Deads keep looking good, I am stoked to see you guys retest next week.  It is imperative that the DU are fast tomorrow because of the time allotted.  So if you can not complete 25 DU in 30 sec or less [lease cut reps to a number that you can.  These are all out sprints, no pace just get out of the gates fast and keep that pace the entire time.  Full snatch that first OHS and full clean that first thruster.  I am cutting row cals for the ladies for speed/time reasons, don’t get used to it:)  The goals is to sprint machines then fast and unbroken for the rest of movements.  Shoot for 2+ rounds each 3 min AMRAP.  Run from rower/assault to your bar

A) Coaches choice warm

B) Rotate every 1:30 until 10 sets are complete (5 each movement)

1st-5 Strict HSPU to deficit (scale to strict or kip)

2nd- 5 tempo Bent over barbell rows 4 sec to bottom position

C) “The Bait N’ Switch”

2 Rounds

3 min to sprint 18/15 row cals

then AMRAP of below in remaining time

10 Overhead Squats 95/65

25 Double Unders

2 Min Rest

3 Min to Sprint 17/13 Assault Cals then

10 Thrusters 95/65

8 Toes 2 Bar

2 min Rest