Workout of the Day

805, 2017

Bogging from the road, I hope you guys all had a great Monday and started the week off on the right foot!

A)Coaches Choice Active Warm Up

B)12 Min Review Kipping Pull-up’s

for those with Pull’s

12 Min EMOM

1st-3 Strict Weighted Chest to Bar Pull-ups(scale to weighted ring row)

2nd-35 Sec Handstand Hold

C)  “The Century Club”

20 Min AMRAP

25 Cal Row or 20/14 Cal Assault

25 Sit-ups

25 Air Squats

25 Push-Press 75/55 (try to not drop for at least a set if not 2)

2-3 Min Cool Down with mobility of choice

705, 2017

Greta energy at open box today with a bunch of athletes coming in to make up work from the week.  We are continuing on the squat cycle this week.  Make sure to keep basing all percentage off the original number we tested, don’t adjust if you are feeling good a certain day.  See you tomorrow

Active Warm Up

2 Min Assault/row into


20 Sec Goblet Squat hold

5 Barbell Good Mornings

20 Sec Walking Lunges

5 (each Leg) box single-leg lateral box step up

B) Every 3:30 Complete these Percentage Back Squat Sets

1×10 @ 60%

1×8 @ 65%

1×6 @ 70%

1×6 @ 75%

1×6 @ 80%

C) “Case of the Monday’s”

14 Min AMRAP

15 Box Jump Overs 24/20

12 Games Style push-ups

9 Power Clean 155/103

4 min Cool Down Assault/row @ 50%

505, 2017

Oh man, that WOD was a grinder.  A special shout out to every athlete who came in and went head on head with that beast today.  A big time mental WOD and a lot of big time performances on it.  See you guys tomorrow!


5 Rounds

400 Meter Run

15 Kettle Swings

10 Overhead Squats 95/65

5 Strict Pull-ups (scale to kip or RR)

405, 2017

Friday came quick this week.  Got some dumbell’s coming your way tomorrow.  I am setting the Rx at 45/30 but is there are 50/35 open, grab them and use them.  See you guys tomorrow

A) 2 Min Assault or Row at 75%


4 Min Active Warm-up

20 sec Handstand Hold or Handstand walk practice

10 Passthroughs in bottom of overhead squat

20 Sec Overhead walking Lunge 25/10

4 Inch Worms

warm up Push Press

B) Every 2 Min x 6 Sets

2 Push Press (2 sec pause between reps on front rack) no rebend!

C) “Dumbell’d”

for time

1000 Meter Row

directly into


Dumbell Box Step-ups to 20′ 45/30

Dumbell Power Clean 45/30

Dumbell Push Press 45/30

++++After set of 21, 15, and 9 complete 50 Double Unders so 3 sets of 50 DU

Post Push Press Weight and time

305, 2017

Wed early morning was cranking again!  Long one and it was a hot one as well in the afternoon WOD’s.  Don’t forget to spread the word bout our community.  If you have a friend that you think would benefit from this type of fitness please bring them in.  Just shoot me a message and let me know what day and time works to get them in here.  Front squats coming at you tomorrow. Pick a Snatch weight you can go unbroken with for at least 15 Reps.

A) Active Warm-up in partners of 2

Run 400


4 Min AMRAP at 50%

10 Box Step Ups (alt Legs

5 Goblet Squats with a 2 sec pause in bottom position

5 Barbell Good Mornings

B) Front Squat every 3:30

1×10 @ 60%

1×8 @ 70%

1×6 @ 75%

1×4 @ 80%

C) “The Smoked Brisket”

8 Min Ladder

3 Hang Power Snatch 75/55

3 Lateral Barbell Burpee’s


6 Burpees




4-5 Min Assault/Row cool down at 50%

205, 2017

Belated B Day shout out tonight for Karen G!  This strong, independent young lady came to us about 5 months ago and immediately became a fixture in the morning time slot.  The amazing thing about Karen’s arrival is that the first week she was here she came to the 38 North X Mas party, and even that could’t scare her away.  Karen has a masters in Marin Biology and works as a coastal planning consultant.  Karen came to us with some CrossFit experience and it showed with how quickly she has picked up all of the movements we through at her.  Karen is always a pleasure to be around and puts a smile on your face with each conversation you have with her.  Thanks for sticking with us and becoming a part of this community Karen!  This is the year of the HSPU in here guys, keep working on them.  Even if it is one at a time, I want this community to master this movement this year.  Got some rope climbs coming tomorrow so were some high socks or a guard.

Active Warm Up

Coaches Choice

A) 6 Min EMOM

1st-30 sec Kettlebell Waiters Carry Right

2nd-30 sec Left

B) 10 Min Rope Climb Technique

those with climbs complete

10 Min EMOM

1st-1-3 Climbs (no more then 30 sec work)

2nd-30 Sec Plank

C) “The Banana Slug”

20 Min EMOM

30 Sec Max Effort for each movement

1st- Row for Cal

2nd-Kettle Swings


4th-Wallballs 20/14

Post running total