Alight guys we are teaming up with Lululemon to promote Global Running day tomorrow.  Here are the details from our vey own Heather T who is one of the managers of the Santa Rosa store.

What: Global Running Day with lululemon Santa Rosa
WhenWednesday, June 6th
Why: We want to get as many people running together and celebrating run as possible!
The Details: We’re partnering with a few local gyms and studios to celebrate Global Running Day. All you need to do is announce it in class the day of and a couple days leading up. Participants just need to snap and post a photo at the workout (can be of them, of the studio, a group pic, whatever!) and use the hashtags #letyourmindrunfree and #lululemonsantarosa. The first 40 people to come into the store and show us their posted pic on social media will get a special surprise from us (it’s a good one!).
I hope a bunch of you can get in to hit this WOD then down to Lulu in Santa Rosa to grab that surprise.
A) 3 Min Assault/Row
every :20 sec for 3 min
Ring Rows
Wallfacing Handstand Hold
Supinated Bar Hang
1 Min jog
B) 12 min EMOM
1st-3 Tempo Strict Pull-ups(4 sec) Add weight if needed
2nd-3 Tempo Handstand Push-ups (4 Sec) add deficit if needed
C) “Run Forrest…Run”
2 Rounds
4 Min to run 400m then
max effort Kettlebell Swings with remaining time
Rest 1 min
4 Min to Run 400m then
Max Effort Burpee’s to 6″ with remaining time
1 Min Rest
Score is amount of KB and Burpee’s from each attempt(you should have 4 scores at the end)