2112, 2017

Friday, Dec 22nd

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I hope you guys had fin at the workshop tonight.  Some great snatch work today.  Newcomer Chelsea K moving quick under the bar.  Remember we will be closed for Christmas on Monday, still have an open box Sunday for X Mas Eve.  See you guys tomorrow.

A) 2 min Assault/row

rotate every :20 for 3 min

Barbell Good Morning

Lateral Box Step Up

Ring Rows

1 min Jog

B) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

1st-2 Tempo Deadlifts with 4 sec to bottom (don’t go over 65-75% of 1RM stay lighter and be perfect)

2nd-3 Weighted Tempo Strict Pull-up (4 sec)

C) “The Gangsta Party”

3 Rounds

Running Clock

1 Min Hang Power Clean 95/65

1 Min Wallballs 20/14

1 min Reverse Front Rack Lunge 95/65

1 MIn Assault for Cal

1 Min Rest

Post each round Separate

2012, 2017

Thurs, Dec 21st

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Don’t forget we have a Gymnastics workshop tomorrow night at 7pm with Ally D.  I believe muscle ups will be one of the focuses.  Get in there and get better at those movements!  Some good numbers up on that board from the early morning.  I saw Chad P with a 12+ accompanied by a great row and assault cal total.  See you tomorrow.

A) Coaches Choice

B) 6 Min EMOM

1st-30 sec single leg tempo Dumbell Romanian Deadlift (4 sec hold DB in opposite hand then the leg you are working) Right

2nd- 30 sec single leg tempo Dumbell Romanian Deadlift (4 sec hold DB in opposite hand then the leg you are working) Left

C) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Power Snatch+Hang Full Snatch

D) “The Iron Maiden”

9 Min Ladder


Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

Toes 2 Bar

******From min 3-4 & 6-7 stop movements above and complete Max Effort Front Squats 115/75.  Don’t drop that bar for a min!!!

SCORE is total reps of ladder and total Front Squats separately

1912, 2017

Wed, Dec 20th

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Fun wod to coach today.  Some really good technique work on the split jerk.  I hope that pause jerk clicked with the PM classes.  Go hard on the row and assault tomorrow!

A) 2 Min Assault/row

rotate every :20 sec for 3 min

Inch Worm


Wall facing Handstand Hold

Supinated Bar Hang

B) 12 Min EMOM

1st-30 Sec Tempo Ring Dip (4 sec)

2nd- 30 sec “Core” Bear Crawl

3rd-30 Sec Toes Through Rings

C) “The Mind Eraser”



5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats (make them legit)

directly into

3 Min Row for Cal

directly into

3 min Assault for Cal

directly into



5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats (make them legit)

Post total cal between Row/Assault

and running total of Cindy Rounds.  Pick up second 6 min AMRAP where you left off first AMRAP

1812, 2017

Tuesday, Dec 19th

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B Day shout out to Mr. Magoo!  Magoo has been with us just about 5 years and he was a fixture from the day he joined up.  Pound for pound I will but this guys strength against anyone’s in the box.  This young slightly angry Greek was born to squat, he makes even the heaviest of weights look effortless.  Magoo is also one of the most explosive athletes I have seen with a barbell, he moves quick.  If there is  anything I can count on in life its that I will pay my taxes, and Magoo will be 25 minutes early to every class.  There is no doubt everything Magoo chooses to develop he does well.  I am stoked that Magoo has stuck with us these last 5 years and I am hoping for another 5 minimum out of him.  Happy B Day Magoo!  Sneaky WOD today.  The quote of the day came from Coach Billy when he turned to me after he finished his first round at 5 min and said, “its just one round right?”  Choose a weight for the power cleans that is heavy but you can consistently move.  See you guys tomorrow.

