18.3 coming at us tomorrow.  If you haven’t come down to see a Thursday night open WOD please get down her tomorrow.  Kids, family, friends, whoever…all are welcome.  Bring beers, dinner, a yoga mat what ever it takes.  Hope to see a big turnout tomorrow.

A) 3 Min Assaut/row

Every :20 for 3 min

Barbell Good Morning

Handstand Hold

Ring Rows

B) 6 Min EMOM

1st-30 sec Toes to Rings

2nd-30 Sec Hollow Hold

3rd-30 Sec Weighted Plank

C) 10 Min to Work Kipping or Butterfly Techniwue

those with Pulls

10 Min EMOM

1st-5 Weighted Pull-ups

2nd-30-40 sec handstand Hold

D) “Dark Side of the Moon”

8 Rounds

20 Sec Hang Power Clean 115/75 (unbroken)(sub dumbell cleans for fitness)

10 sec Rest

20 Sec Air Squats

10 Sec Rest

20 Sec Shoulder to Overhead 115/75(sub Dumbells for fitness)

10 Sec Rest

Post running total