Tabata your whole body, you will fill that tomorrow.  Its always the body weight WODs that I feel the most.  Happy B Day to Andrew I!  When ever this guys hits a heavy lift I always remind Andrew that he is country strong because this guy is built like a man who walks out of the “Field of Dreams” cornfields and just starts throwing around heavy S***.  Andrew has some of the most natural strength in the box.  Andrew has developed it too, this guy has gotten better at all movement.  Fireman and dad this guy does it all including home remodels.  IT has been great to get to know this guy better these last 3+ years  and have him a part of our community.  Happy B day Andrew!

A) Row/Assault 2 Min then

4 Min AMRAP (move slow)

20 Sec Bear Crawl

20 Sec Supinated Bar Hang

20 Sec Mountain Climbers

20 Sec Pass Throughs

finish with 200

B) Every 2:00 x 7 Sets

2 Push Jerk’s

C) “Occupy G Street”

200 Meter Run

14 Power Snatch 135/85

20 Box Jump up and Over 24/20 (no hip ext required)

400m Run

12 Power Snatch 135/85

20 Box up and over

800m Run

10 PS

20 Box Jumps