I posted this pic on social media but for those of you who don’t look at that type of stuff here it is. 


What a month of Pr’s.  Like I said on those posts, the bar don’t lie!  This means the bar will tell you whether you put in the work or not.  By the look of this pic it is evident that you all put in the work!  Keep it up guys.  A big B Day shout out to Natal M.  Natal was a founding member of 38 North almost 6 years ago and has been a fixture ever since.  This guy crushes those body weight movements, and his bar work has come a long way since walking through our doors.  This might be the nicest guy you are in proximity to all day so if you see him talk to him he often rubs off on you.  If anyone ever needs an remodel or building needs Modica Construction is the place to go which is found in the extra room at 38 North.  I am stoked to keep this guy walking through the doors each day/week/year and I know he will be around for years to come.  Happy B Day Natal!  We are bumping the original weight of 120/90 for Overhead squat to 135/95 Rx, have fun.

A) 2 Min Assault/row

3 min rotate every :20 sec

Barbell Thruster

Inch Worm

Light Kettle Swings

1 min Jog rotate butt kicker.high knees every 10 sec

B) 16 Min to Establish a heavy Squat Clean Thruster (no rebend of knees when going up must be locked out)

C) “11.4+”

10 Min AMRAP

60 Barfacing Burpee’s (must face bar and hop over with both feet at same time)

30 Overhead Squat 135/93

10 Ring Muscle Ups (scale to Bar MU, 20 Chest 2 bar/Kip/(25 ring Row)+ 20 Ring Dips