1st open WOD will be announced tomorrow. As long as you do the WOD in the box you can up through the weekend. Give it a shot.

A) 3 Min row/assault then every :20 sec for 3 min Barbell Good Morning, walking lunge, Supinated Bar hang then 2 min jog

B) Every 2:30 x 6 sets

3 Tempo Back Squat (4 sec)

12 Min EMOM

1st-10 Bulgarian Split Squat (5/leg)

2nd-25 sec step up

3rd-30 Sec Row

C) “The Pre-Game Jitters”

3 Rounds Running Clock

1 Min Hang Power Snatch 75/55 (Db Snatch)

1 Min Sit-ups

1 Min Wallball’s 20/14

1 Min Run street to River then AMRAP Burpee’s with remaining time.

1 Min Rest