2106, 2020

Mon, June 22nd

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We are back! I felt the same excitement and nervousness as I did almost nine years ago opening this place up. Can’t wait to get you guys back. I will be restarting memberships tomorrow with a proration for this month. Please, please abide by the state regulations that we are setting in place. I do not want to close these doors again and a lot of that is dependent on us doing our part as a business to follow the guideline. I know everyone has different beliefs when it comes to this virus but we will uniformly follow these rules. Sign up prior so the 12 athlete cap is not passed. Wait until 3 min before your class starts to enter with a mask on. Coach will use our touchless thermometer to check you in. If you have a temp of over 100.3 you will have to go home. Once in keep your mask on as you situate your equipment in your box. You will set up for the strength and WOD in the beginning of class. Once in box it is up to the athlete to wear or mask or not. If you leave the box please put mask when getting more weight and keep spacing. Warm up is in your space, strength or fitness is in your space, and wod is in your space. After WOD coach will come by to spot mop your space while you clean your equipment used. If you are at night class you have about 8 min to clean and exit building on G Street side. It is going to take about a week to get down but it will not seem to stringent after a couple weeks. I can’t wait to hear those barbell’s drop! Open box will be let in at 3:42 all at once as well and checked for temp. Coaches may be in their working out but we have to have everyone else come in at once. Time to get that strength back! Go 80% on this one, I don’t need ten injuries tomorrow. Noting to prove let’s just get that fitness back. Stoked to see you all tomorrow.

A) 3 Rounds Running Clock

30 Sec Burpee’s

30 Sec Broad Jumps Across box wall to rig

30 Sec Sit-ups

30 Sec Air Squats

B) Every 2 min x 6 sets

3 Position Hand Clean (Below Hip+Mid Thigh+Below Knee (Sorry 5::15 this was supposed top be on there)



Approximately 6-8 minutes
3 rounds
10 Dumbell RDL high pulls
10 Goblet squats
10 ea plank shoulder taps (keep hips from swiveling)
Rest as needed approx. 45 sec-1 min

2 rounds
30 sec Hollow rock (regress you single leg hollow rock or knees bent)
30 sec Russian swings
30 sec rest

C) “The Phoniex”


3 Power Clean 135/95 (Fitness use Dumbells)

6 Reverse Dumbell Lunge

9 Lateral Barbell Burpees

2 Min Rest

2 Min Max Effort Wallball

2 Min Rest


3 Power Clean 135/95

6 Reverse Dumbell Lunge

9 Lateral Barbell Burpees

1906, 2020

Sat, June 20th

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We are on for Monday! Can’t wait to see you guy. Sign up for that mobile App I emailed, and blogged on last night. 12 athletes per class got to sing in to come in. Here are links to App download and instructions. Can’t wait t get as barbell back in your hands. Would “Death by Barbel” be insensitive to program for Monday?

A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) 9 Min EMOM

1st-15-20 sec Hollow Rocks

2nd-30 Sec Sit Up

3rd-45 Sec Plank

C) “The Bodhi Tree”

1 Mile Run

10 Handstand Push Ups

25 Medball Cleans

50 Burpee’s

25 Medball Cleans


1 Mile Run

1806, 2020

Friday, June 19th

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Sounds like we will be able to open guys! Don’t know specifics yet but we are planning to open on Monday with our normal schedule. Class times at night will be slightly adjusted for transfer of classes. We will be capping classes at 12 and you have to sign up online before you go to class! No exceptions here, if we are full and you just show up you will not be able to come in. Here is link fo Mind and Body App.


Here are instructions how to use app to schedule classes


If it isn’t working we don’t have your correct email so you will have to email me at mikewardre@gmail.com with the correct email. I emailed this today to the emails I had so if you didn’t get it I might not have the right E-Mail.

We have boxed off 10×10 squares so you will have 100 sq ft to yourself. When everyone is in their own box you are 12 feet away from the athlete in front and behind you and 22 ft from the athletes across the gym. Each box will have a spray bottle and towel to clean. Coaches will wear masks, it it is up to the athlete whether they want to or not I believe but I will clarify. We will have 15 min splits between night classes to let class clean(10 min) and go out. New class can come in 2 min before their class starts. Athletes temps will be taken by a touchless thermo gun. Coaches will wipe down bathroom door handles, flush lever on toilet, and sink handle after every class. Zero cross contamination, a lot of space, a flow coming in to gym from parking lot and exiting G Street roll up. I hate to say this but our style of working out was made for these restrictions. This is all stuff we naturally do. This is our actual average class size. A good cleaning of your stuff takes 3 Min max. The only difference is no lingering after but feel free to go out to the river and sit on the benches and bullshit for as long as you want. I will post pictures of howe it is set up on Instagram tomorrow. We are coming back!! I couldn’t be more excited to see everyone! I will re start everyones account on Monday so it will prorate the first month then normal charge will be pulled on the 1st. WE ARE BACK!

A) 6 Min WARM Up

B) “The Fox in the Henhouse”

2 Rounds


25 Double Under’s

10 Alt DB Power Snatch

2 Min Rest


400m Run

AMRAP DB Reverse Lunge

2 Min Rest


3 DB Front Squats

6 Hollow Rocks (Forward and Back is one)

9 Kettle Swings (Keep chest up)

2 Min Rest

1706, 2020

Thurs, June 18th

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I couldn’t be more excited to announce that upon reopening Coach @janellearnold12 will be part of the ownership team at 38 North!  Janelle has been an athlete in our community for 4 years, a coach for 2 years, and our Box Manager for a year.  Janelle brings an unbelievable resume with her.  College athlete, a BS in exercise science from Sonoma State, 10 years experience as a Personal trainer, NASM certified, functional movement Screen certified, extensive Olympic weightlifting background, Strong First Kettlebell certified, Precision Nutrition Certified, and CrossFit Level One Certified.  Janelle is the real deal and has been an irreplaceable part of this community for years.  Our programming and community will stay exactly as it is but Janelle will be taking over the Fitness portion of the Programming for the WOD each day so expect that to become much more detailed .  I can’t say enough about this young lady and I’m honored to have her as an owner!  I can’t wait to have an another experienced fitness brain to bounce ideas off of.

