Some great sneaky Pr’s on the snatch today.  Tiffany DY with a 10# PR at 93!  Brian L at 165, and Joanna M at 65!.  Great work by Daniel M and Danny W both making huge strides in technique work on the Snatch.  Finishing it out with some sprints! Pick a clean weight you can finish 15 reps in about 90 sec or less.  Have fun.

A) 38 North Warm and Stretch

B) “The Dumpling”

2 Rounds

5 min to Complete

400m Run

15 Power Cleans 135/95

AMRAP Wallballs 20/14

3 Min Rest

5 Min to Complete

400m Run

15 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

AMRAP Toes 2 bar

3 Min Rest