Big ol 9:30am today! I hope you guys pushed those runs. Got a fiun rest then repeat tomorrow. Pull the hell out of those rows.

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min Ring Rows/light DB snatch/bear crawl then one min jog

B) Every 2:0-0 x 7 Sets

2 Hang Power Snatch

12 Min EMOM

1-20 sec Burpee’s

2- 25 Sec step up to 20″

3-30 Sec Assault

C) “The Lava Lamp”

3 Rounds

2 Min to Row 18/13 Cal

10 Shoulder to Overhead 75/55


Dumbell REverse Lunge 45/30

2 Min Rest

2 Min to Row 18/13 Cal

10 Thrusters 75/55


Toes 2 bar

2 Min Rest

Partner up with someone if there are more than 9 athletes and go as they rest. If you are not off rower by a min cut cal’s to 15/10. Move to that bar quick off the rower! This one is going to sneak up on you.