Sounds like we will be able to open guys! Don’t know specifics yet but we are planning to open on Monday with our normal schedule. Class times at night will be slightly adjusted for transfer of classes. We will be capping classes at 12 and you have to sign up online before you go to class! No exceptions here, if we are full and you just show up you will not be able to come in. Here is link fo Mind and Body App.

Here are instructions how to use app to schedule classes

If it isn’t working we don’t have your correct email so you will have to email me at with the correct email. I emailed this today to the emails I had so if you didn’t get it I might not have the right E-Mail.

We have boxed off 10×10 squares so you will have 100 sq ft to yourself. When everyone is in their own box you are 12 feet away from the athlete in front and behind you and 22 ft from the athletes across the gym. Each box will have a spray bottle and towel to clean. Coaches will wear masks, it it is up to the athlete whether they want to or not I believe but I will clarify. We will have 15 min splits between night classes to let class clean(10 min) and go out. New class can come in 2 min before their class starts. Athletes temps will be taken by a touchless thermo gun. Coaches will wipe down bathroom door handles, flush lever on toilet, and sink handle after every class. Zero cross contamination, a lot of space, a flow coming in to gym from parking lot and exiting G Street roll up. I hate to say this but our style of working out was made for these restrictions. This is all stuff we naturally do. This is our actual average class size. A good cleaning of your stuff takes 3 Min max. The only difference is no lingering after but feel free to go out to the river and sit on the benches and bullshit for as long as you want. I will post pictures of howe it is set up on Instagram tomorrow. We are coming back!! I couldn’t be more excited to see everyone! I will re start everyones account on Monday so it will prorate the first month then normal charge will be pulled on the 1st. WE ARE BACK!

A) 6 Min WARM Up

B) “The Fox in the Henhouse”

2 Rounds


25 Double Under’s

10 Alt DB Power Snatch

2 Min Rest


400m Run

AMRAP DB Reverse Lunge

2 Min Rest


3 DB Front Squats

6 Hollow Rocks (Forward and Back is one)

9 Kettle Swings (Keep chest up)

2 Min Rest