B Day shout out to Zack S.  This guy has been a great add to our community.  Zack is a soft spoken guy but there is nothing soft spoken about the way he tackles a workout.  Zack is a strong young man, and he has a work ethic to match it.  I have seen a bunch of Zack’s lifts get a lot better over this last year, and his motor is matching in the same fashion.  Zack is always up to get involved with social events and cheer his fellow athletes on in any comp.  it has been great to have this guy a part of this community!  Happy B Day Zack!  We got one of my favorites coming at you tomorrow, have fun.  Make those PU legit! Partner up on strength and switch back and forth.

A) 3 Min Assault/Row

Every :20 sec for 3 min

Ring Rows

Handstand Hold

Inch Worm

1 Min Jog

B) 10 Min EMOM

1st-4 Touch N Go Push Press

(Fitness use kettlebell’s for PP)

2nd-30 sec bent over Tempo Dumbell row (4 sec)

C) “The Chief”

5 Rounds


3 Power Clean 135/95 (DB Power Clean)

6 Push-up

9 Air Squats

1 Min Rest

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