If you did see Instagram here is what I wrote today.

We are excited to offer an unlimited month of workouts between 7/6-8/3 for $89 dollars to any first time 38 North members!  To celebrate our doors reopening after shelter in place with a new lifelong fitness professional as a owner/partner in Coach Janelle Arnold, we want to offer anyone interested in finding a new fitness community an opportunity for a great month of workouts at an even better price.  Our community closely follows all California restrictions of spacing and cleanliness.  With a maximum of 12 athletes per class, each member has their own 100 square foot box to safely space from other members around them.  Within each class our members not only get their own space they also get their own equipment meaning no cross contamination!  Each individual will have 12 feet of spacing from the athlete in front and behind them and 22 feet from the athlete across from them.  With two 18 foot high and 15 foot wide industrial roll up doors open every workout you will be hard pressed to find a gym with better cross ventilation.  Each personal box area also comes with its personal cleaning station.  Our back to back classes are spaced by 15 minutes to ensure all equipment is cleaned thoroughly and that the class in front of them fully exits the building before the new class is allowed in.  Your temperature will be taken on arrival and all members wear masks until they get into their own space.  Coaches will always wear their mask.  Each time an athlete exits their box they will put their masks on to ensure a safe environment.  Each class has online sign ups guaranteeing the maximum capacity.  We will also be rolling out an “Early Bird Special” meaning if you only use the 5:15am-6:15am class slots, a monthly 12 punch membership will remain at $100 even after this special expires.  Each class boasts a combination of group energy and personal training attention so that new members move at their own pace and skill level as they learn technique and experience a balanced fitness approach.  To ensure small class sizes and spacing we are capping this offer to the first 20 new athletes who would like to take advantage of this offer.  Call 415-328-9129 to reserve today!

A) 2 Rounds

1 min Russian Kettle Swings

1 Min Childs Pose then Sphinx 30 sec each

1 Min Slow Burpee’s

B) Every 2 Min x 7 Sets

Halt Clean Deadlift+Clean Pull(Drop)+Clean Hi-Pull(Drop)+Power Clean

Or “Fitness”

3 Rounds

10 each Arm-one arm DB upright rows

10 Kettlebell DL upright row

Rest One Min

6 Rounds Tabata

20 Sec Drop Squats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm1HPlYdAT0

10 Sec Rest

C) “The Rose”

14 Min AMRAP

21 Sit-Ups

15 Single Arm Hang Clean and Jerk (8 Right/7 Left) Don’t Alternate

9/7 Cal Assault

@ 0/4/8/12 Min Complete 12 Reverse DB Lunges