Another B Day shout out tonight, this one is for Hannah BP.  It has been a great year for Hannah in this community.  Hannah really committed to getting more proficient with her lifts this year and it has shown.  Those Oly movements have come very far over the last 12 months.  Hannah always puts in the time to improve.  Where it is at open box, during a WOD, or after this young lady is here to get stronger.  It was also a big year for Hannah with her journey towards a career.  Hannah started and completed Medic school, a huge step towards becoming a full time fire fighter.  I hope you had a great day Hannah!  Damn that 5:15 came strong this morning, 22 deep!  We got some squats coming your way tomorrow!

A) Active Warm up

Coaches Choice

B) Front Squat Every 3:30

1×8 @ 65%

1×8 @ 70%

1×6 @ 80%

1×6 @ 85%

C) “The Probe”

3 Rounds

25 Wallballs

1 Farmers Carry Street—->River (clear both sides of building 25/15# Plate’s Crab grip

25 Burpee’s to stand

Cash Out

800 Meter Jog @ 50%