A) Active warm up

2 Min Row/Assault then 4 min AMRAP

20 Sec Goblet Squat Hold

20 Sec Light dumbell or body weight Bulgarian split squat (use metal benches to incline opposite foot and switch legs every other round

20 Sec Walk and kick opposite hand opposite foot

1 Min Jog

B)Warm up light to 60% don’t waste energy then

Front Squat

Every 2:30

1×5@ 60%


1×1 @90%

Every 3:30


1×1 @5-10 pounds over last PR

1×1@+10 pounds from last lift

1×1@whatever you are feeling!

C) “Tropic Thunder”

2 Rounds

3 Min to Run 200 then ME Front Rack Barbell Box Step Ups to 20′

1:00 min Rest

3 Min to Run 200 then ME Dumbell Push Press 45/30 (grab 50/35 if available)

1 Min Rest


4 Min to accumulate time in Plank

Post each score separate and how long you stayed in Plank Position within that 4 min