Two B Day shout out’s tonight.  First is Danny M.  Danny came to us about 6 months ago and excelled immediately.  Danny is a super fluid athlete with great body weight movements, all it took were a coule tweaks on certain things and was off running.  This guy always comes in ready to learn and implements the cues you give him in real time.  This young man brings a positive energy every place he goes and has been a great addition to our community.  Happy B Day Danny!  Next up is Jayson C…I think.  No one really knows the day or year of this mans birth it has become somewhat of a creation myth, and from my understanding it may be just as old as the actual creation myth.  Regardless of this “grey” area, Jay’s effort and commitment to get bigger, stronger and faster is hard to miss.  This guy goes 100% at whatever he chooses to do.  Although the “Bring Sally Up” song can get repetitive every Friday at 4:30 you have to respect this guys commitment towards getting more proficient at a certain movement.  I have loved having Jay in the community these last 3+ years and I look forward to many years to come with this guys explanations of how CrossFit is way tougher for tall people .  Happy what we think is your B Day Jay.  Great work on the HSPU today, I was impressed throughout the day at how good and consistent our athletes are getting at this movement.  See you tomorrow

A) Active Warm Up Coaches Choice

B) 12 Min Ring Muscle Up Review/Technique


12 Min EMOM

1- 1-5 Ring Muscle Up

2-  30 Sec Ring Plank Hold

C) “Spy vs. Spy”

20 min AMRAP

 25/17 cal Assault (if bikes are taken complete complete a 450m row)

45 Double Under’s (scale by cutting reps to 20 DU or 60 single)

30 Kettle Swings 53/35

15 Box Jump up and over 24/20