I hope all you love birds had a great V Day.  Keep your chest up on the Dumbell deadlifts, I am only going to have you touch front end of dumbell on floor for rep to help keep your back from rounding.  This 10 min is going to sting!  Don’t rush movements stay upright when coming off ground with step overs.  Not a bad idea to rest after 11th Deadlift, pick up 12th dead then go strait to front squats.

A) 6 Min EMOM

1st-45 Sec Double Unders

2nd-45 Sec Plank

Post lowest DU total

B) 10 Min Ring Muscle Up Technique

For those with MU complete 10 Min EMOM

1st-1-6 Ring MU (no more then 30 sec work time)

2nd- 30 Sec E-Z Assault

C) “Death By Dumbell”

10 min AMRAP

12 Dumbell Deadlift 45/30

9 Dumbell Front Squats 45/30

6 Burpee Dumbell Step-over 20′ 45/30