Meet Our Coaches

Mike Ward CrossFit 38 Degrees North - Owner/Coach/Athlete-Level Two Certified

Mike Ward

Owner :: Coach :: Athlete :: Level Two Certified

Mike Ward comes to CF38ºN Level-1 certified with an experienced background coaching CrossFit. CrossFit has created a competitive and lifestyle awakening for Mike personally and he believes CrossFit will create the same changes for each athlete at CF38ºN. Mike brings a highly energetic style to coaching and wants each athlete to walk away from each WOD feeling stronger. As Mike personally jumped head first into the lifestyle of CrossFit he began to discover strength and energy that had not been around for years. Mike believes rediscovering a renewed energy and strength for past athletes or creating and breaking barriers for members with no athletic or strength backgrounds are the reasons why being a coach is the most satisfying job in the world. More…

Jordan Ward

Coach :: Athlete :: Level One Certified

Coach Jordan Ward

Jordan was first introduced to CrossFit by our very own, Mike Ward. After the initial nausea subsided, Jordan never looked back, and has pursued CrossFit with a passion ever since. More…

Leanne Malcher

Coach :: Athlete :: Level One Certified

Coach Leanne Malcher

I was introduced to Crossfit 4 years ago by a friend of mine. I played soccer from a 10 through high school, Since hanging up my cleats I hadn’t found anything that kept me interested in fitness. I would run 6 miles per day and dabble in the Globo Gyms, pretend I would knew what I was doing on the weight machines. It was so boring! More…

Danny Alvarado

Coach :: Athlete :: Level Two Certified

CrossFit 38 Degrees North - Coach Krista Smith

As a Petaluma native, Danny has been a sports and fitness enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Whether it be spectating, playing or exercise, physical activity has always played an important role in his life. More …

Kyle Harris

Coach :: Athlete :: Level One Certified

CrossFit 38 Degrees North - Coach Kyle Harris

CrossFit has had a positive impact in my life in so many ways. CrossFit has made me want to live a healthier lifestyle. CrossFit has made me get healthy and fit into my thirties helping me feel better then I ever have and giving me the energy to enjoy CrossFit and all my other sports outside of the gym. Who would have known what waking in a gym four years ago would have done to my life. More …

Trevor Codington

Coach :: Athlete :: Level One Certified

Coach Trevor Codington

Trevor comes to CF38ºN as a Level-1 certified coach and with a huge passion for athletics and CrossFit. Competing in sports and working out have been a part of Trevor’s life since he was a child. More …

Billy Petrie

Coach :: Athlete :: Level Two Certified

CrossFit 38 Degrees North - Coach Billy Petrie

Born a high energy kid Billy was surrounded by athletics from the time he could walk. Born and raised in Petaluma Billy always seemed to have an affinity for movement and hard work. More …