A big congrats to Vince F who tied the know this past weekend to his beautiful bride Lauren!  Stoked to get you back in the box Vince.  A big shout to Matt F who hit all rounds from today’s WOD at 3+ rounds, legit!  Matt also took a ninth at the Spring Fling comp in Redding over the weekend.   Also those snatch pulls keep getting better.  Find that hip and stand tall.  New movement coming at you tomorrow, have fun.

A) 2 mIn row/assualt then 4 min AMRAP of

20 sec supinated bar hang

20 sec Wallfacing Handstand hold

20 sec Yoga Push-ups (hold in top position for 2-3 sec)

1 Min Jog

B) Every 1:30 rotate between these two movements x 8 sets (4 each)

1st- Dumbell Bear Crawl rig to rig (down and back is one rep) suggested weight would be to start around 20-25/10-15

2nd- 4 weighted strict Pull ups (scale to weighted ring rows)

C) “The Fried Peanut”

2 Rounds running Clock

5 Min to complete 20 Handstand push ups then max effort row cals with remaining time (cap for hspu is 2:30 if you do not complete 20 reps move to rower and notate reps completed on board) scale multiple mat/box/or games style push-up

5 Min to complete 25 Toes 2 Bar then max effort assault calls (2:30 cap on toes 2 bar then move on and note on board)

Post how many HSPU and T2B complete in rounds and running total of cals between row ans assault