I hope all you 38 North Mothers enjoyed your time with your families today.  We have our ladies night coming back this Thursday at 7pm.  Remember ladies, if you bring someone down the class is free for you and your guest, it does not count against your punch cards.  We have a couple teams competing this Sat at Ross Valley CrossFit in Marin.  Coach Urban and Rosa are teaming up, and Coach Billy and Coach Leanne are pairing up.  Head down and check it out!  See you guys tomorrow.

A) 3 Min Row Assault

Every :20 sec for 3 Min

Barbell Good Mornings

Light Bulgarian Split Squat

Tempo Air Squat (4 Sec)

1 Min Jog

B) Every 3:30 x 3 sets

Build to a 8 Rep Back Squat (no more then a second rest at top move up and down with no rest)


C) Every 3:00 x 2 Sets

8 Reps at 90% of B


12 Min EMOM

1st-5 Tempo Bulgarian Split Squats at 4 sec (Right)

2nd-5 Tempo Bulgarian Split Squats at 4 sec (Left)

3rd-35 Sec Row at 85%

D) “The Rotten Tomato”

8 Min Ladder


Clean & Jerk 135/95 (Fitness use Dumbell’s)

Bar Facing Burpee’s (must jump and land off two feet)

Directly into

90 Sec Max Effort Double Unders

post WOD total and DU total separate