That was a fun WOD to coach today.  As I mentioned on facebook Janelle just missed holding 2+ for all four AMRAP’s.  I heard tonight Ally D ended up going 2+ for all rounds.  The ladies are crushing it in here.  Great work.  Got an oldie but goodie coming at you tomorrow.

A) Coaches Choice Warm

B) 10min Ring Muscle Up Technique

for those with MU

10 Min EMOM

1-3 perfect Ring Muscle Up (this shouldn’t not be to fatigue work catching low and in position and using the kip for the dip

C) “Tabata This”

Tabata Row

1 min Rest

Tabata Air Squat

1 Min Rest

Tabata Pull-up

1 Min Rest

Tabata Push-up

1 Min Rest

Tabata Sit up

Separate running total for each movement posted.  Don’t cheat the push-up, stay legit even if it means a lower total.