The Open is 10 days away, go sign up!  We will be holding an opportunity to hit the open WOD right after the announcement on Thursday nights at 6pm and Sat at 9:30.  Make ups if needed can be at Sunday open box.  There will be no Sat open box throughout the 5 weeks of the open.  Happy B Day Amy S!  This young lady has been with us for the long.  It has been awesome to have Amy year in and year out walk through those doors at the 7pm!  Amy is a renaissance woman.  Amy makes jewelry, travels the world, knows her music and movies and is committed to her fitness.  Amy has a running background but I don’t believe Amy had ever touched a barbell.  This changed quickly.  Amy has continued to vastly improve on her olympic movements.  Amy has competed in the CrossFit open, our in house throwdown’s, and many of our social events.  I love that this young lady continues to stick to this sport and our community.  Happy B Day Amy!     This is one of my favorite open WOD’s tomorrow.  We hit this about 4 months ago but with the open around the corner I wanted to get that blood flowing with 14.4 again!  We will stagger the rows in two heats.

A) 3 Min Row/Assault

Every :20 sec for 3 min

Lateral Box Step Up

Light Dumbell Bulgarian Split Squat

Ring Rows

1 Min Jog

B) Every 2 Min x 7 Sets

Full Clean+Hang Full Clean+Front Squat


12 Min EMOM

1st-30 Sec ME Medball Cleans

2nd-35 Sec Sit-ups

3rd-40 Sec Assault at 85%

C) “14.4”

14 Min AMRAP

60 Cal Row

50 Toes 2 Bar

40 Wallball’s 20/14

30 Power Clean 135/93 (sub Dumbell Cleans for Fitness)

20 Ring Muscle Ups (scale to 20 strict pull’s or ring rows and 20 ring dips) No bar MU or kip pulls)