Happy Mothers Day to all you 38 North Mom’s out there!  I have always appreciated the sacrifice that every mother makes throughout her lifetime, but I have a new found appreciation watching my wife over these last 9 months of pregnancy.  I complain when my back is sore from a deadlift WOD, but to carry an extra 30 pounds around is something that is impossible for me to imagine.  None of your clothes fit, nothing tastes if you can even hold the food down, it is almost impossible to be comfortable when you sleep at night, and all this is just the beginning of being a mom!  Thanks to all you  ladies for the sacrifice and commitment you make from day one it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  See you guys tomorrow!

A) 2 Rounds running clock

30 Sec Hollow Rocks

30 Sec Sit-ups

30 Plank

B) Active Warm-up

1 Min Jog around Rig


5 Barbell Good Mornings 45/33

20 Sec Goblet Squat 35/18 (2 sec pause on bottom)

5 Inch Worms

20 Sec Air Squats

1 Min Jog

C) Back Squat Every 3:30

1×8 @ 65%

1×8 @ 70%

1×6 @ 80%

1×6 @ 85%

D) “Jackie”

1000m Row

50 Barbell Thrusters 45/33

30 Pull-ups

E) 3 Min Cool Down Assault @50%