Saw some great numbers up on the board this afternoon.  A lot of work on that board.  There has been some great back to back efforts Mon/Tues.  I am introducing a new skill/strength combo for the strength portion tomorrow.  Partner up with someone, P1 goes first and then during their rest period P2 will go.  Scale Ring MU to weighted ring row/ring dips, but no pull-ups.   Have fun

A) 3 Min Row/Assault

Every 20 sec for 3 Min

Ring Rows

Goblet Squat

Supinated Bar Hang

 1 Min Jog

B) 2 Rounds (no breaks)

30 Sec Hollow Rocks

30 sec Sit-ups

30 Sec Plank

C) Warm Front Squats to a challenging weight (5-7 Min)

D) 3 Rounds (increase in squat weight each round)

4 Tempo Front Squats (4 sec)

rest 10 sec after last rep of squat and go directly into

7 Ring Muscle Ups (scale to weighted rings rows and ring dips) Athletes completing Ring MU you have 45 sec to complete as many as possible if you finish early you have extra tine to rest.  After last MU rest 2 min then complete next round.

“Fitness” in place of front squat

5 Tempo Bulgarian Split Squats on each Leg

E) “The Backhand”

7 Min Ladder


Power Snatch 115/75 (Fitness complete 2 DB snatch for every one barbell PS)

Box Jumps 30/24