Big B Day shout out to Chap P!  Chad came to us in our first year and day in and day out he has been with us ever since.  This guy is tough as nails.  Not only does he match up in strength with almost any athlete in here, he constantly has to listen to Jayson C and his theories on how much tougher CrossFit is for taller athletes, I don’t know how he does it.  It has been a challenging year for Chad and his wife Sereatha to say the least.  Sereatha is going in for her second spinal surgery this year to remove a tumor that has grown back on her spine.  You would never know it when you see Chad, with all the personal challenges he still comes in smiling and laughing.  Please keep Sereatha and Chad in your thoughts and prayers this week they need all the good vibes we can throw at them!  Happy B Day Chad Proctor!  GO lighter on the dead’s if you have any back concerns.  Be perfect and build to 85-90% of what you would normally do, especially if you are hitting open WOD Thursday night.

A) 3 Min Assault/Row

Rotate Every :20 for 3 min

Wallfacing Handstand Hold

Light Overhead Walking Lunges

Dumbell Bulgarian Split Squat

B) Every 2:00 x 7 Sets

2 Tempo Deadlifts (4 sec) (1 sec on ground between reps)

C) “The Frito Lay”

 50/36 Cal Assault

40 Overhead Squats 95/65

30 Push-Ups

20 Toes 2 bar

100 Double Unders