Alright guys we know what is coming at this week in the open so we are going to test the thruster tomorrow in a fatigued state. if there is one thing that the open tests, it is having to do thrusters when you have little to no energy. this is a simple WOD and structure but with truly test your thruster efficiency. Pick your breaks wisely the minute will move quickly when you get tired. Have fun! Partner up with someone using the same weight and start on opposing movements.

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min Russian Kettle Swings/Light DB Strict Press/Sit-ups then 1min jog

B) 2 Min AMRAP Double Unders

C) 12 Min EMOM

1st- 2 Power Clean And jerk (Drop each Rep) (Fitness 10 Single Arm Clean and Jerk DB (5/arm)

2nd-10 Sec Assault Sprint

C) “The Hammer”

10 Min EMOM

1st-Thrusters 95/65 (Fitness Kettlebell Thruster )

2nd-Row For Cal

Post Running Total