A) Coaches Choice

B) 12 Min to establish a challenging Pause Split Jerk (pause at bottom of dip for 2 full sec and pause when you receive bar for 2 full sec)

C) “The Lump of Coal”

3 Rounds


3 Power Clean 185/135

6 Lateral Barbell Burpee’s

9 Box Jump up and over 24/20

2 Min Rest

1712, 2017

Mon, Dec 18th

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The only changes to our schedule in the upcoming weeks will be that the box will be closed Monday Dec 25th (X-Mas day) and Monday Jan 1st.  There will be no classes on these days.  Open boxes will go on as scheduled both Sunday X Mas eve and Sun NYE. 

What a night.  I know we see each other on a daily/weekly basis, but many never get to meet one another because the come in at opposite times and days.  To see 70+ athletes show up Sat night and literally mold into one giant ball of energy, laughs, and a tiny bit of booze blew me away.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised by nights like Saturday after 6 years of our doors being open, but it still buts a smile on my face when I see our athletes who come from all walks of life, backgrounds, jobs, ect get under one roof and simply have fun.  I couldn’t have dreamt up a better night.  Thank you to Nick GP, Urban, Marco, Hannah, And Ally who put in a bunch of work to get the house at Marty Lane party ready.  Thank you to everyone who took the time from their busy lives to come out and celebrate another year of this community that we have all built together.  This community is a family to me and many who walk through out doors everyday and it is on nights like this that this is most apparent.  From Gary L shooting the boot to the most competitive flip cup game(or any game for that matter) I have ever seen and everything in between.  Thanks for making the 38 North X-Mas party one that I will remember(in bits and pieces) for a long time.  Did we literally have every uber driver in Petaluma on the smallest lane in Petaluma all heading to the buckhorn at the same time?  See you guys tomorrow.

A) 2 Min Row/Assault

rotate every :20 sec for 3 min

Barbell Thruster

Goblet Squat Hold

Overhead Walking Lunge

1 Min Jog

B) Every 2 min x 7 Sets

2 reps 1 & 1/4 Front Squats

C) “The Reality Check”

13 Min AMRAP

30 Power Snatch 75/55 (don’t drop bar with tens on it please)

30 Double Unders

30 Thrusters 75/55 (don’t drop bar with tens on it please)

30 Double Unders

30 Sit-ups

30 Double Unders

1512, 2017

Sat, Dec 16th

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Alright I won’t say anything about what is going down tomorrow.  I have written about it countless times over the last two weeks and I know you are all sick of hearing about the 38 North X Mas Bonanza that will be taking place tomorrow night at 7pm on Marty Lane in the quaint town of Petaluma Ca.  I know none of you want to know about the the plethora of booze and unique X-mas outfit’s that will be overtaking Marty lane tomorrow night.  So it will not be mentioned.  See you tomorrow to close out the week.

A) 38 Stretch & Warm

B) 9 Min EMOM

1st- 30 sec sit-ups

2nd-30 sec Hollow Hold

3rd-30 sec strict Knees to elbow

C) “The Trust Fall”

400m Run

30 Wallball’s 20/14

20 Deadlifts 185/135

10 Handstand Push-ups

400m Run

  10 Handstand Push-ups

20 Deadlifts 185/135

30 Wallballs 20/14

400m Run

1412, 2017

Fri, Dec 15th

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Parking update for the X-Mas party.  Talked to Nick today and he said there is some extra parking in yard for 4-wheel cars, 6-8 spots at house, then extra parking can be on Eastman which is the cross street to Marty Lane and a couple minute walk up to the house.  Gary donated some CornHole boards for the night and Brian L has an outdoor heater.  Happy B Day to Peter H!  Peter has been a fixture in our community from the day he walked though our doors.  Peter is a student of whatever he chooses to do.  Whether it is CrossFit, music, his career, or being a family man this guy does everything he puts his heart to well.  Pete always makes you double take on his strength numbers as well.  This guy has some serious natural strength.  It has been great having Peter a part of this community and i look forward to another great year with him in here.

