38 North X Mas party is coming Dec 16th!!!  Don’t miss this elegant evening of booze, sweaters, and fun!  Thrusters looked good, some big numbers rolling through the box.  Shout out to Rene B hitting the top score for the day with 29 burpee’s into the second round!  Got a fun one tomorrow, get to that bar quickly to get those reps!

A) Coaches Choice Warm-up

B) Every 2 Min Complete a set from this Front Rack Barbell Step Up wave (go heavier on second set of wave for each set.  No use of other leg to help step up)


C) “The Deliverance”

4 Rounds

3 Min to Complete

21 Box jump Up and Over 24/20

15 Toes 2 bar

AMRAP Power Snatch 135/85

2 Min Rest