We continue to get a solid number of great new athletes walking through those doors each week so please introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize when you see them.  Deads were still looking solid in the 5pm as I was walking out.  A big B Day shout out to Jennifer B!  You can never underestimate this young lady in a workout.  There has been many lifts and WOD’s I have had to do a double take when I have seen the weight on her bar and she never fails to impress.  Jen moves with fluidity in all movements and might be one of the sneakiest in class texter’s in the community.  Jen has been a great addition to this community and the 5pm, her positive vibe always brings the energy up in the PM.  Thanks for continuing to stay committed to getting stronger and 38 North Jen,  I hope you had a great B Day!  The goal of this EMOM is to warm up to a challenging weight and stick with it the entire time.  You can go up one time in the 10 min given.

A) Coaches Choice

B) 10 min EMOM

Snatch Hi-Pull+Hang Full Snatch+Snatch Balance (all unbroken) you may increase weight after 4th min once.  Challenge yourself

C) “El Tiburon”

3 Rounds

400m run

20 Overhead Squat 95/65

15 Burpee’s to stand

10 Alt Jumping Lunges (5 a leg)