   Here is the crew before they got after it today.










3:00 Min to Run a 400m then ME Hollow Rocks

1 min Rest

3:00 min to run 400 then ME sit ups

“The Trifecta”

teams of 3

12 Min AMRAP

Rotating triangle of movements

Power Snatch 95/65

Games Push Ups

Jumping Air Squats

Rotate from right to left when ever the athlete doing snatch wants.  keep track of all movement counts.  Add all three movements for team total

2711, 2014

Hope you can walk down those stairs properly after all those squats today.  Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you at the 9:30am WOD tomorrow.  Come get after so tomorrow nights festivities bring you zero guilt.  Happy Thanksgiving!


“The Turkey Trot”

25 Min AMRAP

Teams of 4

2 partners run a 400M run

2 Partners complete

20 Shoulder 2 Overhead 115/75

20 Partner Wallballs (ball thrown off the wall to other partner)

20 Box Jumps (partners rotate each rep)

If bar hits ground before 20 reps are completed 5 burpee penalty

If Wallball hits ground before 20 reps are complete 5 burpee penalty

Once partners get back from run other 2 go out for their run.  Each set of partners will complete their own AMRAP’s picking up where they left off each time.  All 4 members will add together rounds at the end for a total

2611, 2014

Huge shout out to Amy S for hitting her first WOD Rx tonight.  There were some insane overhead squat numbers throughout the day and even more impressive WOD numbers.  Got to give it up for the power couple of Nat and Jennifer P both getting 9+ respectively RX, legit.  As a reminder we are having a WOD on Thanksgiving at 9:30  and two on Friday.  One at 9:30am and a open box at 4:30pm.

Halting Snatch Deadlift (hold for 2 sec’s at mid to low thigh)+Snatch Hi Pull+Power Snatch x 6 pause on ground for 1 sec from deadlift to hi pull, drop hi pull

“Squat N’ Pull”

20 Back Squat 185/135

25 Pull ups

15 Back Squat

20 Pull-ups

10 Back Squats

15 Pull-ups

2511, 2014

The rowing in here has come leaps and bounds in the last month.  Some seriously powerful pulls all night.  Great looking deadlifts, and all out effort on the thruster toes to bar WOD.  Remember we have one WOD on Thurs at 9:30am, and two on Fri 9:30am and 4:30 open box.  The holiday/anniversary party is set for Sat Dec 27th.  Location will be finalized in the next couple weeks.  We will be having another white elephant party.  Winners of White Elephant the first two years were as follows.  First year, a live cock given by the Modica’s.  Year two actual breast milk given by Shannon B.  Who is going to take home the honors this year?    See you tomorrow.

20 Min to find a 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

“The Controlled Burn”

12 Min AMRAP

10 Burpee’s

25 Double Unders


2411, 2014

B Day shout out to Jaime G and Andrew G.  I remember the first day Glenn talked his wife to come into 38 North.  Jaime could not go below parallel on her squats and used the 15# bar on most lifts for the first 2 weeks.  Those days are long over.  Jaime has come so far in her lifts and with her motor.  During our strengths that bar is loaded up, and her technique is on point.  Jaime is a very aware athlete that always asks questions to improve.  It has been great having this young lady in our community and I can’t wait to see where she takes it this year.  Happy B Day Jaime.  Andrew G came to us about a month ago and has taking to the sport quickly.  Andrew is a very strong guy but the thing I love about him as an athlete is you only have to say something to him once.  This guy works hard and there is no doubt Andrew will be be competing in his future.  Happy B Day Andrew.  Packed house for open box again.  These open box’s have turned into amazing hours.  We average 15-20 athletes and every one of them is coming down to work on a weakness.  It is a driven motivated crew.  As a coach these have become two of my favorite hours to coach.  I get a lot of one on one time with every athlete in there.  Congrats to Anna C and Gabbie both ladies got a good grasp of the butterfly pull-up today.  Also big props to Joe Motto who hit his first ring muscle up!  Pick a deadlift weight you are comfortable with.  If your low back is extremely sore after you deadlift every time you are going to heavy and compromising form and health.  Go light, build strength, and try to stay perfect with each rep.  We have been completing this lift once a week the last month and will continue another two weeks until we have a one rep max attempt.  Pick a partner with the same strength and switch back and forth for the EMOM with them.  Do not put the bar down for 20 sec with the thrusters.  If you have to rest, rest on your front rack.  These are all out 20 sec max efforts keep the intensity up though all 8 rounds!!!!

14 Min EMOM

1st-30 sec Row/AD for Cals

2nd-2 tough Deadlifts (pause rep for 2 sec on floor)

6 Min Rest

“Drawn and Quartered”

8 Rounds

20 Sec ME Thruster 115/75

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Toes 2 Bar

Post Deadlift Weight on Board.  Post total reps from WOD on board

2211, 2014

38 North will have an adjusted schedule for the holiday week.  We will be open for a 9:30am Thanksgiving WOD.  Friday will be an adjusted schedule.  We will be open for a 9:30am and we will be open for our 4:30pm open box.  So Thurs 9:30am only.  Fri 9:30am, and 4:30am.  Another great open box, Kyle H and Jerre H putting in work.  Great WOD today for a lot of people.  Got to shout out Forrest G and Andrew I putting up big numbers this AM.  Also strong squatting by Michele L.  See you guys tomorrow

“The Four Leaf Clover”

Teams of 4

4000M row per team

while one athlete rows other three athletes will complete this AMRAP

Kettle Swings 53/35

Overhead Walking Lunges 45/25

10 Burpee to stand

As the first athlete does their 10 burpee’s the other two will complete Kettle and OHWL.  When the ten burpee’s are done the next athlete will start their burpee’s.  When all 3 athlete’s have finished their burpee’s one round is complete.  Each athlete is responsible for 1000 Meters of rowing which has a 5 min time cap, you pick the order.   Post time of WOD and rounds completed.