Happy B Day to Michael M and Marisa M!  Marissa has been with us about a year and this girl has been on the gainz train since her arrival.  Marissa in one year has doubled her snatch to 118# and that is just the start.  Squat, press, and motor gainz beyond belief.  I will also put this girls butterfly pull-ups next to anyone’s in the box.  It has been great to see this young lady come out of her shell this year.  Although I couldn’t talk her into the open this year, she has no choice next year!  Happy B Day Marisa.  Next up is Michael M.  Although I never get to coach this young man because he is a 5:15am regular, I have gotten to know Michael pretty well.  Mike is a great dude.  Always upbeat, always positive and committed to his health and acitve lifestyle.  It has been great to hear about Michael taking on Spartan races this year and great to see those numbers continue to post up on that board each morning.  I love having this guy in the community.  Happy B Day Michael!  Another amazing week of Open WOD’s.  Thanks to all who participated or came down to support.  Lets continue to make those Thursday nights and Sat mornings energetic.  Bring the family down on Thursday with a beer or Sat morning with a cup of coffee and hang for a while.  As you saw from the pictures on the crew page, some amazing lifts and efforts on that WOD.  That WOD snuck up on you in the 9/10 rounds and stole your legs away.  I think we have some skill movements coming this week for the open so we are going to start are week off with a WOD full of them.  Have fun guys.  The wallball—–> the HSPU will test your efficiency as the time increases in the WOD.  Please don’t drop weights to set up HSPU!

A) 3 Min Assault/Row

Every :20 for 3 min

Ring Rows

Lateral Box Step Up

Jumping Air Squats

B) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Power Snatch+Hang Full Snatch


13 Min EMOM

1st-40 Sec Row @ 85%

2nd-30 sec Double Unders

3rd-12 Alt Dumbell Snatch

C) “The Cheat Sheet”

13 Min AMRAP

16 Wallballs 20/14

8 Handstand Push Ups (games standards meaning absolute full extension with toes pointing down to get heal high and head coming though at top to get full shoulder extension) (scale to strict Dumbell Press)

4 Ring Muscle Ups (Scale to 4 Chest 2 bar or kip pulls and 4 rings Dips)