Workout of the Day

1505, 2017

B day shout out to Scott P tonight.  Scotty was with us pretty much in the beginning at 38 North.  Scott came to us about 6 months after we opening and CrossFit was a natural fit for him.  Scott was a college soccer player and many of the functional movements we coach easily translated for him.  Scott left us for the city to live a young mans dream and live he did.  Three and a half years later Scott is back in Petaluma and back in out community.  This guy has a motor, Scott has only one gear and that is high.  It has been great having Scott back in this community and I look forward to a full year with him to see where he can take this sport.  Happy B Day Scott!  Pick a PC weight you can consistently pick up.  It should be challenging but not so tough that you are staring at the bar.  See you guys tomorrow

A) Active Warm Up

Run 400m then

3 Rounds (5 min cap)

20 Sec Supinated Bar Hang

5 Yoga Push Ups

20 Sec Wallfacing Hold

6 T Push Ups

B) Every 2:30 x 5 Sets complete 5 Close Grip Bench Press

C) “The Impala”

2 Rounds

4 min to Run 400m then Max Effort Power Clean 185/135

1 Min Rest

4 Min to Run 400m then Max Effort Handstand Push Up’s

1 Min Rest

Post highest Bench Press then 4 scores Separate

1405, 2017

Happy Mothers Day to all you 38 North Mom’s out there!  I have always appreciated the sacrifice that every mother makes throughout her lifetime, but I have a new found appreciation watching my wife over these last 9 months of pregnancy.  I complain when my back is sore from a deadlift WOD, but to carry an extra 30 pounds around is something that is impossible for me to imagine.  None of your clothes fit, nothing tastes if you can even hold the food down, it is almost impossible to be comfortable when you sleep at night, and all this is just the beginning of being a mom!  Thanks to all you  ladies for the sacrifice and commitment you make from day one it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  See you guys tomorrow!

A) 2 Rounds running clock

30 Sec Hollow Rocks

30 Sec Sit-ups

30 Plank

B) Active Warm-up

1 Min Jog around Rig


5 Barbell Good Mornings 45/33

20 Sec Goblet Squat 35/18 (2 sec pause on bottom)

5 Inch Worms

20 Sec Air Squats

1 Min Jog

C) Back Squat Every 3:30

1×8 @ 65%

1×8 @ 70%

1×6 @ 80%

1×6 @ 85%

D) “Jackie”

1000m Row

50 Barbell Thrusters 45/33

30 Pull-ups

E) 3 Min Cool Down Assault @50%

1205, 2017

Those assault sprints are always so much fun to coach.  Some big efforts all day.  We will not be having open box this Sunday in honor of Mothers Day, so go out and see your mom!  A big shout out to Lain Crabb who is hitting the Santa Rosa Iron Man tomorrow!

“Cement Shoes”

Teams of 2

1000 Meter Row (split)

40 Toes 2 Bar

800 Meter Run (together)

30 Squat Clean Thrusters 135/95

500 Meter Row

40 Burpee Box Over’s 24/20

400 Meter Run

1105, 2017

It is great to see that 6:30am growing each week.  if you have not tried out that time slot make sure to get in there Tues/Thurs!  Squats were looking good in the 5pm, make sure to control that squat past parallel.  If you just shoot to the bottom and rebound up you are doing yourself a disservice.  Strength is built by controlling that last quarter squat from parallel to bottom position then back up.  This keeps you on your heals and tight.  See you guys tomorrow!

A) Active Warm-up at 50%

1 Min run around rig


10 Barbell Thrusters

2 Wallwalks

1 Min Run Around Rig


10 Medball cleans

10 Sit-ups

B) Every 2 min x 8 sets (4 each leg)

10 Barbell Tempo Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts 3 sec to bottom position (try not to let opposite foot touch ground.  Stay lighter and be perfect

C) 10 Min kipping HSPU technique

for those with HSPU

10 Min EMOM

2 Strict Deficit HSPU

D) Every 3 Min x 5 Sets

25 Sec all out Assault Sprint for Cal’s

Post heaviest UB deadlift/deepest strict HSPU/lowest cal round

1005, 2017

A big shout out to Amy S who hit her first Pull-up last night!  I saw some great burpee numbers up on that board halfway through the day.  Katie H getting mid 30’s in every round this morning, legit.  Got some squats coming your way tomorrow.

A) Active Warm-up

400 Meter Run into


6 One arm Kettle Bell Front (right)

20 sec inch worm

6 One Arm Kettle Squat (left)

20 Sec alternating walking knee to chest

B) Every 3:30 Complete these Percentage Front Squat Sets

1×10 @ 60%

1×8 @ 65%

1×6 @ 70%

1×6 @ 75%

1×6 @ 80%

C) “The 5 O’ Clock Shadow”

7 Min Ladder

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ect

Shoulder to Overhead 165/113

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

D) 4 min Active cool down assault/row

905, 2017

Great to those mornings continue to be so strong in numbers.  Pick a kettle weight that you can hit unbroken every set!  There will be a 1:1 work rest ratio tomorrow so come out of the rest period firing!  These are all absolute sprints your score will be the number of burpee’s you get each round.  Have fun with this one.

A) Active Warm Up

2 Min Row/Assault  then


20 Sec Walk walk into Wall Facing Handstand Hold

10 Goblet Squats

20 Sec Supinated(palms facing you) dead hang

10 Light Overhead Walking lunges 25/10

B) Every 1:30 x 8 Sets

Halting Snatch Deadlift+Hanging Snatch Hi-pull+Hang full Snatch (do not drop bar within each complex

C) “Rest & Repeat”

4 Rounds

3 Min to complete

21 Kettle Swings

15 Dumbell Lunges 45/30 (grab the 50/35 if they are open) DB’s hanging by hip

AMRAP Burpee’s to Stand

3 Min Rest

each round is 3 min you will complete as many burpee’s as possible after the 21/15 is completed before the 3 min is up.  Your score is how many burpee’s you get each round.