A) 2 Min Row then 2 Min Assault

2 Min Rotating :20 sec

Bear Crawl

Handstand Hold

light kettle swing

1 min jog

B) 10 Min EMOM

Push Press+ Push Press+ Split Jerl

C) “The Manwich”

50 Kettle Swings

30/21 Assault Cal

15 Dumbell ManMaker’s 45/30

30/25 Row Cal

50 Kettle Swings

1312, 2017

Thurs, Dec 14th

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Did you hear?  In case you didn’t the  38 North X-Mas bonanza is this Sat at 7pm.  Hosted by the crew at 407 Marty Lane.  A few requests for the crew at Marty lane.  Can anyone drop off cornhole boards at the box we could use that night?  Also does anyone have any outdoor heaters we can borrow?  Finally there is parking but not an abundance if you could uber or carpool over it will help the parking situation.  SHout out to Zack and Brian L teaming up to crush that row today at 300 Cals.  An old 38 North athlete has began a kickstarter for his new board game which was designed to help Parents and the children communicate better.  Marcus Moore, who is a local Therapist, has the kickstarter up and running if anyone would like to check it out.

See you guys tomorrow

A) 2 Min Assault/row

3 min Rotate every :20 sec

Barbell Front Squats

Light Overhead Walking Lunges

Wallfacing Handstand Hold

1 min Jog

B) Every 2:30 min x 5 sets

4 Tempo Back Squats (4 sec to bottom position)

C) “The Suplex”


25 Double Unders

10 Alt Dumbell Lunges 45/30

3 Full Cleans 185/135

2 Min Rest


25 Double Unders

10 Alt Dumbell Lunges 45/30

5 Power Cleans 155/103

2 Min Rest


25 Double Unders

10 Alt Dumbell Lunges 45/30

7 Hang Clean 115/75

1212, 2017

Wed, Dec 13th

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If you have not heard we are having a X Mas party this Sat at 7pm.  It will be the most talked about event since Y2K.  I can’t believe Y2K was 18 years ago, I am getting old.  A couple requests.  First if you turn on those small heaters when you stretch please turn them off when you are done with stretching.  They are hard to tell when they are on and if coaches don;t turn them on they won’t turn them off.  Also please use 15’s with 15 pound bar if you are trying to use 55 pounds in a wod.  We are still having issues with 10’s breaking and they are not cheap.  15’s are good to drop.  I know you guys are sick of hearing this, I am sick of saying it, but it happened again today.   Quick one tonight, throwing a new type of WOD structure at you tomorrow.  Have fun, and jump high in that skill session!

A) 2 min Row/Assault

rotate every :20 sec for 3 min

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Air Squats

Lateral Box step up

B) 12 min to establish a Max Height Box Jump

C) “Fish N’ Chips”

20 Min EMOM

Teams of 2

1st- 35 Sec Row for Cal (P1)

2nd- 10-15 Dumbell Shoulder to Overhead 45/30 (P2)

3rd- 35 Sec Row for Cal

4th- 10-15 Wallballs 20/14

As P1 rows, P2 complete S2O then you switch with your partner for the next minute.  Same for Row/Wallballs in 3 and 4 min.  Each partner will row 10 times each by end and will have completed 5 rounds of Wallballs and 5 rounds of S2O.  Your score that will be posted is total row cals.  Do not work more then 35 sec on wallballs or S2O so pick the number between 10-15 that can be completed within this time.  Go all out on those rows.

1112, 2017

Tues, Dec 12th

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Did you know we are having a X-Mas party this week?  Confirmed, we are, its happening.  Don’t miss a good time!  Packed box all day.  Some serious energy and big classes all night.  Big shout out to Jimmy A looking great on that clean and Jerk at 195×3.  Some great work by new comers Chelsea K on the C & J as well.  A lot of 3+ WOD rounds all day and really consistent from first round to last.  GeT those bars in your hands right away for the OHS in the WOD.  Full snatch that first rep and move.  See you guys tomorrow.

A) Coaches Choice

B) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Snatch Pull+Floating Snatch Hi-Pull+Floating Power Snatch

C) “Shattered”

8 Rounds

20 Sec ME Overhead Squat 115/75

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec ME Pull-up’s (scale to ring row)

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Double Unders

10 Sec Rest

Score a combo of OHS And pull-ups also post how many times you broke on your DU.  So it will look like 120/7