I am excited to announce 3 events coming up on the blog tonight and they will be followed by a 6 more community events announced on Sunday night’s blog.  Mark your calendar’s!

Ladies Night
Thursday March 29th 7PM (if you bring a friend the class is free)
This will be introductory class for the ladies hosted once a month by Coach Leanne.  Please bring a friend, it will be free and you also will not be charged a class against your punch cards.  We will be programming beginner friendly WOD’s each month.  The more the merrier!
Share the Pain
Monday April 2 – Saturday April 7th
This will be a free week of CrossFit for any of your family or friends.  Every class will be open to join except the 5pm.  Please bring in anyone you think would be a good fit for our community.  I will be reminding you of this complementary week throughout the month.
38 Throw-down 
Saturday May 26th, same weekend as regional.
The 38 North Throwdown is back!  This is an in-house throwdown for our athletes.  it will be programmed so that any athlete can compete (much like the open).  It is the same weekend as the West Regional and I will be including one WOD from the regional itself if they are released early.  We will be having a BBQ and some beers directly after Throw Down.  This will be a 3-4 hour event with multiple WODs.
I am excited to get some new events on the calendar and I hope a bunch of you can make it.  See you tomorrow
A) 3 Min Row/Assault
1 min Double Unders
30 Sec Bear Crawl
30 Sec Burpee’s
1 Min Double Unders
1 Min Jog
B) 2 Rounds
30 Sec Sit-ups
30 Sec Hollow Rocks
30 Sec Plank
C) 7 Min Handstand Walk Technique
D) “The Whopper”
4 Rounds
Running Clock
1 Min Alt Dumbell Snatch 50/35
1 Min Box Jump (open hip and step down) 24/20
1 Min Burpee to Stand
1 Min Row for Cal
1 Min Rest
Post each Round Separate