Big B Day shout out to longtime 38 North Athlete Michele L! This young lady is a bright shining light for any doors she walks though. Always positive and helpful, Michele is a true people person, you can see her energy rise when she is around the people she loves. Michele came to us 67 month in to opening our doors. Michele’s first workout was a 3 round 200m Run, 10 sit ups, 8 Push ups, 6 Air squats…she has come a long way:) Michele has always been a huge part of what we do in this community and it is a blessing to have her walking through out doors 7 years later. Happy B Day Michele! Shoulder burner today, Chad P throwing down a 8 round RX at 5:15am today. Anyone beat that tonight?

A) 3 Min Row/Assault then 1 min DU/1 Min Tempo Air Squats @4 sec/30 sec Lunge+30 sec Mountain climbers 1 min jog

B) Every 2 min x 7 Sets

3 reps 1 1/4 Front Squat


12 min EMOM

1st-10 DB Front Squats

2nd-30 Sec Box Step Up to 20″

3rd-35 Sec Sit-ups

C) “Delirious”


10/8 Cal Row

9 Goblet Squats

8 Hand Stand Push Up (Scale to DB Strict Press)

3 Min Rest


10/7 Cal Assault

9 Bupree’s

8 Toes 2 bar