I love hearing “that looked easy on paper” which I literally heard 4 times today. Sometimes the simplest WOD’s are the most challenging. A big shout out to Rachel A. This young lady has dropped 20 pounds since joining our community and it has been very evident how it has translated to her workouts. Rachel got off that rower today in 3:28 smoking that 850m then got through 22 snatches Rx! It has been amazing to watch this young lady’s progress. See you tomorrow.

A) 3 Min Row Assault/Row then every :20 sec for 3 min Wallfacing Handstand Hold/Inch Worm/Hollow swings

B) 12 Min EMOM

1st-2 Strict Press (Fitness 5 Challenging DB Press)

2nd-1-12 Handstand Push Ups (Scale to Games Push Ups) No more then 25 sec Work time

C) “The Luge”

13 Min AMRAP

15 Sit-ups

10 Alt Dumbell Lunge 50/35

5 Power Clean 165/113 (Fitness complete 12 Medball Cleans)

****At 0:00, 3:30, 7:00, 10:30 complete 40 Double Under’s (If these take more then 50 sec please cut down reps to 25-30.