B day shout out to Scott P tonight.  Scotty was with us pretty much in the beginning at 38 North.  Scott came to us about 6 months after we opening and CrossFit was a natural fit for him.  Scott was a college soccer player and many of the functional movements we coach easily translated for him.  Scott left us for the city to live a young mans dream and live he did.  Three and a half years later Scott is back in Petaluma and back in out community.  This guy has a motor, Scott has only one gear and that is high.  It has been great having Scott back in this community and I look forward to a full year with him to see where he can take this sport.  Happy B Day Scott!  Pick a PC weight you can consistently pick up.  It should be challenging but not so tough that you are staring at the bar.  See you guys tomorrow

A) Active Warm Up

Run 400m then

3 Rounds (5 min cap)

20 Sec Supinated Bar Hang

5 Yoga Push Ups

20 Sec Wallfacing Hold

6 T Push Ups

B) Every 2:30 x 5 Sets complete 5 Close Grip Bench Press

C) “The Impala”

2 Rounds

4 min to Run 400m then Max Effort Power Clean 185/135

1 Min Rest

4 Min to Run 400m then Max Effort Handstand Push Up’s

1 Min Rest

Post highest Bench Press then 4 scores Separate