A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) 10 Min EMOM

1st-6 Tempo Single Arm Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (Left) 4 sec

2nd-6 Tempo Single Arm Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (Right) 4 sec

C) “The Club Sandwich”

800m Run then

10 Rounds

10 Push Up

10 Air Squats


800m Run

1606, 2020

Wed, June 17th

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My fingers are still tired from last nights blog so this one is short and sweet. Prepare yourself for tabata.

A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) 10 Min EMOM

1st-15 Sec Handstand Push Up

2nd-20 Sec Alt pistols

C) “Dr. Tabata”

8 Rounds

20 Sec Alt Single Arm Overhead DB Walking Lunge (switch arms each round)

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Sit-ups

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Medball Cleans

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Double Under’s

10 Sec Rest

1506, 2020

Tuesday, June 16th

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Many of you already know that CrossFit is currently in a tailspin because of the irreprehensible behavior of its founder Greg Glassman. Starting with a racially insensitive tweet and ending with a bombshell of a podcast by Andy Stumpf, we now can officially confirm what we have known for years, Glassman isn’t a decent human being.  Glassman’s ego outgrew our community years ago which is why he has sat in the shadow of CrossFit in all of our lives ever since.  I have taken the last week to think about what direction I want to lead this community towards going forward.  A lesson I learned as a young adult is to never make a decision based on emotion.  This was taught to me during my sophomore year of college during the most challenging class of my college career.  From day one I had a huge personality conflict with a cocky and unlikable TA that was assigned to me for the quarter. One particular day, when I felt I had been slighted on a grade for a paper that took a week to write(and I had proofread by an actual author..still mad), I had enough.  I jumped out of my seat when we were excused from class to charge down to where this TA was sitting but a friend who sat next to me that quarter grabbed my arm and simply said “sleep on it.”  I not only slept on it that night, but for the next ten nights.  After much deliberation on the eleventh day I decided to completely switch my approach and instead of trying to berate the TA, I went to the TA’s office hours to ask for guidance and form a stronger personal relationship.  The simple suggestion from a level headed friend of “sleep on it” stopped me from possibly tackling this TA in an aisle and flunking the class, to receiving an A for the quarter.  I look back on this A as my proudest achievement at UCSD.  From this point on I have carried this life lesson of “sleep on it” with me at all times.  I can’t tell you how many emails and texts I have written out the night before and didn’t send, slept on, then erased the next day.  This habit of not reacting when emotion is coursing through my veins has literally changed the direction of my life.  I am going to take this same approach with the actions of Greg Glassman as it relates to CrossFit and our community.  I would like to sleep on it for a while and give this organization time to right the ship.  CrossFit has given this community an amazing 9 years.  I have seen more healthy lifestyle changes, friendships, marriages, and now kids come from this community then I can count.  I have seen our community completely embrace every gender, sexual orientation, and race that has ever walked through its doors.  Ladies and Gentlemen Greg Glassman is not CrossFit, WE are CrossFit.  That being said I am not sweeping this issue under the rug.  What I have told my affiliate rep I will now pass along to you, if we don’t see REAL change in CrossFit, 38 North is walking away.  If I have not seen a strong effort towards change within CrossFit’s leadership we will move on from the brand.  If the company simply passes on to Dave Castro as CEO and the same bullshit continues, we will move on from the brand.  If the CrossFit brand doesn’t represent what our community at 38 North represents to me and represents to the surrounding community of Petaluma we will move on from the brand.  I will practice something I am terrible at in life, patience.  I am not going to let one rogue asshole instantly diminish all the good that CrossFit has done within ALL of our lives.  My only wish is that you all can stand by me patiently as well, because without all of you in this community standing by my side I will feel a loss much larger than walking away from a company’s unwanted owner.  

A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) “Running DT”

5 Rounds

400m Run

12 Dumbell Deadlift

9 Hang Power Clean

6 Push Jerk

1406, 2020

Monday, June 15th

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Fingers crossed those doors will be opening soon! Details to follow tomorrow but it is sounding like we will be back soon!

A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) 10 Min Turkish Get Up technique or

10 min EMOM

1st-1 TGU (Right)

2nd-1 TGU (Left)

C) “The Sword in the Stone”

4 Rounds

3 Dumbell Thrusters

6 Burpee’s

9 Box Jumps/Step Ups (Rotate this movement each round) Round 1-BJ Round 2-SU Round 3 BJ Round 4 SU

1 Min Rest

1106, 2020

Friday, June 12th

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A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) “The Circus”

800m Run

20 Alt DB Lunge

15 Handstand Push Up

10 Devils Press

800m Run

10 Devils Press

15 Handstand Push Ups

20 Alt Dumbell Lunge

800m Run

1006, 2020

Thurs, June 11th

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A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) “The Air Head”

5 Rounds

1 Min Burpee’s

1 Min Air Squats

1 Min Alt Dumbell Snatch

1 Min Rest

906, 2020

Wed, June 10th

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A) 6 Min Warm Up

B) “It Takes 2”

2 Rounds

2 Min to Run a 200 then AMRAP Sit-ups

2 Min Rest

2 Min to Run 200 then AMRAP Wallballs or KB Thrusters

2 Min Rest

2 Min to Run 200 then ARMAP Dumbell Power Clean

2 min Rest