Happy B Day Coach Janelle! What an amazing woman we got when this young lady walked though our doors. Janelle was born to be a coach. For a woman that is so dominate on the gym Janelle is as approachable as they come. With an easy going personality and keen eye this girl can spot your weakness and put it across so that it sinks in and sticks with you. Some great squat numbers today and big Pr’s to start the cycle off. Coach James hitting a 385 battle of a pr. James stalled out for about 3 seconds in the middle and fought his way though to the rep.

A) 3 Min Assault/Row then every :20 sec for 3 min Russian Kettle swings/Bear Crawl/Hollow Swings then 1 min Jog

B) Every 1:30 x 10 sets

Clean Pull+Hang Hi-Pull+Hang Clean (Unbroken)


1st-20 Sec Kettle Swings 53/35

2nd-25 Sec Step Ups to 20″

3rd-30 Sec Assault

C) “The Sidewinder”


30 Double Under’s

15 Walking Lunges

5 Power Clean 135/93 (Fitness Dumbell)

4 Min Rest


15 Sit-ups

10 Dumbell Strict Press 35/20

5 Power Clean 135/93