Anyone that knows me knows I am far from an alarmist. I seek the positive in an environment and try to magnify it. What I saw this weekend on social media was disheartening. Full beaches and park parking lots with what looked like a 3 day holiday weekend online. Although I love this country a tremendous amount sometime our citizens, you and me, can wear their ego’s on their sleeves. This thing is coming guys, like it or not, this virus is coming. It is not you that I am worried about, this community eats well, works out, and sleep good. The question is, do all of your friends and family follow the same pattern? We are the carriers, but it is those who surround us, our loved ones who could suffer most. I am not saying board yourself up by yourself for the next 2 weeks but if you hang with someone or workout with them give them space, don’t share equipment. If you hike or go to the beach give each other space. I am choosing not to partake in community events but thats my choice, you do you ,if you can do it effectively. We have an opportunity to flatten the curve. If you choose not to, and this does get bad I don’t know if you will soon forget it, at least it would stay with me. I am using this time, time I have never had since I was in high school, to deepen the bond with my two kids. I am using this time to truly slow down and soak in my environment, to be more present which sometimes I need. You guys know how much I work, I may never get this opportunity again with my kids, 3 weeks off at home. It isn’t easy either, the respect grows deeper for my wife every minute for taking on these longer days with the kids, shit is real. I also know not everyone is married and has kids and we all need company so just be aware when your with company. Lock it down 38 North, and learn about yourself or you family these next two weeks and do your part for Sonoma County. Stepping off soap box……

A) Choose your warm up

B) 12 Min

1st-20 sec Handstands Walk Work

2nd-20 Sec Alt Pistols

C) The Funnel Cake”

13 Min Ladder

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Kettlebell Snatch per Arm meaning on 3 you do 3 with right then 3 with left)

After each snatch round complete

8 Goblet Squats + 8 Alt Step Up (No load)

****@ 0/4/8 complete 50 Double Under’s