Man that was some crazy energy in here all day. One of the biggest days we have had in a while. Fun to watch all day. The Chief never disappoints. Keeping it rolling tomorrow!

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then every :20 sec for 3 min sit-ups/Light DB Snatch/Hollow Swings then 1 min jog

B) 12 Min EMOM

1st-30 Sec Dumbell Bench Press (4 sec Tempo)

2nd-3 Weighted Tempo Strict Pull ups (4 sec) or 30 Sec Tempo Ring Rows (As challenging as you can make them walk as far down as you can and stay true to the full 4 sec

C) “The Magic Bullet”

12 Min AMRAP

24 Double Unders

12 Dumbell Deadlift 50/35

6 Push Press 115/75 (Fitness user DB) (no rebend of knee)

****@ 0:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 complete 13 Pull-ups (If these take more then 45 sec cut reps down)