A B Day shout out to Justin P!  I love having this guy around our community.  This is one solid young man.  JP is strong as an Ox and has one of the best bottom position’s you will when he gets under that bar.  JP doesn’t say much at first but if you listen he will sneak in some of the best one liners at the gym.  Justin has been with Cal Fire the last 5 years and recently finished Paramedic school.  I am stoked to have this guy with us and I have no doubt this guys numbers will get bigger and bigger throughout the year.  Happy B Day JP!  These AMRAP’s are all out sprints!  Don’t hold back or pace just grip it and rip it.  Find your hip on both the pull and hi-pull every set.  Don’t increase in weight unless you find it.  Shoot for 3+ rounds

A) Coach’s choice for Warm Up

B) Every 1:30 x 8 sets

Halting Snatch Deadlift+Snatch Pull(drop)+Snatch Hi-pull

C) “Dub Nation”

4 Rounds


10 Kettle Swings

9 Kettlebell Goblet Reverse Lunge (with the weight you used on swing alt legs each rep)

8 Burpee’s (torse upright/jump/hands touch over or behind head)

2 Min Rest

Post each round