Our Community

CrossFit 38 Degrees North is much more than a place to get in “shape”, it is a community formed around the idea of pushing one another far beyond thresholds we ever thought possible. Supported by knowledgeable and experienced coaches, motivated athletes, and a clean organized box each athlete at CrossFit 38 Degrees North has the optimal environment to achieve their fitness goals.

When you join the 38 Degrees North community we will include you in our private members 38 North crew page on Facebook.  On this page we communicate about workouts, schedule events, and share different member experiences. You will also have the opportunity to download the SugarWod app for free. By using SugarWod you will have access to logging your workouts each day on the 38 Degrees whiteboard. Your results and the results of other  38 North crew members will be ranked and displayed throughout the day.

38 Degrees North CrossFit Open 2014

We  share a strong belief that this community extends well beyond our box.  This is a place where life long friendships are formed.  With events such as our annual 38 North Throwdown, our Chili Cook-Off, and Cornhole tournament there it the opportunity to add a new social element into your life with like minded driven people.

Many of us who grew up being a part of a team/group/band/organization became accustom to the support and community that surrounds those things.  I can personally attest to the fact that as I entered into my 20′s, graduated from college, then went on to a career I was left with a void where this support system from my team oriented sports days had been.

38 Degrees North CrossFit Open

That was my idea behind CrossFit 38 Degrees North, to create and instill this support system back into the lives of all our adult athletes. To be supported on our bad days, and congratulated on our good days goes a long way in turning around your average day.

38 Degrees North CrossFit Open

Take a chance! Our first WOD is always free so that you can see first hand if this community is the right fit for you.

Amy and Jaimee
The Masters